Thursday 30 January 2014

The "RV", China, SwissIndo and Slavery 2.0

The past 18 hours have been brought to you by a mixture of adrenaline and caffeine.  My greatest wish at this point of my exhaustive state is that I wish I had made a recording of the past 22 hours as I now have to rely on my brain to organize the massive amount of information that we have been through in the past 18 hours. ... it would of been a hell of a lot easier to have been able to just post the recording of the discussions!

At the bottom of this article I am going to blast you with a massive amount of links to transparent news stories that I feel are important for people to read - these will help you draw lines between the pieces of the puzzle that have been laid out in front of us.

I have been trying to explain to people for the past year that all is not what it seems in the realms of the "RV" and the "New" Financial system, the Global revaluation of currencies and the perceived "Good guys".  This isn't something that came to my understanding all at once, but instead has been a constant trickle of information and intel that just hasn't added up and has set off huge alarm bells in my head. The louder the alarms got, the more I researched and dug deep to find out "why". Intel that came to me got tossed under the electron microscope and was thoroughly cross examined....

....I'd fallen for the bullshit before (ie: the Republic stuff and Bonner and Paul etc...), and I wasn't going to fall for that ball of crap again.

If you haven't read the article by pastor Lindsey Williams HERE, I strongly suggest that you do.  Mr. Williams, while I do not agree with some his personal interpretations of some of the information given, has laid out one of the most concise outlines of exactly what is happening with gold and the bankruptcy of the US and the hoarding of gold by China. Unfortunately, like many other knowledgeable people, Mr. Lindsey doesn't delve deeper into the deeper elements of who's doing what to whom.  As with so many of the "Gurus",  the hyper focus on their goal of getting the money- through the "RV" and/or Prosperity packages- has blinded them to the blatant facts that are staring them in the face.  While many of them are singing the praises of various countries and agencies for bringing them the long sought after Saviour "RV", they refuse to look at the underlying truths of who is behind the whole thing.

Their motto should be "SHOW ME THE MONEY.....and I'll turn a blind eye to everything else!"

I am going to give you a run down of some of the important details and intel that I have verified, and I will give you my opinion/gut instincts based on that information.  This isn't going to be a very pretty article and I'll organize it as best I am able at this moment.  This WILL be long long long... so go get that coffee (bring the pot).

First off, I will reiterate this again:  Mdm Wu and Generals Wong and Li are NOT NOT NOT working for the so called "white dragons" and are NOT the "good guy humanitarian saviours of the world"- they work directly with the Chinese government.  The Chinese government is also NOT the "good guy humanitarian Savior's of the world", they don't give a rats ass about US citizens (or any other country's people for that matter), they are NOT working for the "greater good" and they are not taking over the US Treasury, the FBI the CIA and several other agencies because they want to help out the American people.  The Chinese are taking them over, because they are TAKING THEM OVER and TAKING OVER.

Please take a moment to chew on that....

Last night I called in a few very smart friends to discuss the SI resignation letter and to lay out the background to the Chinese take over and how it is inter-related.   To begin with I pulled out the intel and information that I have  and laid it on the table for everyone to look at and digest, as a basis to the new information that is coming out right now.  This is the basic run down of what I reviewed with them- in point form:

D.Breakingthesilence:  Some of this is intel, some of it is what I've "figured out" some of it in my gut
we KNOW that the chinese are being heralded by the lightworkers as the saviors.
we know that the white dragons are being set up as the global saviors- being painted as the good guys. we know that Poof and ZAP et al have been trying to claim that madam Wu is a white dragon but she is NOT- she works for the Chinese government . we know that she's in control of the UST with an iron fist. we know that china ownes a huge amount of the US debt- and a lot of other countries (we might want to research that)
we know that last january Gulliver- head of HSBC was transferring $44 million US a DAY out of hong kong, and we know that that money was going to the IMF and being funneled to the UST
we know that china has the US by the short and curlies because of the gold situation and the amount of debt that they are holding over America's heads- among other things!
the main stream media and alternative media has been talking about china buying up all the worlds gold- tons of articles about that over the past two years- the US was suppose to be holding a vast chunk of china's gold since WWI, but a lot  of their gold was also sent to the Philippines- and what did the US Do with all of China's gold?

