Sunday 3 January 2016


Well,  the Google Monster has struck once again.  My old computer died- the one that had all my passwords and password and account information..... now I can't access of of my oldest blog accounts from 2009, OR my adsense account which is attached from that account to all of my other blogger accounts!!!

Google has NO "contact us", no way listed to get through- even by simple email- to a human being.  All of their "security questions" rely on you having access to your account in order to answer them (ie: "List 5 email addresses you have in your contacts"..... how can I list 5 email addresses when I can't access the account?  "list 4 labels on your account"..... how can I list 4 labels on my account when I don't have access TO THE ACCOUNT? )   The phone number associated with my old account is 6 years old, I've moved to ANOTHER CONTINENT  since then, and don't have access to that old phone number....

.... Google's automatic, faceless advice?   "Sign up for a new account"

Gee thanx Google!  I'll just run right out and do that......  but first explain to me how "signing up for a new account" is going to get me access to my CONTENT of my old account?

I've given them the month and year that the account was opened on blogger

I've given them the name of my best friend from childhood

I've given them the name of my first pet.....

I was able to sign into the secondary email account associated with my original account, and clicked on their stupid link to confirm that I have access to that account......

But that, apparently isn't good enough for Google.

So please, if anyone knows of anyway that I can actually deal with a real fucking human being and get this sorted out, please let me know. 


ps:  yes I'm using the old RTS site again. ..... because I can't access my google adsense account to transfer it over to the new site, and believe it or not, that measly $130 bucks a month I make off of adsense actually makes a huge difference to our family.  so yea..... stuck.  ugh.

..... pardon my negativity, I'm having one bitch of a year so far.

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