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Crimea: Media Propaganda Machine set to "HIGH"

This article is written especially for all those people that you know, that believe the main stream media and ONLY the main stream media's "NEWS".  This article is for your family and friends and colleagues that believe that what the media is reporting on is the news as it really IS. For those who do not understand the political and financial controllers who tell the media what to report and more importantly, what NOT to report on.

As I have been writing for the past few months, transparency IS coming out in the Main Stream Media (MSM).  Usually the trick is being able to see/read between the lines of what's being said, but there are those articles that are coming out right now that are a gleaming beacon of light, breaking through the crumbling walls of division and deception that have been been blocking the REAL news from the public.

I would like to direct your attention to one of those bright lights of truth (or at least some of the truth) that has broken through and been published by none other than one of the biggest propagators of political and financial propaganda in America: CNN News. 

It is important to recognize that this spark of light from CNN is only illuminating a small piece of the situation, spotlighting a tiny part the current political and financial corruption.   Once you SEE and recognize the lies that have been perpetrated on the public through the media in this one area, you can then see how those lies have generated entire generations who've lost the ability to research for themselves.  I will copy the CNN article here and then below it I will point out some of the glaring LIES and propaganda that have been spread by the Western MSM to promote the idea that America has the Right to push their agenda onto other countries, ie: The Ukraine/Crimea uprising.

NOTE:  I am NOT pro-Russian. The Russia Government is just as corrupt as the American government. BUT, facts should be read as facts, and propaganda to push an agenda should be seen for what it is.

Opinion: Ignore Western hypocrisy, Putin will do what he wants

By Simon Tisdall, Special to CNN
March 7, 2014 -- Updated 1527 GMT (2327 HKT)
Latest opinion polls in Russia show Putin's popularity soaring in the wake of the Ukraine standoff.
Latest opinion polls in Russia show Putin's popularity soaring in the wake of the Ukraine standoff.

(CNN) -- All the self-righteous huffing and puffing in Washington over Ukraine jars on European and especially Russian ears after the multiple U.S.-led invasions and interventions in other people's countries of recent years. It's difficult to say what is more astonishing: the double standards exhibited by the White House, or the apparent total lack of self-awareness of U.S. officials.

Secretary of State John Kerry risked utter ridicule when he declared it unacceptable to invade another country on a "completely trumped-up pretext," or just because you don't like its current leadership. Iraq in 2003 springs instantly to mind. This is exactly what George W. Bush and Tony Blair did when they "trumped up" the supposed threat posed by the hated Saddam Hussein's fabled weapons of mass destruction.

Like Saddam, the Taliban leadership in place in Afghanistan in 2001 was deeply objectionable. But instead of just going after Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda training camps after the 9/11 attacks, Bush (again abetted by Blair) opted for full-scale regime change. The lamentable consequences of that decision are still being felt 13 years later, not least by Afghan civilians who have been dying in ever greater numbers as the final Nato withdrawal approaches.
U.S. President Barack Obama, a former law professor who should know better, has charged Vladimir Putin, his Russian counterpart, with violating Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, in breach of international law.

But it is Obama, following in Bush's footsteps, who has repeatedly and cynically flouted international law by launching or backing myriad armed attacks on foreign soil, in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan to name a few, without U.N. security council authorization. It is Obama's administration which continues to undermine international law by refusing to join or recognize the International Criminal Court, the most important instrument of international justice to have been developed since 1945.
And it is Obama's State Department, principally in the person of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, that fatally overplayed its hand in the run-up to last month's second Ukraine revolution. Nuland's infamous "f**k the EU" comment revealed the extent to which Washington was recklessly maneuvering to undermine Ukraine's elected pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, by backing the Kiev street protesters' demands.
The EU had wanted to take things more gradually, for fear of provoking the very Russian reaction to which the U.S. now so strongly objects. When the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, acting for the EU, negotiated a compromise agreement on February 22 that envisaged early elections, the crisis appeared to have been defused. Russia did not like the deal, but seemed ready to go along.
But within 24 hours, the opposition had torn up the agreement. It forced Yanukovych from power and sacked the government. To alarm in Moscow, where nightmarish World War II memories linger, Ukrainian neo-fascists were among those who seized control. They are now part of the new government in Kiev.
The U.S. almost immediately gave its blessing to what the Kremlin later described as a "coup d'etat" while the EU, knowing this was what Washington wanted, just looked on. Little wonder the Russians were furious at what they saw as a western double cross.
Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, reflected these worries when he voiced "most serious concern" over Ukraine in phone calls to the French, German and Polish foreign ministers. "The opposition not only has failed to fulfil a single one of its obligations but is already presenting new demands all the time, following the lead of armed extremists and pogromists whose actions pose a direct threat to Ukraine's sovereignty and constitutional order,'' Lavrov said. But it was already too late.

