Tuesday 8 May 2012

Fulford and The White Hats: first week of May 2012

First up to bat is Ben Fulford's latest update. A couple of points really stood out for me:

  • When the new financial system starts up and the criminals are removed from the core of the Western financial system, Europe will find their money problems over, which will be especially good news for Greece who just defaulted yesterday.
  • The basic outlines of the new system are as follows: The US dollars owned by people outside of the US (and those created before 2008 in the US) will be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and other currencies.
  • The Euro will be split into a fortified Deutschemark shared by Northern countries… Mediterranean countries will revert to their traditional currencies… which coincides with info I received back in Feb that Germany was printing Deutch Marks
  • This will be followed by a one off massive debt write off. (WGS anyone?)
  • and this is very important IMO - " There is a fellow by the name of Drake going around the various anti-cabal internet sites promising pentagon action and mass arrests in June. Neil Keenan confirms that Drake is a genuine US military person authorized to speak within limited parameters."

The White Dragon Roars, Europe Rattles. Plus: inside report on secret financial deals

Posted by benjaminMay 8, 2012 The elections last weekend in Europe showed the inevitable popular backlash against government mandated austerity. The problem is that the new governments will also find their purses empty unless they start talking with the White Dragon Society. This time, they need to send official embassy representatives with valid IDs and not another batch of anonymous agents. When the new financial system starts up and the criminals are removed from the core of the Western financial system, then money will pour like rain on Europe (it already is in the non-cabal controlled part of the world).
The basic outlines of the new system are as follows: The US dollars owned by people outside of the US (and those created before 2008 in the US) will be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and other currencies. This will then become the international dollar (or perhaps international yen or yuan) and be used to facilitate world trade. The Euro will be split into a fortified Deutschemark shared by Northern countries while the Mediterranean countries will revert to their traditional currencies and devalue them until their real economies are competitive enough. This will be followed by a one off massive debt write off.
To read about the back-room maneuvers leading to the birth of the new financial system please help finance our investigations by subscribing to this newsletter or else, if you cannot afford it, ask a friend to e-mail you a copy.

The maneuvers behind the setting up the new system involve a reunion between some old shady business partners: the CIA and their Asian secret society counterparts from the golden triangle days. This time instead of dealing in heroin (although the golden triangle may soon be back in that business) they will be dealing in black gold. This will provide for the continued financing of the military industrial secret society complex until they are able to restructure their organizations so they are once again self-financed. All Freemasons, P2ers, Thule Society and other secret groupings may join the party by contacting the White Dragon Society.
The condition attached is an agreement to participate in a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free the suppressed technology.
The old world order folk, for their part are once again resorting to terrorist blackmail. There are credible reports of a massive terrorist attack against the Tokyo area on or about May 22nd. This attack is linked to a cabal plan to force 40 million Japanese to evacuate to Korea and China. The cabalists were then hoping to open a new world financial nexus in a special zone being constructed near Pusan, Korea. Their plan involved using easy to manipulate Korean Christians as a buffer between the Khazarian rulers and their new Asian subjects.
The increased radiation hype and fear mongering is also being orchestrated by the old world order. This writer found a suspicious looking lady (actually my dog, who never barks, found her by walking in a circle around her barking) in the park near my house. This was on a rainy day following two weeks of heavy rain coming from the Fukushima area around the sabotaged (courtesy of J. Rockefeller) nuclear plants. She was standing near a nexus of accumulated rain water with one Geiger counter in her hand and another on the ground. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was testing for radiation. I asked her to show me the Geiger counters and they both registered only normal background radiation.
The local electronic shop sells 50 dollar Geiger counters these days and all paranoid people are buying them and becoming reassured.
However, this dangerous cabal is not going to go quietly into the night and we would like to ask the US armed forces, if they are serious about maintaining a defense treaty with Japan, to round up the known cabalists (they have the names and addresses of the committee of 300 etc.) before they carry out any more mass murder.
It is also becoming clear that Chinese agents linked to Bo Xilai approached this writer in February with an offer of money. The offer was to start a joint venture between a Chinese company based in Dalian (Bo’s power base) and Fireside Stoves, a wood-burning stove import company this writer owns 10% of. The idea was to utilize Fireside’s Japan-wide network of stove dealers and roof-top construction workers to install Dalian manufactured combination solar and wind power generators on roof-tops throughout Japan.
The Chinese offered to list this planned 50/50 joint venture on the Hong Kong stock exchange and raise an initial $100 million in capital. This venture would then have been able to directly fight against the cabal’s control of the global energy business.
The Chinese agent returned later to say that the deal was off because of Bo Xilai’s arrest.
My best guess is that Bo Xilai was linked to a Rothschild faction and that P2 lodge types were somehow involved in the incident that led to his downfall. This is because P2 honcho Mario Draghi appeared on Xinhua news shaking hands with Bo rival Li Keqiang shortly after the downfall of Bo Xilai. Needless to say there is a lot of speculation involved here but the Chinese are investigating the entire issue very thoroughly and I am sure they will find out the real truth. However, they should entertain and investigate the possibility that Bo was framed, especially given the role played by the US embassy in this incident.
It is also worth repeating here that this writer is in no way a Rothschild agent. I have no Rothschild blood in me and have never received a penny from them. On the contrary, I seek the end of their secret regime of murder, terror and bribery. I also plan to charge them along with some members of the Rockefeller family with various murders here in Japan.
What needs to be seen in the coming weeks is if the US military and agencies are really the good guys who are ready to resume their role as super heroes and protectors of the planet earth. If they are, they can be assured of generous continued financing as they restructure themselves for a period of global peace and prosperity.
There is a fellow by the name of Drake going around the various anti-cabal internet sites promising pentagon action and mass arrests in June. Neil Keenan confirms that Drake is a genuine US military person authorized to speak within limited parameters. If he is for real and the military is serious, they need to force the corporate media to start reporting the truth and they need to suspend from office all politicians who have been bribed by the cabal. That means most politicians.

