Saturday 19 May 2012

Rockets that don't want to go into space

You know, considering how much these rockets cost, you would think that the Cabal would just give up.  

They have been warned over and over that our friends up high will NOT allow any weapons of destruction into Earth's orbit, or our solar system in general.  It would seem that their desperation has overwhelmed their common sense and blinded them to the reality that they really are relics from the past.

The "Powers That Were"

Commercial space vehicle launch aborted

(CNN) -- SpaceX aborted the historic launch of its Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station on Saturday at the last second because of a rocket engine glitch.
The launch would the first attempt to send a private spacecraft to the space station. SpaceX and NASA officials say the next launch attempts could come Tuesday or Wednesday in the early morning hours at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
As the countdown reached zero, the engines began firing -- but then shut down, NASA and SpaceX officials said.

Read the entire article on CNN  HERE

Raw video footage of rocket failure on CNN

This launch failure comes just a little more than month after North Korea's rocket carrying a "satellite" completely failed.

Interestingly, the day after the North Korean rocket failure, there were several videos on You Tube that showed digitally enhanced and drastically slowed footage of the launch that showed strange lights hovering around the top of the rocket just before and during ignition.  Strangely ( yea, right), all these videos were removed from You tube within 48 hours.  I unfortunately did NOT manage to save any of these videos.  If YOU have a copy, please let me know asap so that I can add the footage here.

I must say that I sleep so much better at night every time I hear these reports of rockets sputtering out, missiles that refuse to fire, guns that jam. tanks that won't start...

Yes, it gives me a warm happy glow inside.

North Korea Rocket failure

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  1. Here's the link for the UFO during NK rocket launch


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