Wednesday 20 May 2015

Over 90,000 people in Macedonian "Anti-Maiden" demonstration

Breaking: [video] in Macedonia Over 90,000 "Anti-Majdan" Against Sunday's Western Backed 'Demos'

May 18th, 2015, 

- With some Photos from, report by Joaquin Flores for Fort Russ -

* updated 9pm, EST

"Tonight, VMRO-DPMNE and its coalition partners are holding a rally under the slogan "Macedonia Strong!".  Initial assessments count over 90,000 citizens, making this rally the largest in the history of Macedonia.  The number is expected to exceed more than 100,000 supporters. " -

All photos below from today's 'Anti-Majdan' counter-demo in Skopje. 
Video courtesy of RT:

These Skopje based demonstrations were held as previously announced, to show that the present government, despite its problems, has more support than those protesting against the government. 

However we should note something extraordinarily important about yesterday's protests as well. As confirmed by our own assets on the ground, as well as a working knowledge of the Color/Spring template, people came out to the protest yesterday for many different reasons, relating to several ongoing issues that are being covered in local media in Macedonia.  Some relate to legitimate issues, and others relate to manufactured problems conjured by pro-western media and western funded NGO's operating inside of Macedonia. 

There is not sufficient evidence to promote the view that even most of yesterday's protesters came out to call for 'The PM' resignation'.  This demand was communicated carefully by the western backed event organizers to western media outlets.  As is the textbook method, thousands of people came out but their presence there was used beyond the authority of event organizers as a blank check, to put words in their mouth, or create new slogans for the event after its turn-out was reported.  
Continue reading and watch the video HERE

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