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The Community In Morocco: Traveling Living DOing

Community Morocco:  Update!

Things are coming together very very quickly now and moving forward so fast it is becoming difficult to keep track of it all.

Brian and Justin have written an excellent update that covers most of the updates of the Community in Morocco and how we are moving forward. 

As for my family's update, we picked up our passports yesterday!  YAY!!!   and it only took 2 attempts, 3 sets of couriered documents, a few hundred dollars, and just about 7 weeks ......   But that's behind us now, and NOW we move forward!!!

We are packing to return to Morocco as soon as possible.  "Soonest" as we're already over our 3 month stay in Malta.  We've spent hours on the phone with every Maltese Government agency and office possible, been to Valletta twice and Florianna twice to actually go TO the various offices to find out how to extend our 3 months "not a visa".....   See apparently Canadians are such nice people that not only do we not need a visa to visit Malta, they don't even know what to do with us since we've been here longer than 3 months!!  We've got a couple of signed letters saying that we've been to see the offices with our problem (I always create a paper trail), on one paper even giving us permission to apply for residency, lol!   But no one could tell us what to do, not even the immigration police in the air port!   So basically we've been told to show up to the air port when we are leaving, tell them why we couldn't leave before our 3 months "not a visa" was up (ie: waiting for passports to arrive from Canadian Government), and then ..... just leave, to MOROCCO.

So we are ready to fly off and join up with everyone already arriving in Morocco and to get working on setting up the community.  I tried to set up a fundraising/crowdfunding page that we could use for various aspects of the community, but unfortunately if you're non-American, not based in the US or Canada or England, or if you are using the funds for a non  non-profit group with fancy papers and licenses ...... it's almost impossible to do.  Or, well.... to do without having pay huge percentages plus fees to the fundraising site, or standing a chance of loosing all that was raised by not reaching a set amount in a set amount of time.

So as an interim while I continue my search, I have set up the fundraising thermometer over to the right hand side of the page.  It's not very pretty nor technically advanced.... but it will do for this moment.  Readers will be able to see each goal as it's set, and see the amounts already raised and how close we are to reaching the amounted needed.  We currently need to cover our expenses to travel to Morocco- airline tickets will be approx 1000 euros, plus transfers and taxes and baggage etc..  And that is our set goal for this moment- to raise enough funds to get us TO morocco and get our feet on the ground and ready to go.

*edited side note:  As I said a couple of weeks ago in The New Media article  If every person who regularly/daily reads RTS articles that I write (and we usually average between 4500-6000 hits a day) was to donate even $.50 cents, that would more than cover our expenses for traveling and living.

We have a lot of plans that are being pulled together at this moment.  Nick is working on several devices- one of which is a solar powered desalination system that will remove salt and contaminants from sea water to provide water for the community.  He is also working on a long life crystal battery that can be used to power individual appliances, and on a larger scale model that could be used to power multiple electrical outlets without using electricity from the grid.  We've also got plans for solar ovens to be used at the cafe to bake for the community. 

As Brian and Justin discuss in their article below, at this moment of NOW, we need to use some sort of representation of value, ie: money, to begin the creation and movement forward. Be it for renting land, purchasing tickets, or paying for supplies etc ....   We are manifesting all that we need- without boundaries and without preconceived notions of how that will come about, and if these things come to pass through exchanges of value that involve "money" or financial tools, or if they come about by some other means.... it will happen just exactly as it should, and exactly as it has been all along on this journey.  I kNOW that all  these things move forward exactly as they should- I've been watching it over and over for the past few years, so I kNOW that we WILL be in Morocco very soon, as that is the INTENT that has been SPOKEN- not just by us, but by many people.

One of the discussions that we have been having is about shipping container(s) from Canada with supplies.  Nick and I have a van that is paid for and a huge amount of tools and household items.  We've been discussing doing a fund raising to fill a shipping container with donated building supplies and items needed by the Community, and shipping it to Morocco.  We will discuss this idea further once we arrive in Aouchtam.

I have been contacted by several people who've realized that they are definitely being drawn to Morocco.  Some are coming for specific DOings/purposes, some are coming for reasons that even they cannot explain.  Some are coming immediately, some are coming later.  Some are coming for a few weeks, some are coming for a few months, some are coming "indefinitely".

For this moment, my fingers itch to get to work- building and making and creating and BEing and DOing..... !!!

As I've said before, if you wish to contact me about the community, I can be easily reached on skype: d.breakingthesilence  or not quite so easily (lol) by email  or

I will be writing another update very soon with further details on what's going on very very soon.....

