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We Need YOU! Pledge 300

The Conscious Consumer Network Needs YOU!!

If you missed Sunday nights Transpicuous News Weekend Report, then you missed this blast out that I did to promote CCN's Pledge 300 Fundraising Drive. I just published the archive video of Sunday's TN report here:

If you don't have the time to watch the entire 1 hour and 21 minute show, I ask that you please take at least 12 minutes to watch this video below.

To expand upon some of the history of the "funding" that CCN was suppose to receive, below the video is an article that Mel Ve wrote back in January to tell the story of what Mel and Biggi have been through during this process of getting CCN built and off the ground.

It comes down to this:  If you enjoy watching the shows on CCN, if you want to continue to see Transpicuous News twice a week, if you want to watch the One People Roundtable Discussions, Collective Imagination, Dragonology,  Get Lit, Shoot from the Hip, Face to face,  For the Love of learning, Dean Clifford, Sacha Stone, Lisa Harrison, Peter Eugene, Desiree Rover, Ethan Fox, and many many other awesome knowledge bringers....... then I ask you please to help us keep CCN on the air by making a pledge, or even just a small donation.

As of yesterday CCN had less than 30 pledges- that is less than 10% of what is needed to keep CCN going into the month of June.

We need YOU.  Enter the code:  TN  to "register" for free

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The world of Alternative Media Journalism can be a treacherous path.  Most people who get into media, do so with delusions of grandeur, not really understand the circus that media can sometimes be.  It is difficult to know who to trust, and even when you think you have found people you can trust, they can turn out to be the very beast that you have been trying to avoid all along.

One of the ways the world has become so enslaved and in such a abhorrent state, is though the mechanism of mind control, often largely based in CULTural programming. Cultural programming comes in many varieties, but ultimately, the function is the same, to indoctrinate us into the ways most beneficial to the the controlling CULT.  Indeed, it is almost impossible to escape one form of CULT programming or the other.

Whether it be politics, education, media, religion, or the new age movement, all of them operate through a mechanism of self preservation.  In order to preserve themselves, they need to constantly recruit people who will support and give energy into it.
A cult can be rooted in anything, even as innocuous as a fashion trend, so long as those who submit to said cult and practices there of, conform to the practices and ideologies of that cult.
A large part of the cult template is based on recruitment, recruitment into the ideas and ideologies of said institution, social program or cult practice.   A truly free mind is one that is free from all programming and indoctrination.  A free mind is the worst enemy of the controlling powers, and this is what they work so desperately to suppress.  Those of us with the brightest lights, attract the dark archons, deliberately set upon the astral realms to ensnare the awakening mind and soul.

Having been working and moving in the world of occult information, there has been many attempts to recruit me to various causes, groups and cults, all with their own ideas of how I should be and what I should be doing, or what I should believe.  What I have observed is that, those who get involved with CULTS, are usually vulnerable people, who have not yet worked through the complete shell of programming to connect with source, and thus, they have not realise who and what they are in their aspect as infinite potential, experiencing life subjectively.  These are the people who are still falling for the pattern of putting their power outside of themselves, by empowering what ever external factor they chose to put energy into.

With the recent events seeing many victims of cult ritual abuse, coming forward and telling their stories, there are more and more nefarious people, coming out the wood work, trying to hide behind the thin veneer of fake supportive organisations.  For example, it is not uncommon for organised pedophile networks, to run a charity supposedly combating pedophilia.  As an example of this on a bigger scale, the Red Cross actually spreads more disease in Africa, than it cures, through it’s vaccination programs.

We are seeing this pattern again and again, where vulnerable people are being recruited into cults causes and careers that are harmful to others.
Recent austerity measures in Europe has meant that in Holland there are no longer any subsidies for tertiary education.  Anybody wishing to be educated beyond secondary school level, has to have wealthy parents or take out a student loan.  But there is a way to get your education paid for, and that is to join the army.  Here in lies the pernicious malevolence of our system.