The second report out, that is just as important IMO is the White Hats Report for May 6th 2012  This report outlines some of the criminal financial activity over the past few years, and shows copies of various bank transfer papers.... hmmmmmmmm  very interesting stuff!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 6, 2012 – The White Hats Report #41

Truth That Dared To Speak Its Name

On the 16th of February, 2012, in the House of Lords, one courageous man, akin to Churchill attempting alone to warn of the Nazis threat to peace, Lord James of Blackheath, showed the vision, integrity, and fortitude to stand up, be counted, and expose to the House of Lords, the stark evidence of Global Fraud, which he so eloquently stated “there may have been a massive piece of money-laundering committed by a major Government who should know better.”   Also, in his words, “a major American department has an agency which has gone rogue.”  This is a scam of major size and a key to the recovery of the money needed to immediately boost America’s economy, stabilize the EU and fund the Global Settlements.

Lord David James of Blackheath

Lord James invited The House of Lords to assess the implications of his concerns and requested a full inquiry.  While MI6 played around the edges, focused Treasury minds have still not commenced with the thorough investigation needed, nor has the UK Treasury or Foreign Office stood-up and sought to establish the truth.  Lord Sassoon missed the whole point by passing it off with a presumption that, if the Gold claimed was bogus, it was just a scam from Wilfredo Saurin.  He purposely overlooked the real issue; money raised against gold that does not exist is fraudulent.  Sassoon should know that grandstanding can make or break careers.

The consequences of what Noble Lord James was seeking to expose are far reaching.  He was offering a key to the Pandora’s Box of the uncontrolled Cabal and corrupt US agency, with activities carried out not in the interests of Sovereign protection, but for the usurping interests of corrupt banking, political and agency greed.  The extent of the fraud may be too great for State Agency staff to understand, as Sassoon has shown by failing to look into it, so perhaps someone needs to help them all understand our real dangers and risks.  This may help a significant group of international leaders and governments to finally grasp what has been and still is happening.   What follows will expand consciousness of this very nasty reality to focus on the key issues and to assist prosecution.

The “agency” Lord James previously raised concerns about in the House of Lords, which he prudently referred to as Foundation X, is in fact the Pureheart Investment operation run by General Lorin William Rossier and assisted by dubious Chief Attorney Marlon McCall.  This “agency” is claimed by McCall to be a subsidiary of Homeland Security, a fact supported by the UN and Homeland codes interjected into their SWIFT transfers for the identified 15 Trillion USD raised by FRAUD, with no Congressional awareness, oversight or permission.   Why is the US Congress not getting this?  15T USD was heisted on YOUR watch Congressman Issa!  Where is our Standards Committee now?

Lord James had originally been approached by Marlon McCall, in turn linked with Sandip Goyal and the notorious Asian Con Man Wilfredo Saurin, with dual intent.

Wilfredo Saurin

On one hand, they were seeking to offer a too-good-to-be-true 6 billion pounds loan to Her Majesty’s Government, which they had on deposit at HSBC.  They also sought Lord James’ assistance to get HSBC and others to acknowledge the 15T USD, which had been wired previously by JP Morgan, on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, via HSBC, for further credit to the Royal Bank of Scotland, for the Pureheart account, now sequestrated by rogue RBS bankers.  Poetic justice prevails, as scammers got scammed by the Bankers.

