Thursday 2 January 2014

Sun Dance continues

Our dear Sol is partying like it's still New Years Eve.  After a bit of a "quiet" spell - and as SDO and SOHO have been bouncing up and down like freakin yo yos with huge black outs of data, thats only conjecture- the sun is once again ramping up with lots of excitement.

in the past 48 hours we've had 4 M Class solar flares, one of which was an M9.9- which is just a hair off of being an X Class.  Spot 1936 had two M flares plus one on Dec 29th, but is just about to rotate over the limb and be not geoeffective to earth any more.  BUT.... the two today came from spot 1944, which is just starting to rotate into Earth view and it's a damn big spot. 1944 is so far just Beta, but is showing signs of getting all moody and stuff very soon. 

This is 1944 just rotating into view

We currently have a geomagnetic storm going on- so the usual warning that your wireless printer is NOT being possessed, and not to throw away your GPS that keeps trying to send you to Timbuktu. It will all be better by morning.

but it did make for some nice Aurora pictures in the Arctic!

Taken by Peter Rosén on January 1, 2014

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