Another example of this is how most drug rehabilitation centres, have a strong religious foundation.  Rehab centres are the perfect place to recruit vulnerable minds into a religion, by indoctrinating them to “ask god for strength”, instead of teaching them to find that strength within.

The internet has created a space where those who hold dark secrets, can come out and reveal matters that they believe is in the public’s best interest to know.  There have been many brave souls coming forward in recent years to talk about the how they have been ritually tortured, raped and abused by cults, ranging from secret societies, to  the Catholic church, to the protestant church and every church in-between, to new age cults, and even cults that are said to worship the devil, dragons and aliens.

Evil begets evil, and hence it was no surprise that it was at the speaking event which I organised for Kevin Annett, that I was to meet Cult Ritual Abuse survivor, Loetje Groen.  It was at this event held in the month of September in 2012, that I was also to meet the man who was accompanying Loetje to this event, a man called Frides Lameris.  Now before I get into Loetje Groen and Frides Lameris, it is important to know all about the fraud and con artist that Kevin Annett is.  For those in any doubt of this, please take some time to look through this site constructed by well respected whistleblower Heather Martin

The unfortunate thing about Kevin Annett, and the low vibrational frequency he exudes, is that he attracts the same low vibrational frequency, as these low frequencies seek resonance with each other in accordance with the very laws of physics.  Every single person I have met through Kevin Annett has turned out to be nothing but totally rotten.  From the crazy lady in the wheel chair, to Toos Nijenhuis and Casper Rutten, to Frides Lameris, and what would become the Loetje Groen Foundation, there has been no shortage of crazed psychos desperate to fulfil their own personal agendas, by attempting to control and manipulate the energy of hard working, well meaning, respected people, in order to attempt to fill that black egocentric hole inside themselves that can never be filled, but which will only consumes and parasites off those they perceive has valuable to their dark agendas.

For more background on this, please check out this interview I did with Alfred Lambremont Webre

Furthermore, what is even more disturbing to realise, is when you don’t want to play into the dark agendas of others, they turn into complete psychopaths, who try to do almost anything they can to cause one harm.
Our most recent entanglement with Kevin Annett groupies has gotten to the point where I have to speak out about what I know, if for nothing else, but to warn others of the impending dangers that hide behind veneers of pseudo respectability.

After the last time we worked directly with Kevin Annett, being in May 2013, my marketing business most suspiciously went bankrupt suddenly overnight, at the same time as my laptop was hacked and destroyed.  It appears that somehow, someone had gotten hold of my business’s client data base, and contacted all my clients, and offered them a better deal.  We later found out that Google had been behind this move to usurp all my clients after we had discovered that Google was artificially inflating the price of it’s position ratings in the Google search engine based on false data.  After we approached Google about this, it was pretty much down hill for my business from there.  As neither my partner Biggi, nor I are eligible for benefits, we had no money and no income.  We found an abandoned pub and squatted this building for a period of a year from June 2013 up until May 2014.  This building had no bathing or shower facilities, and at first, we would go to the gym every day to work out and shower.  But when money ran out, we would just wash over the basin.  As winter came, the pipes froze and we had no hot water or heating.  The only way to bath was by boiling the kettle 6 times and filling the basin.  Eventually our electricity got cut off, so we had to borrow some illegally from our very kind neighbour.   Unable to get benefits, and unable to get employment, Biggi and I continued to work on the Swissindo project, in hopes of a solution to all our problems, being made available.

At the beginning of March 2014, Biggi was beaten up really badly by a group of Moroccan youths after Biggi intervened to help an old lady that was being beaten with her own walking stick, by these abusive children.  Biggi was so severely beaten, that he should have gone to hospital, but we have no health insurance.  Although the external scrapes and bruises healed rather fast, it was the internal injuries of severe bladder and kidney infection, which left Biggi close to death.  Thanks to our friends India Irie and Dr Jeremy Ayres, we healed Biggi, but had to face being evicted by force from our premises.  We put out a public plea in desperation, and it is when you are at your weakest, that darkness will come knocking.

