Wednesday 8 July 2015

Transpicuous News Tonight- Special Report: Global Financial Terrorism

After a two week Hiatus of Insanity, Transpicuous News Returns tonight, with a special report on Global Financial Terrorism.

While I was busy with The Untangled Gathering, working on our new business, and moving house.... the world apparently lost it's proverbial mind.  Or at least, that's how it felt to me every time I took a break from packing and studying and cleaning and opened the computer to see yet another seemingly psychotic episode of  mind blowing stupidity, outright media insanity, and basic complete loss of rational thought on social media....

Tonight I'm not even going to attempt to give an update of the past 2-3 weeks.... my brain might explode if I did, lol.   No, tonight we are going to dig into the background of the insanity that is playing out all over the place.  I'll review a couple of the News stories of the moment, then we'll watch a little movie together, and then we'll move onto the dissection phase of this operation.

So please join me tonight for the Transpicuous News Special Report, LIVE on CCN at 11pm BDT (london time), 6pm EDT

Or watch live here on RTS, or on the Facebook RTS page

See ya Tonight!!!!

love d

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