Friday 7 August 2015

Transpicuous News Special Report: Sunday Aug 9th

Sunday is going to be a busy busy day it would seem!

As I have been getting geared up for The Untangled Gathering:  AI & Mind Control Symposium that I announced yesterday, I have fallen, yet again, down more rabbit holes.

I have always said  that I don't believe in coincidence, and this week has been one to shatter any tiny doubts I may have had about the "Coincidental" nature of the information that is coming out right now- both in the main stream media and in the alternative media.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle right now- because the very act of asking the questions, is morphing our understanding of exactly what AI is.  This is a rabbit hole that goes down to the deepest levels of what has been hidden, and what might actually be going on in the back ground of our "Reality".  This past week has been an exercise in quantum leaping through information, and going back and revisiting old theories and tying them together with new insights and information.

There have been several *THUD* moments this week, let me tell you!

On Sunday, August 9th 2015, at 9pm London/Morocco time, I will be doing a special Transpicuous News Report  on the Subjects of what is NASA up to? And "Artificial Intelligence"..... who's on who's team?

Right after Transpicuous News, The Untangled Gathering: AI & Mind Control Symposium will be broad cast, LIVE Stream on CCN- at 10pm London/Morocco time- 5pm EDT

Sunday Night:   AI Deciphered, and the links between Mind Control and the Transhumanist Agenda.  Get a comfy seat and a snack and LOTS of Coffee, 'cause it's going to be quite a ride!!

You can watch the LIVE stream broadcast of TN and the TUG Symposium on CCN:

Or right here on RTS, or the RTS facebook page

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