Sunday 17 August 2014

Bricks of Logic: The Prison for your Mind

Morpheus: I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain. But you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is but it's there, like a splinter in your mind driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Neo: The Matrix?
Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. 

I posted "The Matrix: Shackles for the Mind" article last week as an intro to this article.  Not because it's an awesome movie, but because this piece of dialogue (above) pretty much gives an exact picture of the reality that we have been living in, for eons.

We have been "imprisoned" in our minds.  Or to be more exact, in our brains.

As I have been discussing for the last little while, everything that has been playing out in our "history" has been templates to control and separate.  To separate the masses of humanity (and even those beings beyond Earth's borders)- to control them.  To control every aspect of our life (and beyond) to hide our true reality, our true form, our true SELVES from us.  All the templates we have discussed have been put in place to do nothing more than to keep the "secret" of who we BE from us.

In order to do that, "they" have created a "human" template as well.  The "human template" is one that has been indoctrinated and brain washed into us for almost all of history.   There are groups that saw this template for what it was and tried to insure that their true heritage and history was passed down through the generations to this day. Reading many of the "stories" of the "aboriginal" or "native", or even the perceived "primitive" people of this  planet gives a much broader understanding of what "they" were trying to hide from us.

The  "human template" used all the aspects of the other templates we have discussed- politics, religion, money/finance, war/terror, etc - to control humanity, but that was just the support structure, if you will, to create the most powerful aspect of the "human template":  Mind Control.

When I use the term "mind control" I do not mean hypnosis or psyops that we think of in this day and age.  I mean actual MIND CONTROL.

"They" literally built a prison for our minds.

Picture a box.  In that box is contained all the templates, all the control factors, all the "brain washing" needed to insure that You and I have no understanding at all of who we ARE, and what we BE.  Now build that box into a prison, using bricks of "logic" and mortar them together with a slathering of "realism" and "rational thought".    Any thing that is NOT inside the box/prison is then labeled as a terrible thing.  It is ridiculed and thrown out as "conspiracy", "fantasy", "irrational" or "delusion".

Then you put every person inside one of these prisons from the moment they are born, insuring that their parents, family, teachers, social workers, doctors, politicians, actors, singers, video game programmers- INSIDE THEIR BOXES- hems the person in on all sides so that there is no room to even think about going outside that box/prison.  There is then no perceived "room" for anything to even exist outside of that box.

... You get the picture.

Now lets return to the topic of those bricks of "logic".  Inside the prison that has been planted in our brain are walls of "logic".  "Logic" is a program that has been built to explain our "reality" in a way that gives total control to the "controllers".  "Logic" is the way it is.  Because you are told that that is the way it is.  Logic is "control" but it is also compartmentalized into individual bricks, that way if a hole gets hammered through one brick of "logic" then the rest of the bricks still remain in place, blocking the way from escaping.  This is why we meet people who are "awake" in some areas, where the bricks in that spot have been pulverized, and yet they are completely blocked/asleep in all other areas.   This is why we see so many Wakers who are able to see one or two or ten areas outside of the box... and yet they absolutely refuse to "look" at areas that others can see- because their view is blocked by bricks of "logic" that haven't been broken through yet.

Science is a wonderful invention of "logic" and a brilliant propagator of control by the controllers.  What is "Gravity"?  Ask any high school or even most university level science students, and they will tell you all about the "Law of Gravity".  Yet when you explain to them that "gravity" is only a theory, and a theory that even today has NEVER been proved ..... their eyes will usually glaze over. They come face to face with that brick of logic called "gravity" and they can go no farther.  Talk to people about "time" or "space" and you will usually see them run face first into those bricks as well.

The walls of "logic" were a brilliant control mechanism to keep people inside their boxes.  You teach the people "all that they need to know", and then you know that they will be forced to stay within those walls.

Until now that is.