Continue reading the CNN Article HERE

At this point we need to move away from the MSM coverage and focus on the FACTS and Historical background of what has and is happening in Crimea.  Please note that we are discussing Crimea, NOT The Ukraine.  This is a vital distinction to make at this point.

First off, considering the history of all of this mess is NOT steeped in ancient antiquity  that is long forgotten, it is very frustrating to see entire populations of people who were around in the early 90's conveniently forget everything that happened then.

Western Main Stream Media outlets have published outrageous deceptions and out and out Lies about what has been happening in Crimea for the past month.   I outlined some of these points in an article I published earlier this week: "The Ukraine Drama: What you see is not what you get."

I am not going to get into the financial and banking aspects that are currently playing out in the Crimean/Ukrainian/Russian/American debacle..... I will focus on some very basic FACTS that are easily researched and easily found.   I will keep this in basic point form.

- Who "owned" Crimea before 1991?  Russia.  Who "gave" Crimea to the Ukraine?  Russia.   Who split their former Soviet Navy with Crimea and the Ukraine?  Russia. 

-The majority of the people living in Crimea ARE Russian:

2001 Ukrainian Census, the population of Crimea was 2,033,700.[86] The ethnic makeup comprised the following self-reported groups: Russians: 58.32%; Ukrainians: 24.32%; Crimean Tatars: 12.1%; Belarusians: 1.44%; Tatars: 0.54%; Armenians: 0.43%; Jews: 0.22%, Greeks: 0.15% and others.[87] - LINK HERE
- The official second language of the Ukraine: Russian.  The language most prominently spoken in Crimea: Russian

- in 1992 Crimea had it's own constitution and it's own president. On 17 March 1995, the parliament of Ukraine intervened, scrapping the Crimean Constitution and removing the President of Crimea, Because he was promoting integration with Russia. 

-in 2008 Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko accused Russia of giving out Russian passports to the population in the Crimea and described it as a "real problem" given Russia's declared policy of military intervention abroad to protect Russian citizens.   Source

....Notice no mention of the fact that the Russian passports were being given to Russians in Crimea.  Kind of like American Passports being given to Americans in Canada.

This brings us to the events that happened in 2014.  Here are some of the propaganda that has been twisted by the Western Media:

- "Russia has sent 16,000 troops into Crimea"  - FALSE:  Russia has a base IN Crimea (that has been there for a long long long time) that HAS 16,000 troops stationed there- 16,000 instead of the 25,000 it is suppose to have stationed there. Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement that gives Russia’s Black Sea Fleet basing rights in Crimea until 2042, so to call the deployment of troops to Ukraine a “Russian invasion” is a blatant lie.

- "Russian troops have taken over the airport and various government buildings"- This is an ingenious piece of deception as the "troops" that were involved had no identifying insignia, emblems or marks of any kind.  So they could of been US troops, NATO troops, Russian troops, or just mercenary troops with no country of origin - ie: Blackwater?   Russia has denied that the troops are theirs.

One of the biggest pieces of information that has been kept from the western public's view is what happened after the elected President of the Ukraine,  Viktor Yanukovich ran from the country under death threats.  The trumped up, instantly created Pro-EU government of the Ukraine cancelled a law that made Russian the official second language of the Ukraine. That might not seem important to Americans, but ask someone in Quebec what their reaction would be if the Canadian Government suddenly tossed out French as Canada's official second language.   This ARTICLE outlines the historical significance of this.

As I said earlier, I'm not "Pro-Russian" and I certainly am not implying that their motives are pure and angelic - not even slightly.  As this piece of propaganda proves:

- Russian and alternative media have also pitched the anti US propaganda by plastering stories of US Battle ships entering the Black Sea "Heading towards Crimea"..... which just proves the gullibility of the public to believe anything as the US war ships have been there since February 2014 as back up for security during the Sochi Winter Olympics- and they are STILL there because the Paralympics are Still happening there.

All that you are seeing play out in the Black Sea, In the Ukraine and Crimea and in Russia and the EU and the US is ALL ABOUT MONEY AND POWER.   Money that Western Banks WANT and want paid back to them, and power that Big Oil and Big Gas wants.  Did you know that the Ukraine is rich in oil and natural gas?  Is it any wonder that the EU wants the Ukraine to join them?  Then they could stop buying gas from Russia and could get it cheap through controlling the Ukraine.  Is it any wonder that Russia wants Crimea? Besides having a huge population there and a naval center, they also wouldn't' mind that Natural Gas I'm betting.  

And Gas and Oil and Banks are only the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, What you are seeing in the Ukraine is NOT what it seems and is definitely NOT what the MSM is telling you.

For further information on many of the above topics:

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