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The Question of Ascension


  1. The act or process of ascending; ascent.
  2. Astronomy The rising of a star above the horizon.
  3. Ascension
    1. In Christianity, the bodily rising of Jesus into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection.
    2. A feast celebrating this event, observed on Ascension Day.

Middle English ascensioun, from Old French ascention, from Latin ascnsi, ascnsin-, from ascnsus, past participle of ascendereto ascend ; see ascend

I have attempted to write this article several times over the last few months... and each time I ended up putting it aside in frustration.  Then a couple of days ago I suddenly realized why it was not possible for me to write it (as originally planned).  That was because I was trying to find an absolute definition.

Let me back up for a moment.

When I write an article it's usually something that either has jumped out at me and sent me immediately pounding away on the keyboard, or sometimes I will just wake up know exactly what I need to write about.

A few days ago when I wrote the article "Who is Cobra: Listening and Learning with an open mind"  it morphed into more than just an article about a web site and the person who created it.  As with many of the articles I write, I may start with the blank page and a brief plan of what the article will be about, but usually at some point, the original outline gets tossed out the window and I end up delving into topics that come to me out of the blue. The Cobra article is a great example of that.  During the writing of it, I realized that there were far more important issues that needed to be discussed and that the focus needed to be on the point of keeping an open mind and heart.

What I didn't realize at the time, was where this article would lead and what aspect or piece of information from it people would zero in on.  Within hours of it's publication I was surprised to have several people focus on the same point:

He/She had me until: "There is a plan for Ascension but the exact plan how this will occur is classified intel..."

No, it's not.

WOW!  I really didn't see that coming!!   Apparently, out of all the info in that article, that one small comment from Cobra really hit a nerve for many people. I immediately knew that this was the angle I was missing when trying to write about Ascension.

What is "Ascension"?  Not the dictionary definition (see above), but the meaning of the word in the modern usage as seen on so many web sites- especially those dealing with 2012 and our Cosmic Cousins. 

Therein lies the root of the problem and, what I think Cobra may have been alluding to.  

What is "Ascension"? The loosest and simplest definition might be that we, as living beings on a living planet, are undergoing massive changes in all aspects of our being.  We are transforming.  "Ascending" to another level.  The next stage of evolution.

Well.  That was easy!  All done.


Here's the thing.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of web sites out there on the WWW, that have their own ideology and theories about ascension.   Some believe in a very organic all natural ascension, some believe in a technologically enhanced ascension, some believe in an ascension that has very Christian religious overtones,  some believe in an ascension process that is an amalgamation of two or more of these theories.  Some believe that ascension will happen in a slow metamorphosis- over months, years, or even millennia.  Some believe that it will happen suddenly on December 21, 2012. Some believe that it will happen in March of 2013. Some believe that everyone will ascend, some believe that only certain people will ascend.  Some believe there will be three days of darkness that will usher in this ascension.  Some believe that it will happen in special chambers brought by the Galactic Federation, aka: our Cosmic Cousins....  

..... you see the problem here right?

Just a quick look at the mass of information on the topic, on the 2012 Scenario web site will give you a glimpse of the magnitude of this topic.

What is “Ascension”?

As we near 2012 and the end of the present cycle of duality, “the stage is set for a grand finale,” according to Atmos of Sirius, “a glorious time of enlightenment, and the spreading of much love and harmony. The Light is reaching into people’s heart centers and awakening them to greater possibilities than they have [ever] previously considered.” (1)
The ascended masters, galactics, and celestials who discuss the path to “heavenly transformation” call Ascension “the freedom trail” that leads to a “Golden Age.” (2) What else could Ascension be, they ask, “but Heaven on Earth … beyond your wildest expectations”? (3)
When speaking of it, they cannot escape superlatives. No matter, says SaLuSa of Sirius, “Ascension will by far exceed” any experiences we have had on Earth “and even your most exotic dreams of Utopia.” (4)
Saul describes the ascended space as a “state of total peace, harmony, and balance.” (5) “It is indeed a state of exhilaration and wonder for which [you] have been yearning for eons.” (6)
Previously terrestrial seekers were most accustomed to speaking of “enlightenment.”
The galactics also link ascension with enlightenment.
As SaLuSa says, ascension is a process “that helps you become enlightened.” (7) “The object of working your way to Ascension is to move into a state of enlightenment, and continue to evolve.” (8)
“For those who have not yet experienced spiritual enlightenment,” he adds, “it is hard to convey in words how it affects the psyche.” (9)
We have to be careful relying on our memories because most people’s memories quickly revert to sensual objects like filet mignon and Hawaiian sunsets and ascension is so much more than that.
The fact is that no normal pleasure, even multiplied, could approach what I imagine ascension will offer us.  Mata Amritanandamayi, whom I regard as an avatar or “descent of God,” says that “the happiness that we get from worldly objects is only an infinitesimal fraction of the bliss that we get from within.”  (10)
SaLuSa says Ascension “instills a calmness and peace that is a delightful energy to experience.” (7) We may sometimes reach that same state of stillness within and momentarily experience the exaltation of perfect peace.
As the energies rise, it will be easier and easier to breathe in and feel that bliss.  Someday it will explode and be permanent.
The galactics invite us to reflect on “what it will be like to move within its beauty and majesty all of the time, because that is how it will be.” (11)
SaLuSa predicts that the suddenness of the Ascension transformation will be “quite astonishing.” (12)
Saul agrees. None of our ideas will prepare us for the experience: “Those who are ready will find themselves there, suddenly, to their absolute joy and amazement – amazement because, although they have been praying for it, preparing for it, and longing for it, they can have no idea what it really means until they experience it.” (13)
We may have had a subconscious premonition of it. “At the deepest level, all beings know what Ascension means,” says one source. “Consciously this may be perhaps just a feeling or a knowing that cannot be explained whilst others have full conscious clarity.
“On the highest level of explanation, no third-density being can truly understand the entire picture that is Ascension … but it can be grasped enough to be able to be processed, lived, acted upon, and created.” (14)
Ascension does not require us to give up anything of true value; rather we gain beyond anything we can imagine. If we could but see into the future, SaLuSa suggests, we would have no hesitation in relinquishing the hold that Earth has upon us. (15)...
Read the entire article HERE

