Saturday 15 March 2014

Mission I'M Possible: DESTINATION PERU

I completely forgot.  I was suppose to post this article last night, so that people could listen to the show live, and with the insanity of this past few days, well...... I forgot.

The show last night was awesome- please listen to the archive of last nights show with India and Dave HERE.

PERU Darlins!!!!   And so it spreads out across the planet!!

-around the 20 minute mark, discussing the VALUE of the people and the value of "gold and the fact that gold actually has NO value other than it's value as being a shiny pretty metal.  Excellent conversation!

Tarampoto water highway

Mission I’M Possible 5 : 14th Mar 8.00PM Friday Night Radio : DESTINATION PERU : Outstanding news : 3D Printer HQ to Build the New Wellness Workshop Village in the Amazonia:

10 miles by 4 miles un-spoilt Amazonian Forest:
To be Home for 3D Printing Energy Global Network’s Professional Team :
New Free Energy Workshops & Wellness Center with a Community Health Village with a Giant Aquaponics System .
Called “The Center for Mass Creation” will be the first major development of a New Consciousness City in Peru.
On Expanding U Radio 8:00PM Friday 14th March 2014:
Click on the Picture of Peru to take you to the show :
Expanding U Radio Goes to PERU
Expanding U Radio Goes to PERU
The Centre for Mass Creation, Aguanana Muyuna Village , San Martin’s Amazonia, PERU:
Meets the Owner and discusses Building of the Energy Workshops and Wellness Centre & Geometric Aquaponics Village.
Special Guests > Fernando Vossa, Maite Jainko and From Planeta Libra in Peru and on location:
Jamil Eqb and his team of Global Warriors and Shamanic Villagers.
With Show Host India Irie & Dave Stewart. Expect Spanish Translations with Dialogue with Jamil Eqb.
But here are just some of the Questions we will be posing to Jamil and his Spiritual Team at Proyecto Libra in Peru.
General Arrangement of  The Center for Mass Creation PERU.
General Arrangement of “The Center for Mass Creation” PERU by ALOSHA.
Questions to the Team:
1)  The 3 Story Center Wellness Conference and Edible Office Complex
with in keeping with the main Central hub of the Project and will look like this .
Spiritual Conference Center of Mass Creation.
3 Story Geodesic Edible Office and Wellness Clinic and Conference centre
3 Story Geodesic Edible Office and Wellness Clinic and Conference Center for PERU.
2) 24 Geo-matrix Houses for all skilled staff at 3DPEGN and eventually
visitors to the Wellness Health Complex run by our own skilled Naturo-Practors.
Geo-Matrix Homes for Proyecto Libra PERU.
Geo-Matrix Homes for Proyecto Libra PERU.
 3) Free energy Workshop and Milling area to Make the QEG and spaceship technology.
Ralph Ring Technology Over-unity Device Ship
Ralph Ring Technology Over-Unity Device Ship
4) Giant Energy Aquaponics Farm all around the Central hub of the Sacred Geometric Estate.
Giant Curved Self Sustainable  Aquaponics Greenhouses all around The Center for Mass Creation", Peru.
Giant Curved Self Sustainable Aquaponics Greenhouses all around The Center for Mass Creation”, Peru.
5) Conceptual Decoration and Designs of exceptional Energy and sacred Geometric nature by Architects Fernando Vossa and Alosha Lynov.
Designed by Alosha Lynov
Designed by Alosha Lynov
6) Using the latest in Grey and Sewer Water technology for Regeneration growers.
Human composting
And the latest  Composting Toilet Systems making sure the whole region is soil rich for decades to come.
Water creation works
Outside life will be for bathing and regenerating the body.
Work life will be making Free Energy or Making Models or Pottery or 3D Printing.
pod Models
Or simply modelling and designing your own home to build there for your own use.
PLANETA LIBRE, PERU offers our team the chance to get into The New Golden Age .
We wil be welcomed by Jamil, His family and the team from the ground in PERU. Friday. Enjoy the show.
In Light Dave

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