Monday 6 July 2015

The Roundtable Discussion: CERN, AI and the NWO

Tonight on the One People's Roundtable Discussion, we will be digging deep.... again!  Lisa and I will be joined by Bradley Loves and perhaps a couple of other special guests tonight, to discuss CERN, AI, Dimensional interference, and the New World Order Agenda that is being currently played out on a massive scale.

As Homework for tonights show, please watch this 27 minute video where Anthony Patch discusses the ramifications of CERN and AI, what's being done, what has been done, and what they ("they") plan on doing.     Last night Nick and I watched this video and it took us almost 2 hours to get through it, as we had to stop the video multiple times to discuss several pieces of information that are presented here...... you'll see what I mean!!!

If you really want to do some homework for tonights show- please review this article that I posted a couple of weeks ago:

I am hoping to reach out to Anthony Patch tomorrow to arrange a time for him to be a guest on the Roundtable..... I'll let you know as soon as I have a response.

This all is coming to a head my friends, and the information is coming to light as people are working separately to find the pieces of the puzzle, and then coming together to bring new understanding forward.

As a side note: It would seem that there is a huge global push at this moment to shine a light on all of these organizations and groups that are being lauded as "saviors"......  I do not believe in coincidence, as you all know..... so when I see so many articles, videos and discussions that are suddenly outing the backgrounds, involvement of certain people, and their agendas, all coming out at once.... yea, definitely time to really shine a light on EVERYTHING that is going on!!!

Please join us tonight on CCN at 11pm BDT/ 6pm EDT

You can watch the show live here on RTS, or on the RTS facebook page.  Or watch live on Lisa's site and join us in the chat room if you'd like to be involved in the discussion.

See you tonight!

love d

Canary Cry Radio clip with Anthony Patch on AI, Adiabatic quantum computers and the Luciferian agenda from Georgann Ryan on Vimeo.

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