It was at this point when we were contacted Frides Lameris, who offered us help.  Loetje Groen had passed on and left a some money to be used for the setting up of three foundations, being one foundation for Survivors of Radiation, one foundation was to focus on Lyme Disease, and the last foundation was a foundation for Survivors of Satanic Ritual abuse.  From these foundations, various sums have been donated to various people and causes within the Dutch Alternative Media and Truther community.  Frides Lameris took the position of Chairman of this foundations, accompanied by two other trustees, being Karen Schrier and  Marianne Weirsema who played the role of Financial Manager of the Foundation.

When we were first offered the assistance, we were just so relieved.  Nothing like being cold and hungry in winter to wake you up to the harsh reality that we live in.  But in our desperation, we fell into a trap, which we are still struggling to free ourselves from.  We should have known this was a trap right from the very beginning, as the signs became obvious from the get go.  This was not just an offer of assistance to help us survive, these people wanted something from us, that same something every cult that has ever tried to recruit me has ever wanted, my energetic currency and acquiescence.

First thing the Loetje Groen Foundation (LGF) did, was provide us with a place to stay in the middle of the forest in the province of Drente, North East Holland.  Although it was  a beautiful place to find ourselves, we had very limited internet access, and thus, our entire media activity almost ground to a halt, but this gave me time to write my book and make my educational series on mythology.  The house itself was more like a wooden cabin, and was very run down.  We were made to hang the photograph of Loetje Groen, on the wall of this cabin we were staying in, something that made me feel very uncomfortable from the very beginning, as I had no pictures of my own family about, and we barely know Loetje Groen.  Yes, it was the money from her foundation that was paying for our survival, but we had only ever met her once very briefly, and my memory of Loetje was of her telling her story about her abuse at the hands of a cult, and there was something about her picture that I found extremely menacing.

The first series of incursions we had to endure, and this is the point at which we realised that the Trustees of the LGF now considered us to be their property, was how the foundation trustees, more specifically Frides Lameris, would just show up on our door step when ever he wanted, without prior arrangement or notification, and just expect us to make ourselves available to sit and listen to him for hours and feed his ego with our attention and energetic currency.  Almost every day, Frides would arrive, and would want interaction.  This would not have been so much of a problem if we were actually able to communicate with Frides Lameris in the same manner in which we conduct all our friendships, but it became very obvious that Frides Lameris has sociopathic tendencies, and would often provoke a conflict just to give himself some amusement.  Being a peace loving person, I do not enjoy conflict, and would sooner turn away than engage it.  We soon learned that Frides and his entire family attended counselling with a therapist, due to the communication issues within the family.  Furthermore, he mistook us for qualified therapists, and would come and dump his full force of craziness on us in regular doses.

When upon one occasion, I attempted to communicate with Frides, and to ask him if he could please respect our boundaries and  privacy by calling before he just arrived for a visit, and to not involve us in his personal life issues, or in issues and politics pertaining to the other trustees of the LGF, which he had the tendency to do,  Frides jumped up very animated, and began shouting in a rather confused manner, but from what I was able to discern from his temper tantrum, was that because he was the chairman of the foundation looking after us, he could do what ever he wanted, as the cabin we were inhabiting, which the foundation was renting, also belonged to Frides, or so he claimed at the time.
In this action, it became very obvious that the LGF did not really care about the people it was helping, rather they were more interested in feeling like heroes for doing what they perceived as good work,  and because they viewed themselves as heroes, they felt entitled to behave in what ever manner they wanted, irrespective of how it may impact on others.  We were treated very much like their pets or possessions, to toy and play with for their own amusement, irrespective of whether or not we were enjoying it.

The point at which I began to become very uncomfortable with the visits we were forced to endure by Frides Lameris, was the way in which he began to interact and communicate in sexual ways.   When ever I hugged him hello, he would always want to kiss me on the lips, which made me uncomfortable, and he would often hold me in this kiss for extended periods, which although were only a few seconds, felt like hours, as I was so uncomfortable with this.  There were a couple of occasions where he touched me inappropriately, as well as staring for inappropriately long periods, at my breasts.  One day he embraced me and told me that he had a very sexual dream about me, and that we had a past life together.

