Sunday 6 May 2012

An Incredible message to all Patriots

I just received this from a friend and I was blown away by it.  This video needs to go viral, not just in America, but across the planet, in every country, in every city, to every person.  It is the job of each and every one of us that has even one tiny bit of knowledge of what is going on right now all over our world, to share this knowledge with everyone they can.

WE are the people.  WE are responsible for ourselves and each other and MUST act accordingly. It is only when we act together that we can be free.  It is only when we put our own needs behind us and act for the greater good of this planet and ALL it's people that we will win.

You need to take a few minutes and watch this video, mentally comparing what the Early Americans stood up against to the conditions in the country right now. Apparently you need to be reminded why we had to have a Revolution to attain the Natural Rights of men which were embraced by the Founders.
Whether by your own evil design, your willing collusion with traitors to this Great Republic who would like nothing more than to see it fall, or by your apathy and your cowardly refusal to uphold your oaths of office to protect and defend The Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC, you are setting up the circumstances where a Second War for Independence will become inevitable."--ATS's OldCorp, (THE TRUTH IS VIRAL)


  1. WOW! Awesome. But, can someone please explain to me when this video was recorded? Was it for a movie, or kept until the proper time to be released?

  2. What happened then is happening Now but is actually worse than then.

  3. I'm not certain on the exact timing of the video being made, but I was told it's very recent. and yes.... it's MUCH worse now than it was then. Hence the need for this video to go viral!


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