Tuesday 5 January 2016

TN Special Report: The Iceland Meme that won't die

Good morning my friends.  After recording last nights Transpicuous News January 4th Report, I continued the session with this special report. 

Distractions are the name of the game these days, and discerning Distraction from Disinfo is sometimes damn difficult.  In this recording I discuss the waves of distractions that keep rolling over us, and a few of the main points I look at when these same ol' stories keep coming back to life.   Case in point: The Iceland Revolution that wasn't.

I've spoken about Iceland's perceived "revolution" for several years now, but when the next "wave" of the meme hit social media again last week, I decided to put together a report to spotlight what did and didn't happen in Iceland, since the financial collapse of 2008.


The Template Articles:  The Phoenix that wouldn't Rise 

The truth about the jailed bankers of Iceland

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