Thursday 7 January 2016

Lost in the Argument: Questions Unanswered


To all the "Flat Earthers" and "Globeists" out there.....

I can NOT believe the amount of energy that is currently being expended on this argument. STILL.

Do you get it? THIS is a DISTRACTION. This is a distraction BECAUSE of the argument. While everyone is arguing "it's flat!" or "It's a globe", they are missing the bigger and more important questions.

..... Besides that, what if the earth is a different shape entirely?  What if the "Planet" isn't a "Planet" at all?

Now, Please do not get mad and close this page.  Please take a moment to read the message- I am asking everyone to put aside your personal beliefs in this, and focus on the QUESTION.

Is this earth a globe? No, I don't think so.
Is it flat? Nope, I don't really gel with that theory either.

(I personally think that BOTH theories are wrong but we'll get back to that...)

But while everyone is arguing "flat vs sphere" most people are so caught up in the actual argument itself that they aren't looking for other answers!! There are HUGE questions that the "flat earth theory" have brought up that are vital pieces of the puzzle, and have opened up a lot of different avenues of investigation and research..... but I think that the basic argument has been pushed as a distraction- to KEEP PEOPLE FROM going down those avenues and continuing their research to the deeper, more important questions that this topic shines a light on.

I am watching literal wars of words raging across social media over this, and 99% of those arguing, aren't discussing the issues brought up BY the question of what shape our planet is- all they are doing is arguing about the shape.

Please let that sink in for a moment..... 


Instead of arguing about this, I would LOVE to see people putting the same energy into do their OWN research.

I have seen many many videos posted over the past 6 months or so that push one side of this argument or the other.... that are filled with flawed "science", and poor logical processes to try and prove one side of only TWO theories.  It's a travesty. And I'm shocked at the bullshit "science" that people are swallowing whole, because they have chosen to listen to someone else, instead of doing their own research.  I am shocked at the number of intelligent, aware people who have gotten themselves locked into one side, one BELIEF, and are seemingly incapable of moving beyond and looking at the entire debate rationally.

What this has become, in my opinion, is a religious argument. Like Protestants and Catholics arguing over who is "right". Everyone seems to be caught up in "Beliefs", and are pushing their own unprovable belief system.

Neither side is capable of sitting down and having a rational, logical discussion. Most interactions deteriorate into screaming matches and name calling...... so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! DIVISION HAS BEEN SET UP PERFECTLY.  NO ONE is moving BEYOND that one stupid argument.

Let me ask this one basic question:

In the greater scheme of things, does the physical shape of the planet change your life at all?   Did your physical existence on this "planet" - where you live, what your job is, your family life, your social life- actually CHANGE when you discovered the "flat earth theory"?   No really!  I want you lo LOOK at what I'm saying:  DID your physical existence in this reality actually CHANGE?

NO.  It did not.

The QUESTIONS brought up BY this "theory", have a massive impact on us- emotionally, mentally, and even "spiritually", and they have the ability to propel us forward into vast new areas of research and comprehension.  But it's the QUESTIONS that do this- NOT THE SHAPE.

I would love to discuss this entire topic, in the open, without all the bullshit.  To really LOOK at the QUESTIONS, and take this entire meme apart and REALLY dig for answers- WITHOUT focusing on what fuckin' shape of the planet is!! 

.... as I said:  What if this "Planet" isn't a planet at all.  That kinda makes the entire argument about what shape it is completely irrelevant, doesn't it?  But in order to even look at that as a possibility, first we have to let go of our "belief" systems and open our minds to the very basic fact that we do not know.....

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