Sunday 23 August 2015

Transpicuous News & The Roundtable Discussion

The Transpicuous News Weekly Report is TONIGHT and I have a LOT to talk about- even more than usual, lol.

Tonight we will be dissecting the France/Belgium "US-military-saves-the-day" False Flag from Friday- and oh I had so much fun with this one!!!  We'll take a brief skip through the news that is and isn't being reported on and by whom, and then we're going to take a very VERY close look at What they are Distracting us from.

The Scheduled time for TN tonight is 9pm London- 4pm EDT, BUT.... I am hoping to move the time back an hour to 10pm London- 5pm edt, as we are suppose to have fireworks in our area at 9pm... which given the topics we'll be diggin' into tonight might just give a little bit more realism than I'm comfortable with, lol.   I will put out an update as soon as I have verification of the time for tonights TN Report


or watch it LIVE stream right here on RTS or on the RTS Facebook page!

Then tomorrow night we have the One People's Roundtable Discussion.  Lisa may or may not be with us tomorrow night, but I will have a special guest on with me tomorrow night to have a very ..... Interesting conversation that will shed a lot of light on a few things.....  That's all I'm saying for this moment.  You'll have to tune in tomorrow night to see what it's all about!!!

Join us for the Roundtable Discussion at 11pm London/ 6pm EDT Monday night!!

And as usual the Chat room on Lisa's site will be open for those who want to ask questions or to participate.

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