Sunday 9 March 2014

The Asteroid Mystery Continues....

This is getting weirder and weirder, lol!!!

So Last week I talked about the RT story that mentioned a moon Impact the previous week, that exactly matched the dimensions and speed of the impact that they had reported as having happened Sept 11:

My itchy bump is still itching it would seem.  So, is the person who wrote the RT article just clueless about when a giant rock slammed into the moon, or is there a lot more to this story?  

The original report that I put out on Feb 25th already sent my inner brain bump itching with the fact that it took over 5 months for someone to report an event on the moon that should of been viewable with the naked eye (yet there were no reports of any kind anywhere that I could find)- an event that distinguished it's self  from a normal impact by the flash lasting 7 seconds longer than  it should have for a simple asteroid impact.  And now we have a passing comment in the news that there was a lunar asteroid impact "a week ago" that gives the exact same dimensions etc... as the impact that supposedly happened in September.

There is more to this story than meets the eye- that's what my itch is telling me.

.... I sent that link to RT but did not receive a reply, by the way.

Then a few days ago a friend sent me a link to this site:

....which on the right hand side as a countdown to an asteroid that will impact the moon.... in 7 days.   When I first saw it two days ago, it was saying 9 days till impact. 

really?  Really?  REALLY?!?

Can anyone explain to me how ANY telescope or satellite can accurately predicts an asteroid hitting something as small as the moon at least 9 full days before it happens?   To compare this to the last three asteroid fly bys- that all happened last week.  Not one of those asteroids was seen any more than 6 days in advance, and one of them was only spotted 12 hours before it flew by Earth.  The purported asteroid (?) that impacted the moon last September wasn't seen at all before it supposedly hit the moon.

.... and yet we are to believe that somehow, someone in an observatory on the Canary Islands has not only discovered an incoming asteroid at least 9 days out, but has calculated it's trajectory so closely that they know it will hit the moon.... right down to the second?

ummmmmmmmmm.....?   Am I the only one that thinks this is not only a bit far fetched but an awful lot to swallow?  

I think I will be keeping a very close eye on this countdown and the sky news for the next little while.  I suspect that something will happen on the moon that day.... not sure it will be an asteroid impact.  The remaining question is:  will it take another 5 months for NASA to report it?

Double near-miss as two asteroids pass Earth

Posted on Friday, 7 March, 2014 | Comment icon 16 comments

Small asteroids pass us by all the time. Image Credit: NASA

Over the last couple of days two large recently discovered asteroids have passed close to our planet.

On Wednesday a 100ft space rock called 2014 DX110 passed us by within the orbit of the moon at a distance of just 217,000 miles. Astronomers had been able to see it coming but with little in the way of warning as it was only discovered on February 28th.

Just one day later and a second but smaller asteroid, 2014 EC, also passed us by within a distance of 38,000 miles. At 33ft across this follow-up object was only discovered last Tuesday, offering even less of a warning than Wednesday's.

While neither asteroid in this case would have proven apocalyptic due to their relatively small size, these two near-misses in two days nonetheless emphasize how vulnerable we are to impacts from space and how much work there is still to do in developing effective countermeasures.

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