Wednesday 29 January 2014

Sol Tantrums and I question

After almost 3 weeks of eiree silence, Sol is blasting off again.

.... and I'm frustrated as all hell.

As I said earlier this month, something is going on here.

I said in an earlier post a little while back about solar activity- for two years I have watched the same thing happen over and over again:  a major sun spot, throwing off huge flares, rotates into geoeffective Earth view and suddenly.... it just fizzles out.  Goes silent.  Then as it rotates around the western limb, then POW  it flares up again.  

Same thing again this week.  Spot 1944 should of continued with strong M and even X Class flares.  It was so close to 1943 that they were almost touching.....  The fact that NOAA gave a risk of  90% for M Class and 50% for X Class flares, shows that that IS what should of happened.  And it didn't.  Instead, everything just went silent.  Not even a mention of the massive Coronal Hole stream that was directly facing earth since Wednesday either. Below is a picture of the Coronal Hole on Tuesday.

So.... I'm at a loss here.  Either NASA/NOAA etc are all lying, or something completely unheard of (or at least, completely unexplained) is happening between Earth and the Sun.

Sunspot 1944 went dead silent- barely so much as a flicker- and for the past 2 and a half weeks the sun has been almost completely silent. Even scientists are scratching their heads and wondering what the hell is going on:

THE Sun’s activity has plummeted to a century low, baffling scientists and possibly heralding a new mini-Ice Age.
"I've been a solar physicist for 30 years, and I've never seen anything quite like this," Richard Harrison, head of space physics at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, told the BBC.
"If you want to go back to see when the Sun was this inactive... you've got to go back about 100 years," he said.
The lull is particularly surprising because the Sun has reached its solar maximum, the point in its 11-year cycle where activity is at its peak.

Now.... I don't completely believe this report as I find it unimaginable that 100 years ago we had very accurate information on studying the sun and it's solar activity.... but then again, all we have now is NASA and NOAA and their ilk and we already know that they are lying to us, sooooo.....

I don't believe in this whole "New Ice Age" theory- I personally think it's all a bunch of fear porn (hence the creation of movies like "The day after tomorrow" etc), but I do believe that the bizarre weather patterns (coldest weather in NE North America in the last 100 years) and the wild storms are directly linked to the even more bizarre solar activity.... and I'm not entirely certain that THAT is caused by natural, non-artificial/manipulated forces.

As of three days ago, old sun spot 1944 and 46 are rotating back into view from the eastern limb.  They have been renumbered 1967 and 1968.  Spot 1944/67 started blasting off C Class flares and two days ago began to dance in earnest with a barrage of M Class - 9 of them in the last 48 hours plus a pile of C Class flares.  Spot 1944/67 has degraded somewhat from it's previous size and complexity during it's last earth facing tour, but it's still a huge Beta Gamma spot, and 1946/68 is also  blasting off C Class flares and still in close proximity to 44/67- although it has degraded to a simple beta rating. As of yet, no CMEs have appeared, but we'll wait to see what we get later today in the way of updates.

Technically we should see some spectacular fireworks from Sol over the next 10 days or so.... the question is:  Will we?

This is a picture of the M4.9 flare yesterday- the largest of the last pack of flares, and a shot of 1944/67 as it begins to rotate into Earth Facing view (both photos from SolarHam)

Here is a list of the Solar Flares from the last 48 hours from TESIS:

January 29, 2014

Diagram of the solar flare activity

X-ray emission of the Sun from 28.01.2014 to 29.01.2014 (GOES-15)

Solar flares today

Today, 5 solar flares were observed:

Active region Begin, UT Max, UT End, UT
Flare of class C4.1 0 00:42:00 00:49:00 00:54:00

Flare of class C4.2 1968 02:56:00 03:13:00 03:22:00

Flare of class C4.2 0 03:31:00 03:36:00 03:40:00

Flare of class C7.3 1967 04:06:00 04:31:00 04:42:00

Flare of class C3.5 1967 06:53:00 07:19:00 07:34:00

Solar flares yesterday

Yesterday, 12 solar flares were observed:

Active region Begin, UT Max, UT End, UT
Flare of class C7.6 1967 00:31:00 00:36:00 00:39:00

Flare of class C3.3 1967 03:08:00 03:12:00 03:16:00

Flare of class M1.5 1967 04:02:00 04:09:00 04:13:00

Flare of class C9.2 1967 05:25:00 05:29:00 05:31:00

Flare of class C2.5 1967 06:48:00 06:52:00 06:55:00

Flare of class M3.6 1967 07:25:00 07:31:00 07:34:00

Flare of class M1.4 1967 11:34:00 11:38:00 11:41:00

Flare of class C8.3 1967 12:18:00 12:25:00 12:30:00

Flare of class M1.3 1967 12:33:00 12:46:00 12:50:00

Flare of class C8.5 1968 16:23:00 16:45:00 16:57:00

Flare of class M4.9 1967 19:00:00 19:40:00 19:46:00

Flare of class M2.6 1967 22:04:00 22:16:00 22:20:00

Flare of class M1.0 1967 01:05:00 01:22:00 01:39:00

Flare of class M1.1 1967 02:02:00 02:11:00 02:18:00

Flare of class C3.3 1967 04:09:00 04:17:00 04:21:00

Flare of class C2.3 1960 05:19:00 05:22:00 05:25:00

Flare of class C2.0 0 06:51:00 06:54:00 06:58:00

Flare of class C6.0 1968 08:07:00 08:23:00 08:40:00

Flare of class C2.6 1968 11:08:00 11:13:00 11:19:00

Flare of class C8.0 1967 19:06:00 19:27:00 19:36:00

Flare of class C5.3 1967 20:15:00 20:55:00 21:06:00

Flare of class M4.9 1967 22:05:00 22:10:00 22:15:00

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