Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Twisted Tale of $200 Billion.... Now you see it.... now you.... opps!

Grab a coffee- this will be a long one!

When things "illuminate" for me, I get a driving urge to get the article out RIGHT NOW or I'll implode.  This morning was one of those mornings.  Nick showed me an article on RT and immediately my brain went into overdrive.  This will be a bit long and convoluted, but please hang on with me as I take you through my mach5 thought process.

It all started back in October 2012, when Hurricane Sandy was being driven into the eastern seaboard of the United States.  You remember that fiasco of Haarp and chembombs and chemtrails? 

What I didn't report at the time - because I was still listening to the guys telling me to shut up and sit in the corner and colour-  was that under the cover of the Hurricane,  there was purportedly a quasi military operation underway to take over the New York Stock Exchange and change all their computer systems over to a new system that would over-ride the old one and create a mirror of exchanges without any exchanges actually happening.  At this time, purportedly, they also wiped out all the Strawman accounts in the NYSE data banks.

.... Interestingly enough, exactly 4 days before this purported operation happened, OPPT filed the Commercial Bill into the UCC....

Follow me on this bit of review of what happened then, and then what happened in Dec 2013 and what I believe is about to happen now.....

It all starts with a whole bunch of lies and disinfo, and even the media couldn't get their stories straight!

"Now, I've hinted at one of the reasons for the shut down of the NY Stock Exchange.  Let's face it, they didn't have any damage in the NYSE (regardless of what CNN said, lol), they could of kept the electronic trading sections opened, and that was the original plan as of Sunday night, but suddenly in the middle of the night, they decided to close down all trading with no notice.

...Why would they close it?  Is it because the powers that be knew it would crash on Monday?  Many of my sources warned of exactly that happening.  And if you're going to be doing certain things in the financial sector, it's that much easier to make changes if the Markets are not open, right?  The market has been artificially propped up for a long long time. In order to "fix" things, some of that "propping" needs to disappear, back into the pit from whence it came...."

CNN and The Weather Channel ran into trouble on Monday night when they falsely reported that the New York Stock Exchange was flooding with water.

Then more than two weeks after the Hurricane, "they" started spinning their disinfo and lies.....
“In equity securities the presence or absence of the piece of paper is essentially irrelevant,” Rogers said. “If someone can by other means prove the ownership, they can work it out. It might just be a nuisance to replace the certificates. It has no systemic impact on markets.”
Problems could occur in instances such as a municipal bond issued in the form of bearer certificates in 1920 that matures 99 years later, Rogers said. Bearer securities don’t have a record of ownership other than the certificate.....
...Certificates in the vault have been recorded electronically with the data accessible from multiple locations, Bodson said. DTCC also has images of all bearer stocks and bonds in the vault, he said last week.....
...“Over the weekend we saw flooding would hit lower Manhattan and declared we were going into recovery mode,” Bodson said. “Given our criticality to the U.S. financial system, we have very, very robust disaster-recovery plans that have been built up over the years....
....“We might look at this event in five years as a blessing,” he said. “All these old pieces of paper were destroyed and people realized it didn’t make any difference.”

"...Because at the end of the day, it is not whether or not the physical stock certificate for a given holding was damaged in the flood. What is far more troubling, and has been since the advent of Cede & Co as master custodian, is that regardless of the content of its securities vault, it is the DTCC that is the rightful and ultimately legal owner of every security. Or would be in case Cede & Co decided to make it a legal matter of assigning ownership: good luck in a legal battle with a company that is owned by every major financial institution  in the US (including Goldman, JPM, the NYSE and of course, the Fed). In other words, it was not DTCC's flooding that was the issue: that is largely irrelevant. It is the fact that DTCC, and its "partnership nominee" exist, and that they are in effect, the default custodians of every transaction."

Unlike 99.9% of investors, most SD readers are aware (or should be) that unless you have physically taken possession of your equity shares, the actual owner is the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC).
CNN Money has reported that the DTCC vault holding trillions of dollars in equity certificates was breached in the Sandy flood-waters, and trillions in stock certificates and other paper securities may have suffered damage.
While the jokes relating to vaporization of assets from Hurricane Sandy were centered on the gold stored 60 feet below the NY Fed, it appears that in reality, Sandy may have destroyed portions of millions of Americans’ 401k’s, pensions, and stock accounts.
Up to $36.5 trillion in securities may be damaged according to the CNN report:
I highly recommend that you look up DTCC and their history and alliances as it makes for VERY interesting reading:

.... take note of their various subsidiaries.

 Don't fall asleep- yes, many people find these types of financial reports completely boring... but this story took turn for the very exciting and VERY interesting about two weeks later.

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, it was reported that 70 Billion in bearer bonds had been destroyed. One week after that, I received intel that a main German Bank had been caught in a suspicious transaction for..... $70B.

On November 28th 2012, just two weeks after it was announced that several TRILLION Dollars in Security bonds etc... were damaged or destroyed in the ultra secure vaults of DTCC during the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, THIS lovely little tid-bit of news blipped up onto my computer.  A friend in Sweden sent the links to the news to me very late on the evening of Nov 29- luckily I left the links opened because the next morning the entire news story was wiped clean off the internet....

.... doubly luckily I took screen shots of the story before it disappeared!

Lets fast forward to the end of November, 2013.

