Wednesday 1 January 2014

Asking for Help

I have over the past three days been thoroughly told off by several people.

.... I can take a hint, lol, so I will write this even though it makes me uncomfortable.

I have my own personal journey issues that I am working on, just as everyone else is.  One of my issues is "asking for help".  I have a tendency to try to do everything myself and asking for help with anything makes me..... uncomfortable.  I've been thoroughly lectured on this  subject by many people over the past year.  One of the things that my awesome friend Pete said to me last year was that by NOT asking for help, I'm taking away the ability of others to make the free will choice TO help.  Apparently I didn't listen to him very well, and it took another friend to last night lovingly tell me off for the exact same thing- and remind me of the many times that many others have also tried to get me to understand this. So....

.... I am asking for help.

As you know, my family I had to leave Morocco back in November- I give all the gory details HERE  When we left Morocco and came to Malta, one of the main things that we needed to accomplish was to get new passports for my self and my two daughters as our current ones expire in 2 and a half months.  Unfortunately the trip to Malta sucked up a huge amount of our resources, and ended up being a lot more expensive than we had planned.  Since arriving, Nick and I have done a few things to make a bit of money- me cooking, and Nick sharpening knives and scissors- but we haven't been able to make enough to pay the daily expenses AND save up money for passports.

We've now gotten to crunch time. While we also need money to return to Morocco, our immediate need is that We HAVE to apply for the passports with in the next week in order to have them back in time to renew our visas in the beginning of February, OR to return to Morocco. Either way, we need to have approx 460.00 Euros asap.

I have made arrangements with various people to exchange value for goods etc... but unfortunately the Canadian embassy doesn't seem to be open to that option, lol!  This is one area that we can't seem to get around the "cash" issue!

So I am putting out a request for help .....and I know it's a rotten time of year for this.  I am asking that if you have the ability and you wish to help us out, we will gratefully accept anything that you can send.  My personal paypal is still screwed up (paypal has made it impossible to for me to respond to their "security" issues, and refuse to answer any of the pile of emails that I have sent to them over the past 8 months trying to fix the problem), but awesome friend has offered to let me use her account to collect donations, and I have put the "donations" button back up here on the site.  I also have a Canadian bank account and can accept email money transfers from within Canada.

From the whole of my heart, I send you all huge hugs and an enormous amount of love.

Love D

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