we know that "the families" lent the US a huge bundle to pay off a portion of their back dates loans in.... that would have been around March I think.  we know that the US borrowed gold from "the old man" to make up the difference on their books when they were audited:

  WHERE IS THE GOLD? They didn't' take physical possession of it. Supposedly the golden coffers of America were audited to prove they have enough gold to back their currency (regardless of the fact that they had to borrow gold from from Canada and Russia and "The Old Man" to barely cover it- oh and then they reneged on paying back the gold they borrowed from "The Old Man" so they then had to borrow gold from China to pay back the Old Man, but then they only paid half of that gold back and a certain US high up guy had to go to China and give blow jobs for a weekend to get the US out of very hot toxic water AND pay back the Old Man .... I'm not even sure where they got the gold to make up the missing gold as they'd already lost the gold that they stole... I mean "borrowed" from China seriously, I can't make this shit up!), and yet there is no proof of the audit taking place, no one will say which agency/person did the audit, and no proof that the audit was correct or that the gold the US supposedly has is even THERE.
 the US didnt' pay back that loan and china had to give them more money/gold to pay back the families
jack Lew went to china at that time- he' was cutting huge deals because they were in so much trouble for the debt
china has been putting everything you need to know into the news for the past 2 years- about the BRICs - getting rid of the Fed Res currency as global reserve, setting up their own "IMF", setting up their own world bank/BIS to operate through. (huge list of links of the latest news at the bottom of this article).  we have china buying up US power and land in vast amounts for the past 5 years  They have also made huge inroads into the banking industry in the US and they control Wells fargo, among other financial corporations.
china buys the largest gold vault 3-4 months ago- JP morgan chase's vault, then Dec 13 and again January 23, the largest EVER withdrawals of gold are taken out of that Vault
JP morgan has paid over $20 BILLION in fines and legal costs, yet Dimon gets a 75% raise to the tune of $20 million- one would almost think that he was getting paid off for something, eh?

HSBC is the "old man" according to heather.  but I have no personal proof.  We DO know that HSBC is a Chinese owned and operated corporation- they are NOT British...WE were told this summer that HSBC was going to be the sacrificial goat and Deutsche Bank would be the "savior" (Deutsche being a Rothchild's bank)....   
Then pretty much a month after that, the European banks started questioning using SWIFT to transfer money- which are owned by hsbc. ...  I just wrote about HSBC misrepresenting their hard assets by $92 BILLION dollars... they are in big bad trouble right now....

.. but then so is Deusche bank and the rest of their piggy banks- Lloyds, barclays, RBS, Credit Suisse,  they are all completely bankrupt and on the verge of collapse.  So who is supposedly the Savior of the Banks now?! 
We are watching the systematic deconstruction of the current financial system, listening to the death rattle as it's drawing it's last haggard breath.... 

But..... China is supposedly swooping in to rescue the distraught damsels in distress!!!  At least those pushing the RV and "New" financial system schtick would have you believe that.  But what about the fact that China is BROKE TOO!!!  Seriously, they are in even worse financial shape than most of the rest of the world.  (Again: links at the bottom of the page.)

.... it was about this time in the conversation with the research group that I got a call:

holdon- intel call coming in
I was completely right!
 on everything- this is a chinese take over 
: no "good guys"involved

During the call I literally felt the *thud* of the enormity of what China is planning.

China was suppose to be the golden child of the "New" financial system. They were suppose to be the bridge between the financial and energetic accounting.... but then.... their accounts were suddenly empty- of both.

According to the UCC Filings by the OPPT Trustees, ALL the "Value" has been returned to the people.  Every BEing on this planet is FREE and all previous contracts (known and unknown) are cancelled.

No more  financial OR energetic "free ride" for the banks and corporations pretending to be governments.  This puts a bit of a twist in their tail now, doesn't it?  How can you push a "New" financial system into place without a penny to back it?  With the people's "value" having escaped from their grasp, they need to get it back in order to move forward....