An Update from Morocco -- The One People Community -- A Call to Co-Create

The town of Aouchtam

An Update from Morocco -- The One People Community -- A Call to Co-Create
February 20, 2014

“Never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete!” - Buckminster Fuller

Imagine a place where those seeking to grow spiritually in unity with the earth and harmony with one another can come meet in density. Imagine a place where beings from all over the planet seeking to BE the change can gather to help realize their dream for a better world.

Imagine a place where Organic food is grown freely, Energy is produced directly from the source field without pollution and all the living systems of Eternal Essences Universe work in harmony. Where the living plants and animals can co-exist in unity with humans who have realized their place as True Sovereigns as self governed beings of responsibility and liability. Where Energy Healing, Meditation and consciousness exploration can occur unhindered by the daily bustle and hustle of life. Where the idea of earning a living is as crazy as having to survive by polluting the earth. Where all experiences are guided by synchronicity, allowing the Universe to connect the dots of creation and surrendering to this invisible force, KNOW'ing that all is being guided and in a constant state of perfection. Imagine a world free of all greed, tyranny, oppression, hierarchy and systems of control. Where The People are truly free to imagine and create, absent limits.

Together we ARE making this a reality. Together we shall Re-Member our grand place in the Universe and re-make the Earth into the Eden it was always meant to be. It's Time!

Things are coming together here so fast! To say it's challenging to keep up with, would be a vast understatement. Putting out the call with Ralph Ring has brought more attention to the developing project here in Morocco, than I could have ever possibly anticipated. People from all over the world are coming out of the woodwork to participate; yurt builders, permaculture specialists, free energy developers, aquaponics engineers, sustainable living experts, heirloom seed providers, zero point tech of all kinds, and many others all coming together with a unified vision to be a part of something BIG. Now that the vision and intention has been set, the reality of logistical planning has entered the picture. Those of us who are here now coordinating the details want to ensure everyone who is either on their way or making plans to come understand what is transpiring, from a boots on the ground perspective.

I had Justin put together a summary below which outlines a few of those details. As you read through this, keep in mind that what is shared could be subject to change as things develop and new data becomes available. Considering this project is a monumental DOing, our approach is to simply take it one day at a time. Allow the energetic trail to pave the way, and as variables change, we simply roll with whatever is available to us in the moment and keep pushing forward.

That being said, as of This moment, the projects we're working on still require representations of value to get them going. Tomorrow, next week or next month that may change. In fact, I know it will, but in the mean time we will continue to push forward in any and every way imaginable.

In our experience, when a DOing is supported energetically, the resources to bring it to life, whether financial or otherwise, will manifest. Surrendering "the how" has become a crucial component of all that we create. We've come to Trust this process of manifestations, so much so that considering not moving forward simply because "the money" isn't there, is never an option in anything we DO. With that being said, toward the end of this post we will be putting out a call for sponsorships. We are only seeking energetic contributions from those who see a value in what is being created here. Also, please remember that the "Imagineering" aspect of this project is equally (if not more) valuable than any form of financial contribution. So, if you have an idea, know someone who could help support in any way, or any combination thereof, please reach out and let us know. This community will be a constantly evolving, co-creation of many BEings. We welcome all those who would like to participate on ANY level.

Asking for support is not an easy thing to do. Considering the criticism that naturally comes with it, it's important to the group here that we are thorough in showing our true heart-based intentions. I hope that all the info shared today, combined with all previous articles shared about what's happening here in Africa, will do just that. If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch Amanda Palmer's YouTube video on "The Art of Asking," I highly recommend it. She does a phenomenal job breaking down the barriers and social programming around fund raising as an energetic exchange.

Money as a representation of value has posed to be a very sensitive subject. Especially for those who have followed the story of OPPT. A typical criticism might sound something like this, "I thought you guys could just manifest everything you needed, why are you asking others for money!?" My response, "is setting an intention and then stepping back to allow it to come to be in ANY form, whether it be money, OR a relationship, OR a house, OR a meal, etc. NOT manifestation?" If one sets the intention of manifesting the money to buy a car, and the money doesn't show up but somehow the car does, whether it be via a gift, or in a Will, does it matter HOW the car came to be? Or, just that it came to be? This is exactly what we're doing here in Morocco. The intention has now been set. Now we simply surrender to how it will manifest, knowing full well that it WILL. Universal Law guarantees it.

Just last night as Justin and I were discussing this over dinner, quite synchronisticly, I received this email from the Vision Alignment Project, "A Vision for Good Money," that took the words right out of my mouth. So, I share it here with you all now. The last paragraph being of the highest resonance to how we feel about day soon we will no longer need it. Until then, we work with all relevant tools of energetic exchange.

Intenders of the Highest Good: A Vision for Good Money

We see a world where we, the people, have evolved to the point where no one is deliberately taking advantage of another; where there is honor, accountability, clarity, and integrity demonstrated by those who maintain our systems of exchange; and where usury, interest, inflation, double-talk, and mismanagement have gone by the wayside because our society, and everyone in it, has seen through the schemes and scams of those who would make money off of money itself.

