Monday 18 January 2016

From Morocco to OZ: The Transpicuous Relocation Project

There is a bit more to this story than I have put in our Crowdfunding campaign....

In recent weeks, certain information has become clear and the reactions of certain people who are highly connected here in the Highest Places of Morocco, have been clearly seen.  Some of my News coverage has made certain people not happy.  My entire families Skype access has been wiped out.  And through some savvy tech friends, we've learned that skype knows that certain IPs are being Blocked in Morocco..... and not by Skype.  In the past two weeks we've had several "technical" problems with our banking,  Packages that were suppose to be delivered to us have not been delivered, and the most recent and blatant event:  in the past week, local youths have taken to throwing rocks at our house. ....

The 7 puppies that we rescued the first week of December, are all healthy, dewormed, deloused, chubby and glossy and they have all got new homes with awesome families.... that was one of the very last responsibilities we had to tie us here to Morocco.

We are ready to leave.  Literally.

Love d

Welcome to our "Get Dani & Nick and the kids out of Morocco and across the Big Pond to the Land of Oz" Crowd Funding Campaign!!

For those of you who know my work in journalism: Removing the Shackles, Transpicuous News, and the One People's Roundtable Discussions.... well all of you know the story of how a Canadian Family of 6 ended up living in Morocco almost 3 years ago.  For those of you who don't know the background, well, it's long and convoluted....  but basically we came to Morocco looking for a better life for our family and to build a community here. After a lot of ups and downs, happiness and disappointment, we ended up in Morocco alone, with no way to get back to Canada....

But those of you who know me, know that Nick and I are not quitters and are not afraid of digging in and making things work.  So here we were, in a foreign country where we didn't speak the language, but we saw infinite possibilities in a place that had something amazing- Untouched, unpolluted, and almost unknown treasures called Argan Oil, Black seed oil, Barbary fig oil and some of the most amazing essential oils on the planet!!  Now, I have been an Aromatherapist and mixing my own oils, lotions, creams, salves and balms for almost 25 years, so the conclusion we came to was obvious: to start our own Hand made skin care product line!  With the help of a good friend we were able to get the funds together to start our small company here in Morocco, and we launched Our Gaia's Gardens. We have connected with a Berber women's cooperative, right on the edge of the Sahara, and a family cooperative in the Rif mountains, who are making all their own oils,  REAL Truly PURE, untouched, unpolluted Oils- and build a wonderful friendship. Every penny we've made has gone back into our company,  and to the cooperatives to expand our products.

If you'd like to know more about our family and about our vision for moving forward, please visit the "Our Vision" and "About Us" pages on
This was all wonderful.... until everything really started to blow up (literally) in the Middle East.

Things here in Morocco are getting.... tense, and the situation at the border where we usually cross to get our VISAs stamped, is VERY tense, teeming with military on both sides of the border.  The Universe has been kinda telling us that it might be time to leave this area of the world for the past few months, but this past week, the message has become very clear.  It's time to go!.....

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