This is a time of HUGE changes to all things in and around us.  Energetic changes that are changing even our own bodies and minds.  As these "new" energies are flowing in faster and faster, more and more people are "waking up" and tearing down their walls of control and "logic- even if it's one brick at a time.  We are seeing a massive amount of information coming out about "quantum mechanics", "quantum" communication, and "quantum" teleportation.  Articles and studies about "gravity", "time" and "space" are flooding the internet as the barriers to knowledge are being torn down. Information about Consciousness - unfettered by religious based "spirituality"- are flowing out across the planet and the Universe like a tidal wave that will change our minds forever.

Change our minds, because until now we have only been using our programmed brains to discern right from wrong, up from down, left from right, in from out....  using our brains to run the programming of the controllers to keep us from SEEing and kNOWing our true reality.

Back in December of 2013 I posted an article about Ralph Ring called:

Ring: On Consciousness and Levitation- Free your Mind

In the video I posted, one of the things that Ralph talks about is that during his experience while testing the "flying saucer", he and the others involved did NOT remember the test "flight"!  Their "logical" brain literally erased the entire event- because to the"logical" brain, what happened was "impossible, so therefore it didn't happen.

To quote Morphius:
"What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. "

The bricks of "Logic" that make up the walls of control do not allow for "Impossible" or "fantastical" or "unbelievable".  When the "electrical signals" from your eyes send data that the walls of "logic" refuse to accept, then the signals just bounce off the walls and are unseen by the brain at all.

But that was "then" and this is "NOW.

Like all of the other templates the controllers have used since the beginning of "history", the "Human template" is also failing.  The bricks of "logic" are now only paper thin- so thin in fact that if you look hard enough, you can almost see right through them.  Hence the mass awakening that is happening not only globally, but universally as well!

We are not what we have been taught/brainwashed/imprisoned to believe.  We are not mere single use, cookie cutter "humans" that are tossed in the garbage after our one time cycle through the system is over.....  We are not bodies with a "soul", we are  SOULs that have a body.  We are eternal BEings that are encased in a water vessel that has had it's "brain" imprisoned, veiled in forgetfulness.

 We are creator BEings!

Below are some sections from a few recent "channeled" messages that have illuminated for me in the last while.  As the "new" energies flow faster and faster, I have noticed that a lot of the messages that are currently being published are very similar.  More and more of these messages are talking about manifestation, creation, our being eternal BEings with the ability to SEE what hasn't been seen, and to DO what hasn't been done....

THIS is what we have been working on, non-stop for the past few months: SEEing what hasn't been seen, DOing what hasn't been done.  We are NOT just bodies, we are NOT just existing on THIS plane of existence- that we can "see", "hear" and "touch"- that is accepted by our prison of "logic".  Once you are outside of the walls of the logical brain, and you shift into the conscious mind that is part of your resonant heart, THEN you can SEE what the bricks of "logic" refuse to let you see, and you can BE who you ARE in the REALITY that you truly are IN.


I AM.... is all that IS.  ALL that ever has "been".

We were once kept blinded by veils and by walls.  But our eyes are opening and beginning to SEE who we ARE.

"At this time you are manifesting that which your SOUL has created WITH YOU, you are in effect merging your SOUL with your human vehicle to experience HEAVEN UPON EARTH at a waking human conscious mind level. This may be providing you with interesting scenarios at this time as the human logical mind will continue to attempt to reference your outer waking life in the context it has been TAUGHT to within the old 3D earth reality.
YOU ARE NOT YOUR HUMAN LOGICAL MIND, you are an energy that has incarnated into a human vehicle.  The human logical mind will try to teach you that your past exists when in TRUTH it is held only within the construct of your logical mind.  It will attempt to teach you to project this moment into the future and attempt to place some pattern upon the outcome, all is not TRUTH for you exist ONLY in this moment and as such the power of change and expansion exists only in this NOW moment."
".....It is not TRUTH to assume anything that is presented to you at a waking conscious mind level is as it appears, the human eyes are adjusting at this time to the expansion in TRUTH that you are moving into. Remember you are TAUGHT to focus only on that which the human mind ACCEPTS, all else is filtered out. This does not mean all else does not exist only that you cannot SEE it due to the focal point your human logical mind is working with."