We see fair and equitable standards in place whereby anyone, be they individuals, institutions or communities, are free to set up their own systems of exchange without repercussion from tyrants; and, within those systems of exchange, people are happy and thriving because no one is subtly stealing their energy, energy they may have worked very hard to accumulate.

We envision a world where the storage of money in banks is completely unnecessary, since all peoples are honest and doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

And ultimately. we see us as a world full of happy people who are so empowered that we are manifesting whatever we need in the moment directly from the Source of All That Is. In a world such as this there is no need for money, since love and trust have taken its place.

From Justin:

In an effort to bring transparency to what is happening out here both energetically and logistically, we are going to share with all of you what we have to work with and ways to participate.

Community Integration with the Indigenous Villagers

Harmonizing with the Local Community that is already there is our first priority. Our intent is not to sell them on our ideas, but to ask them what their goals are and come into Oneness from that point of view. We want to be able to co-create in harmony with the Villagers already there. There is much common ground to explore and discover around the goal of creating a better and more sustainable life for our children and our children's children. That being said, the Locals are eager to help and integrate as well.

All projects and plans are going to be a collaborative effort between ourselves and the Locals. We will be seeking their support for local produce and labor as well as project design and implementation only after ensuring that all are benefiting.

Acting with full transparency, liability and responsibility to ALL the ONE PEOPLE is our foundational goal. One voice not heard is unacceptable as we desire to ensure all BEings have an opportunity to participate fully regardless of who they are and where they came from.

Housing Accommodations

We have the four Apartments to work with above the Café with two bedrooms in each. There is a Salon, or living room area, available in each Apartment, as well. All the bedrooms, eight total, have occupants. There is room for those who intend to come to stay on Salon Couches temporarily as more housing becomes available.

Each apartment needs to be furnished with beds and bedding, pots, pans, plates and cookware etc. Additionally, internet and electricity are also needed.

Taking all this into consideration, the total cost to live is going to be about 120 Durhims per day for bedroom accommodations (as they become available) and 80 Durhims per day for Salon accommodations (sleeping on the couch). That converts to ~ $15 per day for bedroom and $10 per day for Salon. Food and all other needs are individually responsible for the person. For those desiring to have their own space, there are also hotel accommodations just up the road in Oued Laou. For this option be prepared to spend about 250 Durhims/day, or $30 and a rental car will also need to be factored in. Rental cars typically run 250 Durhim/day. That converts to around $30. There are also a few higher end units in the community that rent for around 6,000 Durhims/month, or about $733 for a two bedroom.

Link to Hotel in Oued Laou:

In order to secure housing when you arrive you will need to contact (person to be assigned) so that we can arrange for you to stay with someone who is already occupying an apartment (the number of those spots are limited so please reach out sooner then later if you are intending to come over.

Additional Housing

After we get moved over to Aouchtam Village there are several Apartments which will be opening up. The exact time frame for this is not known. There is also a vast amount of land available to put more permanent housing if you are interested. There is prefabricated housing units that can be moved to the location at a cost of 3000 Euros for the Unit. The Units are in Europe at the moment and will need to be transported, at the cost to the purchaser. The exact cost on moving the unit and installation is unknown but if someone is interested we can make arrangements for that. Also, D from RTS has a contact who is a professional Yurt builder, who would like to come over and participate. There are many options for long term housing. In the meantime, we will work with what is available by way of available units within the community.

Cost of Living

The total cost to live will be dependent on your own needs. Fresh organic vegetables are very inexpensive and we usually all pitch in for one meal together. All other meals and needs are provided individually. You can easily eat each day for about $5.

Work/Exchange Program

One of our goals is to establish a work/exchange program. This option will allow those on a shoestring budget to come here and participate without the fear of running out of money. There is much value in labor and to provide a true energetic exchange, all those interested in this option will need to come ready to get their hands dirty. We've received an incredible amount of emails from people with a multitude of skills to offer, but very little financial resources. Also flowing in are emails from folks who don't necessarily have a defined trade or skill, but are happy to work where ever there is a need to be filled.

One's financial situation should not limit their ability to participate in this project. This is not a hand out in support of altruism. It IS a solution which will allow those with limited resources to trade their value/energy in labor in exchange for food and housing. At the moment, D from Removing the Shackles is looking to raise funds to get her and her family over from Malta. Cost for airfare is about $1,000. D and her contacts will play an integral role in getting things moving here in Aouchtam. I'm certain she and her family will appreciate any support.

Commune VS Community

Quite a few conversations have surfaced around the difference between a commune and a community, and which of the two we're working on manifesting here in Aouchtam. Let's first take a look at the definitions of the two:

Commune: a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.