Or this explanation from the Green Print for Life Website:
 What is 'Ascension'?

 The most simple explanation is that Ascension is merely a shift from one energetic vibration to another. Scientifically-speaking, it is a shift from one dimension of space-time to another. In the spiritual sense, we are bridging the realms of what we currently know and experience as 'life' and 'death'. Scientifically, it is a movement from our current third dimension to a fourth, and likely a fifth dimension.

Ascension is an experience that will be as uniquely different and equally beautiful as you are! Each person will experience it when she/he is ready, willing and able to choose it. Divine free-will always allows for one to choose or to not choose to experience this, depending upon what lessons and experiences the Higher Self of an individual still wishes to go through.
Keep in mind that the human journey up to this moment has been one of duality. It has been necessary to exist within this illusion of separation from a Divine Being, from each other and so forth. One cannot know what love is, without the experience of what love is not; therefore, one is better able to choose thoughts, words and actions of love within each experience of what love is not. Historically, most have been unable or unwilling to choose love where love has not been present. They have chosen thoughts, words and actions of fear, greed, revenge, jealousy, hatred, war and many others. As greater and greater energies of love and Light flood our planet now, more and more people are now finding the courage to BE love, in the face of all that is not love, and it has been these examples that have had profound effects on others around them, to empower them and to lift them up into their own levels of love and Light.
Historically, religions have told their own stories of an Ascended Master. Sadly, these stories have not explained that each individual has within her/himself the ability to awaken to this higher consciousness. Religions have tried to keep fear within their believers, and to make 'Ascension' an experience that could only be achieved through their particular belief and service to their particular version of the Divine. The current truth movement around the world is now exposing the flaws within numerous religious faiths, and in particular the lies, frauds and crimes committed by the Vatican cartel and the Roman Catholic Church. Information is coming to Light now that has confirmed that we are all ONE, spiritually and scientifically. There is no separation, and harm committed to any other aspect of LIFE is harm committed to oneself, because we are all ONE. Some texts have talked about incredible trials and challenges that each Master had to go through to prepare for his/her personal ascension. During those periods of time, it was not uncommon to spend one's entire LIFE-path, going through the work necessary to come to the awareness that would allow one to become an 'Ascended Master'.

Here are my thoughts on Ascension:  I don't know exactly what it is.  I don't know exactly who what where when why or how it will happen. 

I know it's happening- I can feel it.  I can feel the changes in my own body, mind and spirit. It's real, and that is all that I Know.


My interpretation of this comment is that right now we truly do NOT know exactly what "Ascension" really is.  I don't believe the comment comes from a place of:
"The ETs know everything and THEY will tell you what it is"  

But more from a place of: 
"Earth's history has been erased by years of religious and political and ideological manipulation, and the true meaning of Ascension has been lost or distorted over a millennia of negative interference."

I believe that each persons interpretation of "Ascension" is coloured by their religious, social and racial background. I have talked to many many people on this topic and for the most part have I have seen how the beliefs of someone raised as a Christian, for example, is many times very different from the beliefs of someone who was raised as an Atheist.   

In my opinion we really do not know what Ascension is. Until all of the negative entities and forces on this planet are banished, I don't think we will truly know exactly what Ascension is and what it will mean to us in terms of all the details of who what where why when and how.

And that's fine with me.

I know it will be amazing, and for now... that's all I need to know.

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