Thursday 17 May 2012

We are Powerful. We can create Change!

While the Main Stream Media, most world governments and not a few religions try to continuously convince us that we are mere mortals: imperfect, impotent, inadequate and inferior, the truth is vastly different and it terrifies them that we will find out.

WE, all of humanity, are powerful and creative beings, and we have the ability to use both of these attributes to create the changes necessary in our world.

The power of the people to create reality, to change reality, and to move forward and spread awareness and light to all around us is not a fairy tale.

The Video below shows the power of meditation to bring peace, and the power of visualization to bring harmony.


On May 20th there will be an annular solar eclipse, when the Moon will eclipse the Sun in front of the Pleiades.  Many people believe that during this eclipse we will experience a huge surge of energy from the very heart of the galaxy, energy that we will tap into and morph into the creation of peace.

Many groups are calling for a day of meditation and visualization.  Pulling people together from all over the planet: every race, every religion, every nation, to put aside their differences and focus their amazing power to create the future and the NOW.

This Sunday, whether you take a solitary moment, or you bring your family or community together, take some time to quiet the clamour of the outside world. Reach down into your heart and reach out spreading your energy across the planet.  Visualize a world of Peace & Abundance for all life. Visualize your energy mixing into a vast network, into a web of love and compassion that encircles the globe like blanket of light.

We are all ONE.  As ONE we must come together.

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