... they have to convince the people to sign away their value again- to sign a contract, giving them, the banks/governments/controllers, the power over this value.

In the past year, two groups have come forward, and both are asking for your signature on a contract!!!!

The first one is Keshe, and his Peace contract (which is actually a soul contract)- he was interviewed this morning and has some very interesting things to say in the last 5-7 minutes of the recording- I highly recommend you listen:

The Second one is SwissIndo.

Beyond all the information that is truly shocking to many people in Peita's letter of resignation (and by the way I have all the copies of the emails sent back and forth between her and Ross and copies of the threats that have been made against pieta, and I will go public with these as soon as I have talked to pieta personally), and the information that I have brought out over the past few months about SI, the question of SI's involvement with China looms large.

At the very bottom of this article is an embedded PDF called "History of Banking Asian - Final Presentation Part 1"  

This document supposedly outlines the history of "the gold" and riches that SwissIndo supposedly represents.  It directly and implicitly shows the connection between China and SwissIndo.  I think that many of you will find it very interesting as the history of how and where this money and gold supposedly comes from.

One of the things that really hit us last night was the fact that the "king of kings" is called Mr. Sino.  Sino is a name historically for CHINA.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sino generally refers to China, the ancient-to-modern history of China, the culture of China, or the Chinese people.

ie: the Sino- Japanese war, or the Sino Indian war

By their own historical document, the SI are aligned with China historically and financially.  Just last year the BRICs became the BRIICs with the addition of Indonesia to the financial superpower group that is led by China. China, among a long list of other shadowy characters and groups, are calling for a new "Global currency"..... hmmmm.... where have we heard that before....?

SwissIndo in several passages and at several times have talked about the "New World Order"... and apparently they have some lovely printing plates for printing a new currency?.....

Indonesia and Philippine's are supposedly the resting place of vast quantities of historical gold..... yet where is it?

China is gobbling up gold,  and yet, where is the gold coming from? Where is it going to?

Week 3, 2014 Withdrawals From SGE Vaults 60 Tons, YTD 159 Tons

Again an astounding trading week on the SGE; from January 13 – 17, 2014 physical withdrawals from the SGE vaults accounted for 60 tons of gold, year to date 159 tons. Although withdrawals are down 25 % from the previous week, the amount is still well above weekly global mine production.

Shanghai Gold Exchange

Shanghai Gold Exchange
Founded 2002
Headquarters Shanghai
Key People Wang Zhe, chairman
Products Gold, silver, platinum spot and forward
Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is a non-profit self-regulatory organization, approved by the State Council, organized by the People's Bank of China, and registered with the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, for the purpose of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals transactions.[1]

JPMorgan's gold vault is being emptied,  the Shanghai Gold Exchange has gold flooding out of it.....China's own both..... Soooooo...... where is the gold going? Who has it?  And where did it come from?  And why is the purported King of kings saying he has "the Money" and yet no one has seen so much as a wooden nickle.

Maybe it's all a scam, and the SI thingy is just one of those online bizarre stories.... or maybe they NEED the signatures of the people to re-contract with them to be able to ACCESS THE GOLD!

I think the very fact of the existence of both the SI and the Keshe contracts- both magically appearing in the past year- should make people seriously think about what they are signing.

As for China... Well below I've compiled just a few articles that I think everyone should seriously take note of. 

The big bad wolf is huffing and puffing.... the question is: is your house made of straw or brics? ....
... sorry, I couldn't resist, lol.

My final advice to all the RV'ers and those "Lightworkers" who've put everything they've got into one single basket...... beware that greed isn't your downfall. It is better to have a bit in hand, than nothing at all..... and that is where this all could be heading.   I will elaborate on this in a while... when and if I can.  I definitely want the Lightworkers out there to take a long hard look at who's telling them to buy dinar, and who's telling them that China will be their knight in shining armor.... no matter what colour the dragons are.


