Saturday 11 July 2015

Roundtable Discussion July 6th: Archive Video

Good Morning my friends.

Here is the archive video from the One People's Roundtable Discussion from Monday, July 6th.

I would like to add just a couple of personal comments about the conversation we had on Monday.

On Monday's show, Lisa and I were joined by Bradley Loves and Gary David- the topic on the table was CERN, AI & and NWO.   However, as Brad had just recently been in contact with a person called "Harry", aka: Ruiner77, the conversation quickly turned to some of the information this person Harry had been relaying to Brad.

"The Ruiner/Harry" is purportedly an Illuminati escapee who's mentor is one of the few ancient beings still on Earth.  During the show, we discussed several of the things that "Harry" had told Brad during all of their private discussions, like:  The history of our planet, the role of the Illuminati, and the fact that the"Dracos" are leaving the planet..... abandoning the Illuminati without the benefit of their "magic", and thereby forcing them to develop technology to continue the "Mind-control" of humanity.

It would seem that several people in the chat room were quite pissed off about this conversation, and called out this "Ruiner" person.  Others were "disappointed" that Lisa and I would venture into this conversation  at all.  So I wanted to give my personal opinion of much of what was discussed on Monday....

During the show, as Brad was relaying all of this information from "Harry", my overwhelming thought that kept coming back was: The Wingmakers Material.   To better explain the connection, I have to jump back in time to last spring, in Aouchtam Morocco.

Last spring, everyone in the "clubhouse" got caught up in the Wingmaker material/docs, and we actually spent quite a bit of time discussing it- especially the transcript of the final interview that had just been released.   As we went through the document, I found myself drawn into the flow of the information, and there were many points that really resonated with me as being "truth"..... yet there was a subtlety to the manipulation of the information.   While there was much info that was very interesting and very.... almost enlightening...... there was a manipulation at play that was insidious and very dis-empowering.  The words told us all these wonderful things, but the energetics were very different and very manipulative- meant to take away our power and to subtly dissuade us from doing anything.  This is my personal opinion.

During Monday nights Roundtable Discussion, I found myself continuously being reminded of the Wingmakers information.  There is a similarity to the "energetics", if you will, of the message.  "Harry" brings forward, information that of course we can neither confirm nor deny, that is very interesting and it draws you in.   And yet, there is continuously a subtle dis-empowering message woven throughout his story.  I have gone to his site and read through several pieces that he's published, and this feeling of  deliberate distraction is over whelming to me.

Again, just my personal opinion.

The distraction game is being rolled out with massive push.  All over the place, it seems that "they" are pushing the distraction/division agenda bigger than ever before. Not just in the Main Stream Media, but all through the alternative media as well.  Groups all over the planet are rearing their heads to to pull our attention away from what's really going on, and to distract us from searching for the facts and the truth of our moment in time, so to speak.  And we all need to be seriously aware of the distractions around us.

Having said that, I think it is also important for us to discuss these distractions and to thoroughly look at various pieces of information that are coming out right now- even if only to make the distraction clearly seen.  So yes, Lisa and I will continue our journey of searching and you are invited to join us on that journey every week on the One People Roundtable Discussions.  As I always say:  No one "KNOWS"  all of the  "TRUTH"...... but we keep seeking  the pieces that each person brings forward, to put together a bigger picture of what "May" be the "Truth".

This is our journey, and we invite you to ride this adventure with us, in our ups and downs, and our insideoutupsidedown moments..... ever searching for the answers on this twisting and tangled road.

love d

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