Thursday 25 September 2014

*gilga-mike‏: the vision of mobility

I am posting the epic words of my friend gilga mike... from somewhere on the coast of Spain, where he is making his journey to educate the world.

- Open letter –
- Presentation and sharing of the clearest ºvisionº – a ^download^ -
- the offer to You to participate, comment, advice, criticize, share, evaluate, re-fine, im<prove –
>>>or even>better: con>tri>bute, im<ple>ment -
...DO and BE in it whatever Your passion, expertise and calling may be.
You KNOW in your heart that we HAVE to DO something to save this ^ship^ - and quickly.

After hearing *LittleºGrandmotherºNaisha* ( this iS Your call>to>^action^ - please find Your role – Your part in this and take>the>care for our planet back – for the healing of our race and this sacred ºbiosphereº our mother ºTerraºGaiaºSophiaº!

This goes to Heather A.T.-J., to Alfred L.W., to Michael T., to Lisa M.H., to Jordan M., to Mehran T.K., to Bob W., to *D* of RTS, to Bill of AK, to Brian otKf, to Sasha S.&TNEP, to Mary E.C.of KoG,, to Santos B., to David I., to Ben F., to David W. And to many-more -
You-get-the-picture – the general vibes and conviction – the common-grounds and You are most welcome to feel included in this address-line – please take it as if adressed directly to YOU! -

ThankYou for being a bright beacon of Light – a wayseer into the new golden age!

This ºvisionº I will share with You now targets the issue of >>>MOBiLiTY<<< and transport directly – and many others in it´s wake. It will when implemented be able to change our community dramatically and on a planet-wide scale for the better .I share with You here the clearest vision I have had in these past 40 years in this particular imbodiment – a vision of mobility in harmony with all of life – for and by the people – centered around a vision of one – owned by the people – living works of ºart&engineeringº. A new creation – authored by the people – therefore legal by definition (authority) to be operated with respect to common-sense and common-law – un-registered and un-licensed. But let´s start with the status quo:

All roadways, air-corridors and water-straights are curently filled with vehicles planned by, built by, owned by, controlled and supplied by the crown –
- the military-industrial-petroleum-pharmaceutical-media-brainwash-fraudulent-bankster-system – conceptualized around the main focus – profit.- money.
Therefore these vehicles had to be loud, stressful, wasteful, dangerous, uniform (to-a-degree), made-to-break, and many other well-known attributes that serve profit but disrupt and disturb and eventually destroy the harmony of life. It´s about re-claiming responsibility – about taking the power of mobility back into the hands of the people. This project&vision is all about the liberation of our race & the planet from the many shackles and suffocating stranglehold of the commercial octopus – the re-claiming of our sovereignity – the change of focus from a money-profit-brain-centered community to the LOVE-for-ALL-LiFE – heart-centered focus and awareness.

I know that we the people can DO much better than that. On all streets that I´ve seen around the globe – in all <purported> “legal-systems” there are a few wheels on the streets that defy all <strongly-ssuggested!> “needs” for “registration” or “licensing”. There are allways a few self-made – home-made “choppers” - bicycles, roller-blades, strollers, skates, and things that evade all provided categories and are silently tolerated without links to the ^crown^.

Here´s where the ºRuºLiºs come>in (ºRuedasºLibresº) – or ºFreeºWeeºs (ºFreeºWheelersº) – or ºOºCºs (ºOrganicºChoppersº).

Around the planet I see groups of like-minded people coming together in pursuit of creating a joint work of art&engineering around the vision-of-One – or any group-of-One – a vision of appearance and utility. As a general rule we can just turn-around and use the opposite of the profit-driven principle: Our creations should be quiet, calming, independent of the commercial web, built-to-last, safe and open to modifications and improvement – implication of new technologies as they become known.

The vision will be shared in an intitial meeting – a parts-and-talents-list will be worked-out and handed-out to all and the work of creation will begin.

The general guidelines are the UBUNTU-principle – the value-paradigm and -definition of Being and Doing – common-sense really. All will be UN-registered, iN<official, and legal by definition. We, the pwople – in fact each One – as the author of an original iS the authority – and all people equally own the creation-of-one. Details will have to be worked-out by the geeks for legal games and our high philosophers...

The internet will provide for a platform to connect with ºOºCºTeams world-wide in a hub of open-source sharing of experiences, solutions, ideas and technologies.

The great side-effect of this joining of similar base-frequencies and wave-lengths will be that of information-sharing concerning the sovereignity. Information that makes me confident enough to set the precedence – go travel from here in a ºRuºLiº and educate every human being man or woman in a <proclaimed> uniform about the backgrounds of the lie they´ve been tricked into enforcing.

I have travelled and lived on the European mainland since December 2013 – without ^crown^documents^- without ever mentioning the name of the family I´ve grown-up in – thanks to all the great people and their findings that I hinted at in the address-line. Since arriving here on the Iberian Peninsula in January I´ve talked to people in uniforms on more than 10 seperate instances – mostly about half-hour or more. Mostly I was holding a cigarette of good cannabis in my hand and often smoking it while talking to the different arms of the <purported> enforcers here in <alleged> spain. They never touched me – never took my smoke – and mostly made me many compliments and bid me a respectful farewell when I decided to leave the scene.

I want to set the model – the precedence for all to see and have the confidence that it is indeed possible to exit the matrix now at any time You decide – WeBeFree*! But I also want to inspire others to take action – to take the power back – to stand in full confidence and sovereignity.

Each of us has a role in this and the last thing I want You to do is sit behind Your PC-screen and wait for “it” to “happen”. What are YOU going to DO about it?!‏

Are You a mechanic, a tech-geek, a scientis of any kind? You´ve got work to do – obviously!
Are You a visual artist? A designer? A creative visionairyº? Come up with and share your concepts, drawings, creative work – describe Your vision of mobility – let´s make the mythº!
Are You an organizer, a manager, a motivator, one who can envision and manifest projects, attract, find, delegate tasks? Start an ºOrganicºChopperºTeamº and ºProjectº in your area.
Are You a computer-geek, a coder, a programmer, a web-designer or just like to be creative on the computer? Help set-up and create and design the web-hub to connect the global web of ºOrganicºChopperºTeamsº!
Are You schooled and educated in the game of law and <purported> legal-systems? Help us find ways to get-around existing rules, statutes, regulations – help us in standing our grounds when confronted by un-knowing clowns in official-looking costumes.!
If You are a journalist, a blogger, host a radio-show or do interviews please help make this viral – before the monstrous legal fictions that want to prevent us from doing this even know what´s happening. Please let me explain if anything seems unclear – if there are any questions for clarification or details please contact me. I will make the time for a skype-connection (Skype knows me as “umanmike”) - or get in touch via Facebook

Whatever You decide to DO or BE – LOVE ALL LiFE*!


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