Monday 6 July 2015

The Untangled Gathering: The Origins Conference- Archive Videos

Within minutes of our final closing comments on The Origins TUG Conference, there was a huge demand for the Archive Videos of  The Untangled Gathering. 

Well my friends, after a massive amount of work by CCN and Biggi as the producer.......  here are the videos of the entire  Untangled Gathering: The Origins Conference, that was aired LIVE on CCN June 27, 2015.

Biggi has isolated each presentation in a separate video for ease of watching and republishing.  If you missed any parts of the Conference, you now have the opportunity to watch the videos at your own leisure.  On Ethimarket you can also purchase a copy of your favourite presentation, in High definition, to add to your personal library.

We opened The Untangled Gathering: The Origins Conference with Lisa M Harrison interviewing Colin Hayter about the Gosford Glyphs, live from Australia:

Next up, after an unbelievable amount of organising and work by Mel and several other people, to make sure that there was a computer available (that had to be brought on a 5 hour car journey) and Internet in order to broadcast..... Mel Ve Interview the amazing Dr. Credo Mutwa, live from South Africa.

After South Africa, we visited Turtle Island- Canada.  In a pre-recorded interview, I spoke with my friend Thahoketoteh of the Mohawk Nation, who told the Iroquois Creation story, and so much more.  Thahoketoteh will be joining Lisa and I next week on the One People Roundtable Discussion to talk more in depth about the current political situation with the First Nations people, and about the Canadian "Truth and Reconciliation" documents that were released last month, proving the genocide of the First Peoples by the Canadian government, the Crown and Church.

From Canada we zipped down south to the US, where Dr. Sam Osmanagich gave a live presentation that outlined not only his experience in discovering and uncovering the Bosnian Pyramids, but his incredible journey through the political lies world wide that has tried to hide, and deny the existence of  Pyramids all over our planet.  Sam brought a massive amount of information forward, that truly broke through the shackles of main stream history and the mass deceptions being played out by every government on Earth.

From the US, we moved over to Europe, where CCN's very own Mel Ve, walked us through the mists of legend, mythology and Etymology of Earth's history.  Mel's weekly show called "Dragonology" has been an amazing journey into uncovering the backgrounds behind the myths and stories of Gaia, that give us an incredible look into the hidden meanings of so many words and phrases that we use every day, and a deeper comprehension of the religious rhetoric that binds our past.

Moving southward, we next heard from Francis Aloisio, in the ancient island of Malta.  Francis has spent years studying the prehistory of the Maltese Islands, and the astounding megalithic  temples- older than the pyramids of Egypt- that cover the entire tiny country.  These temples are now being rediscovered after thousands of years of being hidden, even deep under the surface of the islands.  Francis weaves a tapestry of Malta's history, woven into the ancient past of our planet.

I had an opportunity to speak to our audience for a few minutes.... giving a bit of a run down of so many pieces of the ancient puzzle that we were discovering, that are so incredibly relevant today.

Our final presentation of the Untangled Gathering: The Origins Conference, was brought to our audience live from the Netherlands, by Johan Oldenkamp.  Johan took us on a journey from the prehistory of Atlantis and beyond, through to the biblical stories of creation, uncovering the real story of WHO the "creator" of Adam and the Garden of Eden actually was, and how these unbelievably twisted religious histories have hidden the truth from us for thousands of years.

And finally.... once the last presentation had been televised, once the last piece of puzzle had been brought forward to be examined this day..... Mel and I Closed The Untangled Gathering with a few exhausted words of thanks to all of the amazing people who had gathered together to Untangle the webs that bind us.....

Therein lies the end of The Untangled Gathering......  For this month!

We are already planning the next TUG event: Origins II , and scheduling more Untangled gatherings that will be diving into the realms of ancient science, new science and technology, and many more topics!!

Stay Tuned!!

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