Replace dollar with super currency: economist

The World Bank's former chief economist wants to replace the US dollar with a single global super-currency, saying it will create a more stable global financial system.
"The dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises," Justin Yifu Lin told Bruegel, a Brussels-based policy-research think tank. "The solution to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency."
Lin, now a professor at Peking University and a leading adviser to the Chinese government, said expanding the basket of major reserve currencies — the dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and pound sterling — will not address the consequences of a financial crisis. Internationalizing the Chinese currency is not the answer, either, he said.

The Global Sustainable Currency Summit last September in China.... you might want to read the various points and topics that were purportedly discussed, like:

Monetary Dominance as Global Currency in the Petroleum Age and New Energy Era

Super-Sovereign Reserve Currency, Single Global Currency Vs SDRs toward Supra-Reserve Currency

Role of Banks in Global Currency Trading and Establishment of the Global Currency

The question are:
  • 1. Global Currency, Global Central Bank & World Government
  • 2. What are the roles of banks play in establishing a global currency, especially commercial banks?
  • 3. How does the global currency affect banking industry?


In 2007, Jim Rogers, a former partner in George Soros's Quantum Fund, said the Government should abolish the Hong Kong dollar and adopt the yuan as the official currency of the territory when the renminbi is freely convertible.[13](the renminbi is not freely convertible.) However, in the same year, Rogers changed his position and believe the Hong Kong Government should adopt the renminbi even when it is non-freely convertible. "This is 2007; I don't know why the Hong Kong dollar exists any more.... You have a gigantic neighbor who is becoming the most incredible economy in the world."[14] Rogers also believes the renminbi is going to replace the US dollar as world reserve currency

China's Rich Know Bailouts Equal Gold No. 1

One of the nice things for wealthy people in China is that mysterious, unidentified third parties occasionally swoop in at the last minute to bail them out of investments that are about to default. And they do such generous things for the good of the country and its financial system, of course...
..Teaching them a lesson may have to wait, though, because now it looks like the fund's investors will get some sort of payout, although it isn't clear who will do the paying or how much the payout will be. But minor details like those don't seem to be important right now, because what matters to the Chinese government is preventing the global capital markets from having a panic attack about the country's shadow-banking system.

When is default a good thing?

That's the question being asked in China, where the murky rescue of a high-yield fund appears to have prevented a default that would have cost investors millions and undermined faith in the country's financial system.
But the 11th hour bailout by a mysterious third party has raised questions about China's readiness to let investors pay the price for failed investments and mounting risk in the country's shadow banking system...

UN Strongly Recommends SDRs Over Dollar as World Reserve Currency

A Closer Look at China and HSBC – Are they Running Out of Cash?

Fears are growing that HSBC bank is insolvent, after the Bank refused cash withdrawals and has an $80bn blackhole in their balance sheet.  Last night,Forbes and a variety of sources including Max Keiser, and FXstreet (Forex) reported a Bank of China announcement suspending all cash transfers for the next several days.  So what’s really going on?

The Forbes report states:

    “The People’s Bank of China , the central bank, has just ordered commercial banks to halt cash transfers.

    In short, there will be a three-day suspension of domestic renminbi transfers.  There will also be a suspension, spanning nine calendar days, of conversions of renminbi to foreign currency.

The Latest HSBC Scandal: An $80 Billion Capitalization Shortfall

"Forensic Asia on Tuesday began its coverage of Britain’s largest banking group with a ‘sell’ recommendation, warning the lender had between $63.6bn (£38.7bn) and $92.3bn of “questionable assets” on its balance sheet, ranging from loan loss reserves and accrued interest to deferred tax assets, defined benefit pension schemes and opaque Level 3 assets.

note: the original Telegraph link is now dead- yet another article removed that highlights major financial problems!

Shortage Of Gold Bars Develops In London - Follow The Money

Asian and Middle Eastern Central Banks and investors are hoarding an enormous amount of the 400 ounce  LBMA "good delivery" bars that make London the largest physical gold trading market in the world. As the price of gold was aggressively manipulated lower by the Federal Reserve and its agent bullion banks since mid-2011, eastern hemisphere sovereign, Central Bank and investment buying - especially the Chinese - intensified.

Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?


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