Wednesday 26 August 2015

Roundtable Discussion Aug 24 Video: D & Sue Rhoades

Here is the Archive Video of the One People's Roundtable Discussion from Monday August 24, 2015

Monday night I had a discussion with Sue Rhoades, from Adventures into Sovereignty and formerly a member of The ITNJ American Team.   Sue and I discussed various aspects of what took place over the past two months within the ITNJ and the reasons behind her resignation.

More importantly, we discussed how we move forward and create a new foundation to build solutions that are not based on the current system of corruption, control and fraud.  Creating actual NEW changes and NEW beginnings for THE PEOPLE- ALL the people.  This conversation was a brilliant look into the old vs where the new needs to lead, with a focus on solutions.... and it has opened the door to a new Untangled Gathering Conference that will focus on Food and Farming and bringing people together to help and heal.  I am very excited about where this can lead....

Lisa Harrison will be back on the One People's Roundtable Discussion this Monday.

love d

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