Let me just interject here by saying that anybody who comes to me with the “such and such happened in a past life”, sends off warning bells for me.
The thing about past life experiences is, one can make up almost any crap they want to suit themselves, as past life matters are very hard to prove or disprove.
What has been my experience with New Age Cults, is that they will often use the “past life” rhetoric to manipulate people.
I recently had a “New Ager" telling me she was my sister in a previous life, in order to manipulate me into agreeing with her course of action, which at the time, I did not.
And in fact, this is the only real purpose of needing to reference past lives, is for the purpose of manipulation.
I was also told by Marianne Wiersema, the Financial Manager of the LGF, that I apparently stabbed her in the heart in a previous life.  Of course I have no memory of this, and I very much doubt that this is even true, none the less, this was used as an attempt to get me to feel guilty for something, and to vampire energy off me.  When Frides Lameris asked me if I remember stabbing Marianne in the heart in a previous life, I answered honestly, and told him that I had no recollection of it, nor do I believe it to be true.  Mr. Lameris then commented, “Well that is a problem”.

Well of course it is a problem, these people were beginning to realise that we were not easy to manipulate.  We may have been in a weakened and vulnerable position having been very ill after living with no food, no money, no hot water or heating, and no electricity in a squatted building, but we still knew who we were and what we were all about, and we were most certainly not vulnerable enough to be indoctrinated into their cult, as it became more and more obvious that this was their intention.

Having done much research in the area of mind control, whether it be based in secret government programs, or be it cult based mind control, I have become fully aware that one of the most effective and commonly administered methods of mind control, is through starvation and food deprivation.  Our experience with the LGF got so bad, and they were so desperate to control us and indoctrinate them into their cult, that when we were brave enough to stand up to them and disagree with them, our they would routinely starve us, by cutting the funding that was feeding us.  I once went for a two week period without food as a result of the torture based mind control tactics employed by the LGF.  We survived on foraging for berries in the forest.

Another disturbing element that must be mentioned is Marianne Wiersema’s obsession with my husband.  It was a sick obsession, which often resulted in her either rubbing her self up against my husband in a sexual and provocative way, whilst feeling and massaging his torso and telling him what a lovely body he has, or the other extreme, cursing and abusing him, often hen pecking him about very small and insignificant things, as if he were her husband.   It becomes very clear why Marianne Weirsema is all alone in her old age, and will most likely die lonely and miserable.  No self respecting man would ever put up with her abuse and craziness.

By this stage, I had many questions pertaining to the LGF.
Firstly, how did a man who was as clearly damaged and incompetent as Frides Lameris, become the Chairman of a foundation dedicated to helping survivors of Satanic Ritual abuse?

Secondly, why did he recruit such abusive, damaged, clearly incompetent and morally bereft people, to be trustees of the foundation?

Furthermore, I realised that it was not completely clear just how Loetje Groen had died.  Having posed this question to Mr. Lameris in the past, we had never obtained a clear answer to the question surrounding Loetje’s death.  A friend of ours brought to our attention, some articles on a Dutch website, claiming that Mr. Lameris murdered Loetje Groen, to get his hands on her money.  As it stands at present, I do not know whether or not this is true.  What I do know is, there is some mystery surrounding her death, and how Mr. Lameris came to be the Chairman of three foundations founded in her name.

Mr. Lameris often talked about how he would often spend all night in the forests doing rituals and summoning demons.  He openly chanted mantra’s to Shiva, which according to Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, Shiva is the Indian variation of Satan.

Mr. Lameris often spoke about the fact that he took advice and instruction for an entity that we could not see.  Mr. Lameris was also insistent that we followed through on the advice of this entity, and that we should also be calling on this entity for advice and guidance.  We regularly refused interaction with this entity, and we were sometimes threatened by Mr. Lameris for doing so.  He was insistent that we should take instruction from this entity, and that we should follow through on what it said, even though we did not know what or who this entity was or is, nor is their any proof that this entity exists.

