Saturday 29 August 2015

New "SIM" City to be built at "the Cross" New Mexico?

Interesting.... I remember when this project was first announced in 2012... then cancelled, then brought back to life, sorta, in 2014.....  And now again, Pegasus Holdings is talking about building their "SIM City", with plans to start construction in the next three months.... in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

... Can you say perfect film stage for just about any natural disaster, terrorist attack, false flag or "war"?

New $1.4 billion city is being built in the desert


AT FIRST glance it appears to be an illusion — a giant, very pricey one.
A new city is being built in the middle of the desert at a whopping price tag of $1.4 billion and while it’s a very real place, it’s unlike anything the world has ever seen.
Despite featuring all the infrastructure you’d expect to find in a normal city, including skyscrapers, 35,000 homes, a shopping centre, church, service station and an airport, nobody will be allowed to live here.
The 38-square-kilometre area will also encompass farms, an industrial area, a rural road system and a highway.
It will be under constant surveillance and connected by underground tunnels, yet there will be no colourful details such as artwork or billboards.
Welcome to the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE), a planned ghost town for New Mexico, America.
Essentially, it’s a huge, fully functional test city, the first of its kind in the world.

According to development company Pegasus Global Holdings: “City Lab will be a representative example of a modern day, mid-sized American city. It will ... include urban, suburban and rural zones as well as the corresponding infrastructure.
“City Lab will be pre-wired for data collection giving researchers the ability to simulate system-wide scenarios and then draw data from such activities.
“It’s the first of its kind, in scale and scope.”
Here, drones will rule the sky as they test out the delivery of goods, and roads will be filled with driverless cars and trucks. And the beauty of it being empty of humans is that if something goes wrong, there won’t be any mass injuries.
It will be a true laboratory without the complication and safety issues associated with residents,” Bob Brumley, managing director of Pegasus says.
Here you can break things and run into things and get used to how they work, before taking them out into the market.”
Just 300 people will oversee experiments and maintain the city’s infrastructure.
It will have all the hallmarks of a real, functioning city. Picture: Pegasus Global Holdi

CITE is a replica of Rock Hill, South Carolina, which proved to be a great testing model due to its mix of old and new building materials.
But the project has suffered some setbacks.
Construction was originally scheduled to begin in June 2012, near the town of Hobbs, in the arid Lea County, but the project was put on hold due to environmental concerns.
Its fate then seemed to be heading in the direction of these other forgotten, unbuilt cities.
Now it’s full steam ahead with ground set to be broken outside of Las Cruces for the real-life Sim City within the next three months.

Definition of CRUCES

plural of crux

Definition of CRUX

:  a puzzling or difficult problem :  an unsolved question
:  an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome

Origin of CRUX

Latin cruc-, crux cross, torture
First Known Use: 1718

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