Tuesday 9 September 2014

Plugging in what was Unplugged

We have spoken a few times over the past couple of weeks about the various "DOings" that we have been working on over the past year and a half. "Work" that has taken place on perceived "other planes of existence" or dimensions or "realities".  .... and yes, we are working on compiling some of the skype room conversations that discuss these past events.  Yesterday afternoon Lisa, Brian and I pre-recorded The Collective Imagination show (to be released today), and we spoke about this work that has been done and is being done, in these realms of what we perceive to be "unseen"......

.... over the past 48 hours a huge amount of work was done- work that was experienced by many and worked on by many. Work that was never done before, that was never fathomed before.  The "hooking up" of the various levels of existence- plugging in what was unplugged so that those perceived "higher" dimensions now FEEL exactly what we "down here" feel, so that those who have spent eons as "directors" of this play, can now actually FEEL the ramifications of "their" actions and the emotional and physical repercussions of what is taking place in our perceived "reality".

Let "them" now move forward with true understanding, with  PURE energetic, emotional, physical, conscious CONNECTIONS that are unfiltered, unrefined, unlimited..... Let them now experience that which "they" have never experienced before.

This message was posted late last night by Aisha North.....

A short update on the Gathering

Rejoice dear ones, for what you have accomplished this time around by allowing yourselves to take part in this collective event is something that will go into the annals, not just of mankind, but of All of creation. For some of you, the experience in itself did not perhaps seem to amount to much, but again we say that what you can perceive, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg, so let us try to give you a few details to perhaps fill in the picture somewhat.
You see, what you accomplished this time, is something that will literally help to drain the boil that this world has been suffering from for eons, and this dear ones, is nothing short of miraculous. For this festering wound of negative energy has been trapped within the hearts and souls of so many, and not only that, it has also served to pollute large swathes of the Earth’s atmosphere, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal sense. But yesterday, you successfully managed to lance this boil, as you opened a passage for the putrefaction to come out and for the light and air to penetrate all the way into this old wound.
And so, what has been infected will now become forever healed, and even if this process in itself will take some time, what you established through your devotion to the cause is literally like a medical tube being inserted into the wound so that it cannot close itself up again. And so, the final healing has begin, and your world will never be the same again. For now, that old putrification will not and cannot be continued anymore, and so, it will no longer seep into the very lifeblood of your planet and of your fellow men and women. And once a boil has been lanced such as you did last night, it cannot re-form again, for the light that you let into this old wound is magnifying even as we speak, and so the effects from it will continue to increase in the days and weeks ahead.
So once again we say on behalf of All of creation, if it were not for you, this process would never take place, or it would not come about until some time far into the future. But thanks to your perseverance and you incessant push to bring the light all the way back to where it belongs, the light has yet again conquered a territory that for far too long has been a battleground of opposing forces, and now peace will begin to reign and equilibrium will once again be restored. And so, through your action, healing can take place, and for that we cannot thank you enough. So once again we say do not forget to give yourselves the kudos you so deserve, for through you, the light has once again been brought to these shores, light that will enable a new and healthy growth to take place, in soil that will be cleared of any and all contamination. So step back a little bit and survey your surroundings, and we think you will all find signs of deep relief and indeed release today.

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