The LWR, GOT S.A., and Pureheart Investments, appears to be a vehicle operated in conjunction with the US Fed, Treasury, and selective US Agencies, with even UN complicity as shown by the attached SWIFTS.  All these entities were cross-compromised by McCall having spent eight weeks in the hospital, preventing the Agency from playing its full role in the US Debt ceiling crisis in August 2011, where the 15T USD debt shortfall was miraculously solved out of thin air utilizing this fraudulent operation.

Pureheart is an unregulated and covert operation of the US Government, with possible links to the Revenue Sustainability Fund (RSF), which funds should have been utilized by the Fed /Treasury to prepare the way for the imminent Global Settlements, which continue to be blocked by the self-interests of the Rothschild’s, Bush’s, and the Heritage Funds.  These funds, once released, would help prepare the way for the critical and necessary re alignment of all major global trading currencies, but most importantly, the consolidation of substantial sovereign debts owed. The world’s biggest problem is lack of economic stability, which we can begin to solve by taking this money and paying the Settlements.

In some areas the RSF has been using Pureheart for several years as a means of clandestinely distributing large volumes of dollars into sovereign economies as a means of maintaining the image of stability. However, this has been a double edged sword, which will be addressed later.

What took place was, in effect, a massive money laundering scheme. The US Treasury had run dry, so they defrauded the global monetary system by illegally creating additional money, which was subsequently stolen.  WE NEED TO DEMAND THIS MONEY BACK AND PAY THE GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS.  There is enough incriminating evidence to hold them all accountable.  The scale of collusion defies belief, yet it happened and still continues.  Congress and the House of Lords need to establish a Joint Task Force to immediately recover this money, and in one swift action, rebalance the world’s economies.

Pureheart functions with no direct oversight and with investigating parties being told “hands off” by key Central Banks, the Treasury, and by major intel agencies.  In an operation created by Pureheart, utilizing the notorious Wilfredo Saurin, the well-known international fraudster; a scam was set up to wire a total of 15T USD in three separate tranches of five trillion dollar SWIFT transfers from the Federal Reserve to the account of LWR, GOT S.A., Pureheart Investment to HSBC London, for further credit to Royal Bank of Scotland Global Plc.  The attached SWIFT transfers and confirmations reveal the smoking gun, including the SWIFT regarding the bogus gold.  This was a very sophisticated cross-agency and bank criminal operation known and colluded to at the highest level.  All the money can be traced.
  • On the 20th of April 2009, the first tranche of five trillion dollars was wired using USD SWIFT transfer N: 400930153. The onward transfer from RBS to RBS Group used SWIFT transfer No: 8163708748 with confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 851962 at 4.53pm.
  • On the 27th of April 2009, the second tranche of five trillion dollars was made USD SWIFT Transfer No 4319901756. Confirmatory tracking SEQUE 924573 at 1.28pm.
  • On the 4th of May 2009, the third tranche of five trillion USD SWIFT Transfer No 1186308258. Confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 259043 at 2.14pm
  • On the 11th of May 2009, a 50 billion Euro transfer was made by SWIFT Transfer No: 4027105584.  Confirmatory tracking and transfer SEQUE 275903 at 2.25pm. (This was later to be pursued for release from HSBC by no other than the Fed Chairman himself coming out of the woodwork.)

 April 20, 2009

Now, an interesting scenario occurred when they transferred this “created money,” where asset backing was needed to balance the books.  They realized they had a serious compliance shortfall problem backing up the history of funds.  They needed to cook-the-books fast to give a credible asset to justify raising the cash.  So, on the 20th of May 2009, operating in conjunction with Wilfredo Saurin, they wired SKR’s (Safekeeping Receipts) from the Bank of Indonesia (BI) for an alleged gold bullion transfer of 750,000 metric tons.  It was of course bogus and fraudulent.  Attached is the issued SWIFT Transfer No 4200754365.  Confirmatory tracking and transfer SEQUE 194743 was also issued at 10:21 am. You will discover coincidentally from the BI SWIFTS, the sum amounts to the 15T USD needed to underpin the US Fed fraud.

