Wednesday 10 September 2014

The Collective Imagination: I Tech and limits of programming

Good morning!!  On Monday night we pre-recorded The Collective Imagination show, and it was published yesterday (after some..... delays, lol).

This weeks show was all about I tech.... sorta, lol.  As usual, the show was an open discussion between Lisa Brian and I that led us down many paths, from I tech, to the former financial systems and Nesara, to changing our words to reflect the new paradigm of creation and NOT limiting our selves, to using imagination to guide us through new understanding of what I tech is, and how to break down the walls of the programming to further access it.

This is the audio of the show- later on this week the video will also be released.

Click HERE to listen to the pre-recorded show


6 Comments 09 September 2014
This week we discuss more in depth our ‘i-tech’, how to activate it and what is stopping us at this time.

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