Saturday 2 August 2014

... pass me the tinfoil please.

welllllllll......... this is just too funny!!!!!|
Further to the article I published and edited this morning.\

 I tried to add another edited section and blogger refused to allow the edit.  Then it refused to let me post a new article... then it refused to allow me to sign into blogger on Heather's computer.....|
I finally managed to get into my site.... Here is what I was trying to post as an update to the previous article I published this morning.  I think you'll find it amusing considering the previous paragraph:|
edited at 1:52pm to add:\
the split time conversation that has been taking place in my skype ONE room has been hysterical.  finally we all rebooted and after about 10 minutes Heather and steph and KK's conversations finally re-appeared in the room.  exactly two minutes later I got pinged by my Malware detection program that it had found a trojan on my computer:|
[1:49:35 PM] D.Breakingthesilence: want some more fun?  when I rebooted- my malware scanner picked up a trojan in my temp files.   wanna know what it was called?|
"trojan.agentNS- local/temp/nsa6FB1"\|
Hows that for transparency?|
..... buhahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!!\

I just thought you all might like to have a giggle too.  Heather and I have been laughing our asses off for the past 3 hours over the ridiculousness of it all. and we've captured all the skype conversations in screen shots and have 78 people who witnessed the whole thing , buhahahahahah!!!!  too funny!\
edited at 2:28 to add:|
[2:21:29 PM] HEATHER: wrapping D up with the roll from the kitchen...tee hee!
[2:21:44 PM] Arthur Koberinski: (rofl)(rofl)
[2:21:51 PM] HEATHER: we are going to see if we can amp up the internet connection by putting her in the garden (rofl)
[2:22:03 PM] Arthur Koberinski: (F)
[2:22:26 PM] D.Breakingthesilence: ... please tell heather to stop wrapping my braids in tinfoil to use me as an antena\
[2:22:44 PM] HEATHER: you spelled that wrong...just saying
[2:22:46 PM] HEATHER: tee hee!
[2:25:02 PM] ♥KK♥: (rofl)
[2:26:37 PM] D.Breakingthesilence: New profile picture taken :D \
[2:27:01 PM] HEATHER: (rofl)
[2:27:18 PM] D.Breakingthesilence: note to self: do not allow heather to do my hair any more\
[2:27:32 PM] HEATHER: :^)
[2:27:39 PM] HEATHER: nonsense pissy pants!!!!!\

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