Community: 1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

What we are developing here is a Community. A place where everyone can work together, and yet retain their individuality.

Getting to Aouchtam

The location is a small village on the Mediterranean called Aouchtam, just north of Oued Laou. The closest airport is Tangiers. From Tangiers it's about a two hour drive to Aouchtam. Cost for a cab from Tangiers to Aouchtam is approx.900 DH, or $110. Other options would be to fly into Marrakech or Casablanca. However, both of these routes would also require a long train or bus ride, as they are approx. a 7 hour and 5 hour drive from the village respectively. The closest city to Aouchtam is a town called Tetouan. Marrakech has a three hour train to Casablanca. From Casablanca, the most reliable bus line is CTM, which takes about five hours to get to Tetouan. Cost on CTM from Marrakech to Casablanca is 60 DH, or $7, and from Casablanca to Tetouan is 145 DH, or $18. From Tetouan it's about a 45 minute car or taxi ride to get to Aouchtam. Depending on if there is a car available on the day of your arrival, someone may be able to pick you up in Tetouan. If taking a taxi, the cost would be about 200DH, or $24.

Here is the website for CTM:
Cheapest flights from Spain (many flights route through Barcelona) is Vueling:

My advice would be to try and get a flight direct into Tangiers. It may cost a bit more, but after paying for busses, trains, taxis, and potentially a hotel if you have a later afternoon flight into Marrakech or Casablanca, cost will probably end up being about the same.

The best airline to use would vary depending on departure country. If your intention is set on coming, whether it be next week, or in the next couple months, please email Whitney Fisher at and let her know. It's important we have as much notice as possible, so we can assist in coordinating a proper living arrangement.

Here's a few pictures of the surrounding communities:

 Oued Laou is a small town just up the road.
This is what you see all up down the coastline. So majestic. 
The drive out to Chefchaouen

View in route to Chefchaouen

Taken in the main market looking up the hill, which the whole city is built on


How can you help?

There are many ways to contribute to what is developing out here. The following is the list of immediate needs we are pooling our resources for. Through one of our local contacts, we have access to a second hand furniture store where we can get the majority of these items for an incredibly good deal. In the meantime, we will be sleeping on couches or whatever is available:

Furnishings for each apartment:

Bed frames, mattresses and bedding

Toilets and Showers to replace Turkish toilets and showers

Kitchenware for each apartment including: pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc.

Tools of all types to build as much as we can at a low cost.

We are also seeking to replace the rental car we have been using, which costs $20 per day. We're looking to purchase a van which can seat a larger number of people as well as serve as a utility vehicle to move items about as the community needs.

Longterm Goals

The One People Café will act as the heart center for the emerging self sustaining community.  This is the place to begin our integration into the existing community, forming relationships and creating opportunities for expansion for all.  We will start permaculture production on the land and already have a seed bank project in progress with people who have already committed  to contributing heirloom seeds, more are needed and welcomed.

There is only well water at the Village and we are looking to install water reclamation systems to capture rain water, as well as recycle as much water as possible. Currently, there are pumps installed in the wells which supply many of the units with clean, fresh running water. Water Distillation system or moisture capturing is also on the agenda. The Mediterranean Sea is within walking distance of the Café.

Recycling of all types is also a goal as we want to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible. Hopefully some folks with step forward with methods of converting electronic and modern waste (plastics, metals etc) into usable raw materials for 3d Printers.

Energy production like Free Energy and Over Unity devices are being planned for as well. With the advent of devices such as the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator), fully capable of providing the necessary power to self sustain all aspects of daily life, free from the usury and control dictated by the cabal controlled energy providers and harvesters. Arrangements are already established with Hope Girl for our project in Morocco to be a central hub distribution outlet to bring QEG's to Africa. Just to provide an example of the kind of buzz this particular development is producing, this is an email I've been cleared to share from a contact who is working to assist in getting the QEG launched.

Subject: Heave on Earth...
Hi Brian

I sent this letter to a friend in Germany a little while ago. If the GEQ is real and I hope with all my heart it is, then this dream will become a reality right away...

I have set up a company called Aquaponic Power Domes. After quite a bit of research we will start building this year. Our plan is to build an off grid sustainable community. This would include Aquaponics food production,, to be produced in a community sized geodesic dome As for the living and work structures we would build Monolithic Domes with radiant floors using geothermal The electrical power is still a challenge which has delayed this dream but hopefully the solution is on the horizon Once completed this centre would then be used to research a means of mass producing these living systems, through various molding techniques. I agree with you that a good way to change this world is to separate from it and create a much better way.

Here's a few of the designs we're looking at for future housing and permaculture.  

Continue Reading HERE

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