Wednesday 28 October 2015

One Peoples Roundtable- Oct 25 Video

Well well well.....  Monday nights One People Roundtable Discussion was an interesting show.... not just in content, but in all that happened DURING the show. 

We know that technical crap always happens during The One Peoples Show, so when the Live Stream crashed 2 minutes before going live, we just shrugged and made a joke about "Hey! It must be Monday night, there goes the stream"!! But that was just barely the tip of the ice berg.  With in the first 12 minutes of being live, Biggi already had 2400 "error messages" coming through,  so we knew it was going to be a rocky road this week....  But holy shit! That was just the beginning of the weirdness.

The stream was crashing all over the world, but not just simply crashing.... but looping back, repeating certain sections of the show.... then hanging. Considering that for part of the show we were discussing "timelines/timeshifting" we kinda found that a bit ironic.  Our audience were jumping from site to site, trying to find a stream that was stable enough ....  Then, right in the middle of a conversation Lisa and I were having about WWII and the video "The Greatest story never told", we got a report from Barbara in NY- Lisa's co-host on the Collective Imagination- that with only one single browser window open on her computer, she was SEEing us... but hearing a completely different show, (suspect it was Alex Jones) in the audio- who was ALSO talking about WWII and "The greatest story never told" at the exact same time!!  After the show was over, I received a message from two other viewers who experienced the exact same thing!

The attacks on the outgoing stream got so bad, that for the first time in CCN history, Biggi had to stop the show, and reboot the whole thing in an attempt to try and get the stream stable.

It was an interesting night, let me tell ya!!!  Because of the huge problems with the live stream, Biggi busted his balls to get the Video Archive of the show out super fast.  A HUGE thank you to Biggi!!!

Here is the video of Monday nights Roundtable Discussion.

love d

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