Friday 2 October 2015

Incoming CME's and CERN activity

This is an excellent report by BP Earthwatch- from Sept 30th.  NOTE:   7 HOURS of solar footage has been CUT from the feed!!!!  The feed was cut just after I posted the Sept 30th Update about CERN, and the editing of solar information.

NOTE on the above video "Solar Impact"- we went through huge internet outages yesterday for about 2 -3 hours in the Evening- around 1800-2100 London/Morocco time.  Below is the high frequency absorption map at 1311 UTC, which is 1411 London/Morocco time- we were directly in the Red zone..... yet mysteriously the internet outages happened.

Now look at this image above- this is the two CME's that are currently incoming - AGAIN, just like last month- the 2 CMEs will meet up EXACTLY when they hit Earth delivering a simultaneous 1 2 punch. Interesting.  These impacts should take place around midnight tomorrow, London/Morocco- but we'll know more closer to the time.

These are screen shots for CERN feed on Sept 30, as discussed in the first BP video.

Solare flares October 1st and 2nd (so far)
And this is CERN right now. This is a repeating pattern: the green line (energy ) spike, just before the beams are injected.  and the Luminosity build up in teh same pattern we've watched develop over the past three weeks.   CERN is now running 1465 bunchs.

I'll be watching.....

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