Thursday 6 February 2014

Community Update: Hardening the Plans

Good evening everyone!!!

Tonight I have just a short update for you as I have had a ridiculously busy day of.... well the usual shenanigans.

I have been very quiet for the past few weeks on the subject of the new community.  This was not due to inaction, but due to working and planning and working some more, talking and discussing all aspects of where, when, and how.

I am not ready to give out details until the plans have hardened more and right now we are still in the "not quite set yet" zone.   BUT...... after two weeks of what seemed like a very pregnant pause, as if we were holding our breath in anticipation, this week was full of the type of synchronicities that hit you in the diaphragm, forcing you to exhale with exuberance.

Yes yes!  Things are coming together very nicely!!     We have had an incredible meeting of minds with so many amazing people.  We've met Jurt builders, house designers, people putting together a network of 3D printers, people working on several different zero point energy designs, farmers, builders, teachers, photographers, writers, parents, grandparents, kids......

A good friend of mine is sending us a packet with over 10,000 heirloom and heritage seeds for all kinds of veggies. Other friends are making plans, doing their homework, looking into all kinds of information....

If we are not being very vocal about it at this moment, it's because we are getting plans set into motion, and as soon as they've hardened up a little bit more, I'll be back to tell you all about it!!

.....  I'm really getting excited!

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