Thursday 16 July 2015

One People's Roundtable Discussion- June 13th Archive Video

 Good evening everyone!  Here is the Archive Video from last Monday night's Roundtable Discussion.   While I didn't get to participate for the first hour due to my internet mysteriously disappearing about 1 minute into the show- leaving me with a frozen face that is truly hysterical, lol- I managed to get back onto the show for the last half of the discussion.

Lisa and I were joined by Thahoketoteh of the Kanion'ke:haka- or as corporate Canada says: the Mohawk Nation .   We had a really good conversation about Canada's "Truth and Reconciliation" report, the genocide of Canadas First Nations, and the corporate cover up of the truth of our Canadian history.

Thahoketoteh writes for The Mohawk News and is a voice for The People, telling the background history, and laying out the agendas of the corporate governments, and "The Crown".

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