This was all predicated by Saurin against the back up account of Yohannes Riyadi, which only holds 700 metric tons of gold, and can never be moved.  We have and hold copies of the real Bank of Indonesia custodial records and full Deputy President Confirmation of Riyadi’s account on a special Fed Bank of Indonesia sub platform.  Saurin has operated against Riyadi’s account for years, entrusted by Riyadi to act responsibly, but Saurin has caused him untold damage.  The entire chain of this money was a lie, a fraud, and a scam.  This means that 15T USD of falsely created money has been issued, traded, and laundered through the banking system making huge profits.  To whose benefit?  How much profit was made and where is it now?  We want it back with taxes levied, and in good hands helping the world.

The Fed’s accompanying instructions for the transfer of these funds, all personally authorized by Mr. Benjamin Bernanke, included instructions to utilize part Euro funds already lodged with HSBC for the Pureheart account.  This was the delay in processing this 50 Billion Euro portion of the transfers, perhaps “fees for the boys,” which caused Mr. Bernanke to fly to the UK and personally walk through the execution of this transfer.  This may possibly have been with the knowledge of Lord Stephen Green, who was the Chairman of HSBC at that time.  Euro funds later appeared, perhaps as pay offs, in the accounts of fraudsters Sandip Goyal and Wilfredo Saurin for assisting in executing this fraud.

When challenged about Saurin’s role, and imminent risk of arrest for his many scams,Marlon McCall openly stated that Wilfredo Saurin is a Federal Reserve Bank of New York protected agent, and will not be arrested as he is being protected by Homeland Security and the Fed as a managed agent.  That explains a lot!  Anyone issuing fraudulent US dollars is typically tracked down anywhere on the planet by the US, yet Saurin is always the Teflon man.  On one hand, Saurin appears on Fed warning sites, including many Asian media warnings of his many crimes and fee scams; but on the other hand, the FED deals and colludes with him. What shameful duplicity.

The deal offered by Pureheart to the UK to try to get these funds repatriated was as follows:
  1. One third was to go to the US Treasury.
  2. One third was to go to Pureheart.  To whom and for what purpose?
  3. One third was to go to the UK for “services rendered in providing shelter for these funds for two years.”
There has been a systematic failure by collective authorities to address this issue.  Since obstructionist cover-ups continue, we must do the following immediately:
  • Seize back the first one third with five trillion USD right now for US economic needs
  • Give nothing to Pureheart, and instead the second 5 Trillion USD comes back to the US
  • Use the last third to stabilize the UK and the EU
  • Identify the vast profits which will have now been made from these funds, recover it, and pay the Private and Global Settlements. 
  • Set up a Congressional Task Force and go after this money
This week, the walking wounded lame duck Royal Bank of Scotland, which assisted in fronting this fraud, is repaying its government bailout loan of 163 billion pounds (think 250 billion USD).  The Bank only made a declared trading profit of 1.2 billion pounds.  This is ‘Madoff Style’ accounting.  So clearly, vast amounts are hidden ‘Off Balance Sheet’ for one set of books, and ‘On Balance Sheet’ for another.  The US Fed, US Treasury, UK Treasury, and Bank of England need to set up an URGENT recovery team to find this money.  Her Majesty’s Government holds the key to unlocking and exposing this vast fraud.

McCall was crying - the Brits had frozen him out.  What a turn around.  For almost a century the Fed Scammers raided the planet, and now the Brits have pulled their pants down for 15T USD.

This 15T USD would easily have made over 50T USD in inter-bank trading.  Look at the taxes missed on those profits – approximately 20 Trillion USD.  The RBS Board is liable for criminal prosecution as are many others. The Bank of Indonesia has serious questions to answer here as well.  JP Morgan helped initiate this Fed scam and HSBC helped launder it.  We call for a joint Congressional, UK Lords, and Treasury Task Force to go after it all.  In one swoop, we stabilize the EU, UK and US economies.  Once released, the Global Settlement money will go towards funding infrastructure projects, creating jobs, increasing revenues, and reducing crime, thus reducing despair, creating hope and providing opportunity.  Wilfredo Saurin and Sandip Goyal are flagged on many sites.  Why do they have HSBC and Credit Suisse Bank accounts?  Who cleared them?


Please click HERE to read the original article and to view more of the banking documents


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  2. Please get your facts RIGHT...GERMANY has had their currency PRINTED SINCE APRIL 2010...France just got theirs done printed in October 2011, Greece is the ONE that just finished printing in February. Do you want a picture of the new Dmark from April 2010? MrsCK has been reporting about GERMANY DMark since spring of 2010. Glad dinarland if FINALLY GETTING IT!You might want to check out DinarOutcasts forum...World Economy rumors thread and get the facts right. or email the lady direct,

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