Wednesday 1 January 2014

Sovereignty 101:Installment 5 - Worship, Ownership, Bullsh*t

For the past week, the amount of synchronicities that have been happening has been astounding.  I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as "coincidence", and this past week has hardened that belief into granite.   In the past 48 hours alone, I have had several conversations with completely different people that have all touched on the same subjects- even to the point of being sent the same video by 3 different people who do not know, nor have any contact with each other. 

Reading Sophia's article below is just another example of a long line of synchronicities that has been playing out before me.  I am currently working on an article that touches on this- as I said earlier this morning in my Help article, when something is glaringly put in front of me... I can take a hint.  And when the same or similar topics are brought forward by multiple people.... I can take a hint, lol!


I AM.....ME.

..... More to come... as soon as I can get the graphics done!!!

It is the MOMENT of NOW to BE and DO LOVE as ONE

It is the MOMENT of NOW for all to kNOW and SEE!!!

United as ONE.

love D

Sovereignty 101:Installment 5 - Worship, Ownership, Bullsh*t

The whole idea that a person could have ownership over anything or anyone else was projected into your origin at a critical point. Precise characteristics were included; genetically reproduced in a specific fashion – for slavery to be possible. Since then, what has been reinforced into the psyche of man is that an exalted being made him – a capitol G-O-D.

This G-O-D had knowledge, power and ability that man did not have access to. Space vehicles reinforced the charade – G-O-D descended from the heavens.

With this dialogue running through the background of man’s every thought, a tendency to worship is reinforced. This is not the natural compulsion of a creator being, but it has become so in man. It was an intentional thought placed specifically into the mind of man so that he would be easy to control and to own.

If you have something “valuable” that another person does not, you are no longer seen as equal, but somehow superior. This is a false superiority, depending on what it is you hold rather than who it is you are. In fact, superiority is a misunderstanding of value.

The story of the “Emperors New Clothes” is a way, just one of the ways; we’ve chosen to tell ourselves the truth. The Emperor is in fact naked, and looks just like everyone else that way. It is his delusion and desire that has him elaborately robed. In fear, his “subjects” don’t point out the obvious. It takes a child to speak the truth.

Think about your own inner dialogue, recalling thoughts you held before you were taught otherwise. Were they thoughts of worship?

If you watch children, you’ll see no such segregation or subjugation played out – unless the necessary motivating emotion of fear is present. What infuses any notion of obedience as valid is a sense of foreboding. Without fear of loss, there is no reason to obey.

All of these – ownership, worship, obedience and fear have been mystically bound together inside this thing labeled “religion”. The basis of any religion is idolatry of some sort; another idea that places exclusive value on a person or thing that by itself holds no such attribute.

While it may be a valid observation that some physical objects and people conduct energy or evoke emotion better than others, there is no advantage or requirement to revere them – we are all creator gods. The manipulation of physical materials into art, architecture, machine or magic is accomplished the same way each time – by us.

As there is no hierarchy in the man making, wearing or using the object, there is no hierarchy in the object. Now I ask you, where would our religions be today without their ornate churches and synagogues, fine robes and sacred articles? Each has been placed into the fabric of humanity to solidify this idea of ownership and to initiate worship.

A sovereign being worships and waits for no one.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for. ~Sophia

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