"As many of you are now moving and shifting  into expansion you are now able to see that which your human logical mind has tried to persuade you to filter out. For many of you this may be breathtaking as you realize the patterns of behaviour and resulting thoughts (remember the frequencies CREATE the thoughts not the other way around).   It is vital to understand the LITERAL interpretation that the human logical mind will attempt to place on that which you are working with....
"...It is to be noted that translations of EVERYTHING may have been very literal.  Again I would underline that when you do not have the full picture the human logical mind will attempt to fill in the “blanks” with information that it has already gleaned from this your human life experience. This is distortion for any information that you are holding on to was birthed through the old 3d earth created reality and is  distorted by its very nature and frequency.
Added to this is the dissolving fully of any reference points, as you release you dissolve said reference points but as your human logical mind has been taught to re-refer and to look for patterns that are presented by looking at PREVIOUS patterns this will throw you into confusion and chaos.  The human logical mind may attempt to teach you to take a very literal view/translation of that which is being shown to you. To work with this simply move into the heart and allow the HEART space to show you TRUTH, it may do this through pictures or feelings but always allow the full picture to unfold. Many of you are allowing part of a picture then filling in the blanks, as this is not TRUTH is it not supported and will see you in holding pattern where you may experience vast frustration as you filter out that your human logical mind is using literal translation and in effect working blind.
Massive changes are now unfolding at all levels across the planet earth but those of you who are working with the literal interpretation of that which is presented may see “same” , this veil is a deliberate distortion, akin to an optical illusion where the old 3d earth kept everything hidden in plain view by simply teaching you that it was not there.  A slight of hand then saw that you were distracted enough that your human logical mind simply filtered out that which is in front of you. ..."

"....Again I would draw your attention to the need to be in flow at all moments, the human logical mind may be having a challenge at this time to reference and make sense of anything you are experiencing. It has been TAUGHT linear and this is not TRUTH, it is not natural, it is a side effect of the old 3d earth created construct.  Everything in the UNIVERSE is happening in the NOW moment and it is only in this your human form that you have been TAUGHT to take experiences and piece them together in a linear time frame.
"We would like to talk a little bit about the topic of your brain, and about how it has been hard wired to resist the changes that you are all going through at the moment. You see, your brain has a natural way of functioning that leads it to take the way of least resistance, as it has been designed to ignore any byways and go for the easiest access in any way it can. And so, as you grow up and develop, your brain lays down patterns for everything that is being learned, and so, the next time it encounters something similar, it will automatically shift into the same patterns it has used once before, and what has been learned once sticks forever. It is a magnificent way of handling all of the incoming data in the most efficient of ways, shunting aside what is deemed as unimportant, and instead going for what it considers to be of most importance. And so, as the years pass by, much of your actions will be governed by these previously acquired modes of reaction that has been literally programmed into your being....
....This process in itself can be challenging on so many levels, but again, as soon as you manage to step away from the at times frantic signals of distress coming from a brain unable to find a clear way in this new and unfamiliar landscape, you will sense deep within you that you have actually finally entered what you have always known. For what to your human mind seems inexplicable will to the rest of you seem like coming home, so it will not take long before this feeling of being untethered will feel like the wonderful buoyancy it really is.
You are becoming as if new every second now, and so, you will be kept in a seemingly ceaseless state of flux, and even if it will seem to be a challenge to keep yourself together at all times now, know that it is not an accident if you do find yourself falling apart. For what is coming apart is just the old framework that used to define you, and now, you have been put on a quest that will help you to set yourself above any of these old ideas, and so, you will be encouraged to let yourself go in the way of opening up for all of the potential that awaits within you. For there, there are endless new ways of combining not just the abilities you came in with, but also to connect to others and the vast amount of similar yet individual potential that they carry. So let yourself go across that line that defines YOU as you in the old way, and allow yourself to go on a quest to find out just how much more of YOU there really is. And even if your brain will put up a fight from time to time, trying to keep it all in the old and familiar ways, it too will start to relish the fact that it can stretch and expand and evolve in so many ways that up until now has been unthinkable – in every sense of the word. For you and your body are capable of feats that no one on this planet has ever thought possible, and as we have said before, the two of you are truly a match made in heaven. And we are certain that after this period of confusion and a seeming lack of communication, you will indeed get along more than well."

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