Monday 13 July 2015

The Roundtable Discussion tonight: Canadian Genocide of the First Nations

The One People's Roundtable Discussion  will be delving into Canadian Genocide against the First Nations, The "Truth & Reconciliation" report, and the Canadian Government, "The Crown" and the church's history of murder and torture of First Nations Children in the Residential Schools, and the hundreds of "missing" aboriginal women.

Lisa and I will be discussing all of these topics and more with our guest tonight, Thahoketoteh of the Kanion'ke:haka - The Mohawk Nation of Canada.  My friend Thahoketoteh joined us on The Untangled Gathering to tell the Kanion'ke:haka creation story for The Origins Conference, tying together many different "theories" that are very pertinent right now, into the Mohawk legends of creation.

Tonight We will be digging deep into these topics.  The Genocide of Canada (and America and Australia,  New Zealand, South America and Africa's) First Peoples is the worlds Biggest Genocide ever perpetuated throughout history, yet  it is continuously hidden by the corporate governments and buried by history- a history that has been written by the victor.

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This is an excellent paper that was released by the Neskonlith Tribes, from the area of BC where I use to live:

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