Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Collective Imagination Show with Heather: answering questions

Good afternoon everyone!

Lisa has just returned from uploading the audio for the show we recorded last night for The Collective Imagination.   As we are still working on live show capabilities, we prerecorded todays show last night (late last night, lol), with Lisa, Brian, Heather and I.  At this moment only the audio is available to listen to but the video will be loaded as soon as possible.

I think that everyone will really enjoy this show as we reviewed many of the questions that were posted on Facebook and skype for Heather.  We covered a lot of topics about the current legal systems, the UCC filings, who the "old man" is, and what Heather has been DOing for the last while since the last filings.  The conversation is very relaxed and a lot of the conversation revolved around subjects that haven't really been discussed on the radio or in interviews before.  As soon as the video is uploaded I will post a link... as I'm sure you all want to see us swilling coffee and chain smoking and sweating our asses off, hahahaha!

As a side note:  Work is still being done on the video production copy the interview of Sasha Stone and Heather from last week... technical difficulties that are beyond my understanding- all I know is that it isn't available yet.  But soon.....


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