As if this was not enough, it appeared that Mr. Lameris had surrounded himself with witches, who were pretty dodgy practitioners of lousy magic.  They too tortured us with manipulative games, in order to attempt to carve out our minds in a way that would be accepting of their cult.

Mr. Lameris often tried to separate my husband and I.  He was often insistent on talking to me alone without my husband present.  In my marriage, anything you say to me, can be said to my husband, and I became suspicious of why Mr. Lameris would try to do this, because I felt very strongly that it was never a good idea to be left alone with this man, and I had made him aware of this.  I had told him that I was scared of him and that I did not want to be left alone in his presence.
Mr. Lameris became so menacing to me, that every time he would call or show up for a visit, I would shake with fear, often hiding away in the back room to avoid having to look into his evil eyes.

It was then brought to my attention by several friends of mine here in Holland, that Mr. Lameris has a long history of inappropriate sexually charged behaviour towards victims of Ritual Abuse.  This is pretty frightening evidence when you consider that these people are running a foundation that is said to be helping victims of  Ritual Abuse.  It very much appears as if these people were somehow involved in cult activities, and they were using a foundation that was supposed to be dedicated to assisting survivors of Cult Ritual Abuse, as a means of recruiting people into cults.

My partner and I began to realise that there is something very wrong with these people, and we began to make tentative plans to escape them.  We began rationing the food money they gave us in order to build up some savings in order to get away from them.  We managed to find another location to move to, and we made the necessary arrangements to move into a premises in Beekpunge Street, which although in the same province as the cabin in the forest, it was a full 45 minute drive away from the nearest foundation trustee.  These arrangements included installing fibre optic internet into the premises, which was necessary for our work.

When the LGF trustees got wind of our intention to move a good distance from them, they began to panic and sprung into action to scupper our plans.  This was done by offering us another place to live, which was in the same neighbourhood as they were.  The premises that was offered to us was town house that was rented from a Dutch Government Housing corporation, by one of the Foundation Trusees, being Marianne Wiersema.  Marianne had planned to inhabit her summer house, which she had just purchased.
It is still not clear what money was used to purchase this summer house.   Marianne Wiersema is a 69 year old woman living on a government pension and state subsisidized housing.  How did this woman afford a new home?  At first she claimed her wealthy friend, a woman named Yatina, purchased the house for her.  Then the story changed to the fact that she took a mortgage out to purchase the house.  Personally, I have never heard of a 69 year old pensioner on benefits getting a mortgage.  After much investigation, it has become obvious that Marianne Wiersema had used money from the foundation to purchase and renovate her summer house, which included insulating it, so  that she could inhabit it through winter.  Marianne’s decision to illegally sublet her government supplied home, was done on the basis that she would be receiving rental income, and thus, she would be illegally profiting off the situation.
Not only had Marianne defrauded the foundation, she is committing benefit fraud.

When we were initially offered Marianne’s home to inhabit, we politely declined the offer, due to the past antics we had been subjected to at the hands of the LGF trustees.  But after Marianne repeated the offer several times, we decided to go live in Mrs. Wiersema’s home.  Now I can not say that this was the best decision I have ever made, but the decision was made none the less, and it was done so on the basis that we would have the same basis as the premises in Beekpunge street, that we had almost rented.  When we decided not to move into Beekpunge Street, and instead to inhabit Marianne’s council apartment, we had to cancel the one year contract for fibre optic internet installation at Beekpunge Street, and we still have the invoices and financial records to prove this.  We then ordered the fibre optic internet to be installed into Marianne’s council apartment, and it too was on a 12 month contract, something Marianne was very aware of from the very beginning.
So we moved into Marianne’s house on 1 December 2014, the fibre optic internet was installed 5 days later.