While I still have the "intel cooties" as far as the self proclaimed "gurus" are concerned (lol), the few sources that I still have are way above their league and impeccable. I don't hear from them often, but when I do it's always BIG intel that they are sending me. So when I receive information, from two completely separate sources, from both sides of the pond, within 48 hours of each  other, both saying the exact same thing.... I take serious note.  The last week of November I was told by both of them that the Big US Banks were completely bankrupt and that they had fired the emergency rescue flares up in a last ditch attempt to save themselves.

I was told that there was no rescue in sight for them. That all avenues had been exhausted. ....

Well it turns out that their bag of tricks wasn't quite empty yet- although this last piece of razzle dazzle extreme slight of hand is not going to cover their asses for very long....

A week ago the Fed announced its latest expansion to its Fixed-Rate Reverse Repo facility, which boosted the maximum allotment per counterparty to a whopping $3 billion from $1 billion (initially this was "only" $500 million), to wit: "this week the Committee authorized the Desk to modify the terms of the exercise.  The maximum allotment cap will be increased to $3 billion per counterparty per day from its current level of $1 billion per counterparty per day, effective with the operation on Monday, December 23, 2013." Some wondered why. Today we got the answer, when the Fed announced that an unprecedented $198 billion (that's 20% of a trillion) among 102 entities was reverse repoed to it (an average of just under $2 billion per counterparty) in what can only be characterized as the most grotesque temporary open market operation conducted by the Fed in history.

We will leave it up to readers to decide what is more surreal: that the Fed is allowing banks to "window dress" to the tune of several times more than total Treasury holdings owned by the Primary Dealers as disclosed by the Fed, or that there is an unprecedented $200 billion in free liquidity floating out there.

And yes, nobody actually ever had to sell anything to hand over the fungible electronic cash equivalents to the Fed because... the magic of repo and shadow banking rehypothecation of claims. Remember: $2.5 trillion in excess deposits serve as dry powder to chase risk higher purely in the form of initial margin on marginable securities like the E-Mini, and no money every actually changes hands.

On December 31st, 2013 the Federal Reserve Bank magically created $200 BILLION for the banks.

It's all imaginary of course- and has ZERO value, backing, or support structure.  This is what's called an extreme desperate measure of an extremely desperate corporation.  Here's the important part to realize:
Even these exorbitantly corrupt thieves that control the Federal Reserve Bank, and all the worlds Banking cartel- they HAVE to follow their own rules!!!  The rules might be twisted, fraudulent, unscrupulous, and debauched.... BUT! They HAVE to be followed!  So while the Fed has come up with this ridiculous magic trick to save the Banks.... they still will have to provide back up to this.  ALL THINGS MUST BE MADE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE BY THEIR OWN RULES!  Hence the fact that we can find so much information hidden in plan sight on various "government" and official agency web sites.  They don't make it easy to find, of course, but it's all there.  You just have to go looking for it.

Back to the $200 billion dollars of imaginary money....

Now Watch this!  Look familiar?

"Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Monday declared a state of emergency in 14 counties in western New York..."

"...The state was mobilizing 300 members of the NY Army and Air National Guard to assist as the storm moved through the region, along with 3,800 field workers available to respond in the event of power failures caused by the icy conditions. "

AND......  it's not just New York this time! What most people don't realize is that most of the derivatives ponzi banking scams are run through the City of London- this is because while US banks do have some limiting rules on derivatives and how many times they can create imaginary money from one deposit.... the City of London's "rules" are WAY more lenient!!  The City of London (which is it's OWN COUNTRY and NOT part of "England") (Hence the fact that England's new financial rules are a joke because they have no effect in the City of London), is the power base of the Banking Cabal. .....

.... Oh wait!  What's that you say?  There is horrific flooding in England and flood warnings for London now?

"London was hit by gale force winds today as the worst winter storms to hit Britain in more than 20 years continued to ravage the country.
Winds of up to 40 miles per hour and heavy showers battered the capital with experts predicting gusts could reach 50 mph before Wednesday.
The Thames Barrier remained closed to protect London from tidal surges while the Army also worked to build up flood defences in Kent with soldiers from 36 Engineer Regiment and 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles helping to fill sandbags.
A total of 106 flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency and a further 236 areas placed on flood alert....."
"...Nicola Maxey, a spokesperson for the Met Office, confirmed that Britain was feeling the effects of the same system that had led to such extraordinary conditions in the US over the past week.
She added that the storm was "a different beast" after moving across the ocean, picking up water but also gaining heat. It passed to the west of Scotland later on Monday, but left behind a trail of devastation and took visible chunks out of much of the coastline. ..."
And all this after England and London have been battered by storms and floods for the past MONTH- including heavy flooding on Dec 23.

So.... Watch this space for updates!!  Watch the news for sudden closures of the NYSE and/or banks in New York.  Keep a close eye on the City of London.  Because something tells me that when you have to come up with some excuse for $200 Billion dollars of make believe money, there is a good chance that you'll see a similar amount somehow pop up as being flooded/destroyed/frozen/turned into turnips.....

OH and on the topic of make believe money, the Bitcoin saga continues with ridiculous antics.  A month ago Bitcoin hit $1000 US, then it plummeted down to $500....and now it's back up to $1000!!!  Kinda like certain currencies that have been doing a blip of 1000% in the middle of the night, then dropping back down to their usual rates during the day time exchange hours..... insuring that none of us can profit from these jumps... but you know that someone did!

Snap Quiz:  Who just made a Killing On BitCoin?!


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