On the 9 December 2014, Marianne and Frides paid us a visit.  Marianne very aggressively just lets herself into the apartment that we were by that time inhabiting, with a key, and did not even wait for us greet them at the door and to let her in.  It appeared that the old habits of invading our privacy and letting us know that they control us and thus will do what ever the hell they like, was still very much part of the agenda.  It also became clear that manipulating us, and causing us as much harm and distress as possible, was also still part of the agenda.  Now that the foundation had us where they wanted us, back in their clutches after we had almost escaped, they again began to toy with us.  After Marianne let herself in with the key, she began to fly around the apartment screaming and shouting.  I did not want to engage the conflict, so I left the room, and proceeded to hear Marianne continue to abuse and insult my husband downstairs.  I sat upstairs in the room, huddled up in a corner in tears, completely disturbed by what was going on.

Shortly after Marianne had exhausted herself abusing and screaming at my husband, I came down stairs, and was told that Marianne had decided that she wanted us to leave the apartment, because, (and I quote)  we had “energetically disrespected her apartment”.  This is such an abstract claim, that it is very difficult to prove or demonstrate in a practical sense.  To this very day, I am not entirely sure what this woman’s issue was or is.    The next thing I know, Marianne has called the police, and made false charges against me.   This is when the police rocked up at our door and arrested me on 23 December 2014.  The police in attendance told me that Marianne had wanted to have me put in jail over christmas, or even better, to have me deported.  To this day I have no idea what we did to encourage such malicious behaviour in this woman.  The only logical answer is the one I keep coming back to, and that is, that these sick people actually enjoy causing pain, because of their cult programming.  Either that, or they are possessed or manipulated by astral entities that vampire of low vibrational frequencies, hence the craving and desire to by these individuals to cause destruction and pain.

Now, my husband is Dutch, and we are legally married, and have been for 13 years, so I have the right to be in Europe as the spouse of an European Union National.  However, my paperwork had lapsed, and the trustees of the LGF were aware of this, as they had kept me trapped in the cabin in the forest, and I was unable to get my paperwork sorted out.  It is almost like they engineered this plan, to let my paperwork lapse, and then get me deported.  I felt a distinct premeditated vibe about this situation.

Having realised how serious this situation was, and that we could potentially be looking at dealing with a murderous cult, my husband and I did something we never do, we went voluntarily to the police station, and made a statement, and gave over all the evidence.  That is how serious the situation is.  But in the mean time, Biggi and I are still looking for a place to run Conscious Consumer Network.  We have had several places offered to us already, and we thank those who have come forward, unfortunately, none of these options had the necessary speed fibre optic internet required to run CCN.  We are still stuck in this witch’s house, and we have found some pretty scary stuff in here.  When cleaning out one of the cupboards, I found pictures of my husband that Marianne must have stolen from our personal belongings, as they were our photos.
Why did she have photos of my husband in her house?
Furthermore, how did she get hold of those photos?  We never gave them to her.  She must have taken them without us knowing.  That is called theft.
We also found some very disturbing dark cult literature, workbooks for her membership to some druidic order, not to mention all the voodoo charms and talisman prevalent throughout.
One of the more disturbing items we discovered was a specially crafted small hook shaped blade which looked like it was especially designed to pierce and hook veins, for practices of bloodletting.

We are hopeful that we can resolve this situation soon.  In the mean time, I am stuck here in Europe, awaiting a residency permit.  According to the Immigration department, my application is still under investigation.  In the mean time, we are still searching for premises in which to run Conscious Consumer Network.  Having applied several times now, and having been repeatedly rejected for any form of government support in the form of benefits, we are still unable to get employment or any form of income from my now bankrupt business.  We have managed to raise the funding to pay for CCN for an entire year from several sources, but we now need to reach out to the public and ask for support in continuing to keep the production studio housed.  We are in need of premises with fibre optic internet.  If anybody knows of any such place in Europe, please let us know.  This project took much effort, time and resources to launch, and it has been done so whilst dealing with much drama and duress.  Despite all the distraction and attempts at subversion, the channel is now LIVE and working successfully.  It was set up to create simple, accessible tools for the Alternative Media to use at no cost, and is run without corporate sponsorship and advertising.

Please check out the first live streaming channel dedicated exclusively to the Alternative Media.


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