Sunday 17 November 2013

The Epic Journey of Truth and Tooth

Well everyone.... I'm BAAACCCCKKKKK!

.... you didn't think you'd get rid of me that easily, did you?  Buhahahhahaha!

For the past  week and a bit, I have been on an adventure- a truly epic adventure that shone a brilliant spotlight on the entire current system of corruption and ridiculousness.  While the adventure itself was exhausting and enough to make me pull all my hair out, when I was able to stand back after the fact and analyze the scope of all that had taken place- both internally and externally- I realized that I had been put in a situation of immense value:  to absolutely SEE everything laid out before me in complete clarity...... you know, just in case I hadn't gotten the whole picture by now, lol.  It was kinda like cramming before the final exam.  Not only the external view of the corporations disguised as governments and their perceived borders, but internally deep into my own self..... clarity of ME, who I AM, and where I BE, and what I want to DO.

To lay this out for you, I have to go back a bit to give background.

My family and I have been in Morocco for 6 months- as most of you already know.  We had a bit of a grand adventure in our initial journey that was most definitely a lead up to this moment as well.  Even our journey to and from the Congo back in 2009 played it's role in clarifying, in hindsight, all that has played out over the past 3 weeks.

Morocco has strict "rules" about visas to enter and exit the country.  As we are from Canada, we didn't need to pre-apply for our visas and they were given to us at the border upon entry to the country at the Tangier airport.  A Moroccan tourist visa lasts for 90 days- and do not confuse that with three months, as many many people do!!  When our first 90 day visa was about to expire, we hoped on the ferry to Tarifa Spain, which is a brief 30 minute ride, spent the day wandering around that quaint town and then hoped back onto the ferry that evening to go back to Tangier and back to our home.  We were one day away from the expiration of our visas and had no issues leaving nor reentering Morocco.

During the summer we were searching for land/property to build the community we have been planning.  The person who was purportedly leading the search for property kept insisting on looking on the Atlantic side of Morocco, south from Tangier, while Heather and I had "seen" that it would be on the Mediterranean side, to the east of Tangier.  The insistence of this person became so blatant, that it was very very clear that "someone" was trying to keep us away from the Med side.....

.... So we went to the Med side anyway, lol!  It was a month later when in a fit of angst, this person revealed the "WHY" that was the reason "they" did everything they could to keep us away from that area.  I'll get back to that part in a few minutes.

.....oh and this is going to be a long one, so you might want to get yourself a cuppa coffee or tea and make yourself comfy.

The next issue we had to deal with was that the Moroccan "Government", like many other perceived "governments" won't let someone into their country if they have less than 6 months left before their passports expire- which, of course , is also patently ridiculous as they strictly enforce the 90 day visa.  Anyway, about 4 weeks ago, knowing that we were soon due to make another visa run AND knowing that my daughters and my passports expire in March 2014 (which is less than 6 months  from now), we began contacting the Canadian Embassies in Rabat Morocco, Rome and the Canadian Consulate in Malta to gather information about the process of renewing passports.  After much back and forth and after being told things that absolutely stretch the imagination to the farthest reaches of plausibility- such as the fact that the Embassies cannot issue passports and that they have to be sent to Canada to be processed and it will take 3-4 WEEKS .... but hey!  We can also purchase temporary passports that only take 4 DAYS to be made in the embassy and they will only cost a slightly less ridiculous amount of money than the full passports!!!  The Embassy in Rabat was less than helpful to say the least- almost as helpful as the Canadian Consulate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when that government, back in 2009, was holding my husbands passport hostage for $500 in bribes and the Canadian Consulate employees who are suppose to be HELPING Canadians abroad shrugged their shoulders and said they couldn't do anything to help get my husband back home to Canada.  I sent a multitude of emails outlining EXACTLY our situation and asking very exact questions about visas, who to contact in the Moroccan government, Passports, who to contact in immigration, border crossings...... and basically what we got from the Canadian Embassy was unsigned responses that said "nah, can't give you any information, but come on down and we'll charge you an arm and a leg for a passport and make you hang around for 4 days while we print off a temporary passport that takes less than 20 minutes to do....."  That kinda help.

So we were in a position of figuring out what to do- pack up the family and all travel by bus and train to Rabat, wait around for 4 days and then come back, only to have to repeat the process again in 3-4 weeks when the permanent passports were ready- oh and still make a visa trip to Spain in that time as well......


Go to Malta, where one of my best friends has a guest house and can help us out and just do the passport/visa thingy all at the same time.

We finally decided that the trip to Malta was going to make a lot  more sense in the end run once we added up the pros and cons.  Juggling flights (flights just one week later were less than half price, soooo) and ferry rides and buses and trains and taxis, we managed to put together travel plans that we could use in any contingency, depending on how our weekend (last weekend) went.  My husband had a friend he'd met in town who is a Moroccan and has a Spanish passport AND speaks english, who offered to go with us to do our Visa run so that he could explain to the immigration officers what we were doing and to translate for us. We made arrangements for us to go to the city of Ceuta - which is actually a small piece of Spain inside Morocco- on Saturday Nov 9th, cross the border and come back (like we did the first time) and then fly out the following Wednesday to go to Malta.  We had all the necessary papers- printed off the passport applications and the flight info of the flights we were taking 4 days later (which were technically exactly 3 MONTHS after entering Morocco).

Before leaving on Saturday we packed EVERYTHING- all our suitcases, carry ons, kids teddy bears, computers, ....EVERYTHING (ok, well mostly everything).  (sorry heather, we really did try to have it all packed!!)

When we arrived at the border of Ceuta, the man behind the desk stamped our translators passport no problem then opened mine, took one look at it and told me that our visas were expired and gave the stack of passports for my family back to me.  I explained that the visas absolutely were NOT expired  (for the mathematicians: we entered Morocco August 13th- 90 day visas were given, we were leaving that Saturday, Nov 9th- by my calculations that gave us 2 day margin before the expiration).  Our translator dragged us off and we began an over 2 hour process of talking to chiefs and officers...... They all said the same thing- we could leave Morocco and go to Spain, but had to stay there for 8-10 days (yet they couldn't' show me any "law" that says this), or take the Ferry to Algeciras Spain, bus to Tarifa, Ferry back to Tangier, then return home to Cabo Negro that way....... Seriously.   Our Translator friend got furious and started yelling, they yelled back at him and I stood there and tried to get straight answers.  Finally I said, ok let's just go back to the house, get our luggage, then come back and do the ferry crossing and take plan B, which was to fly from Gibraltar.  We get to the Gate and the guards won't let us back into Morocco!  I explained that we hadn't been stamped OUT of Morocco so they HAD to allow us back in, explained about the luggage, flights etc..... NOPE!  they wouldn't let us back IN!  So our translator friend took our house key and he went back to our place, I called Heather and let her know what had happened and she met him over at the house and they gathered up all of our stuff and loaded it into taxis and brought it to us at the border.  Meanwhile, myself, husband, kids and the son of my girlfriend whom we were going to stay with in Malta (who was staying with us in Morocco) had to wait for 2 hours in no mans land in the middle of the borders.

During this time there was a lovely group of border guards who were absolutely awesome and one even went out and brought us a bottle of water and picked a bag of Moroccan tangerines from a nearby tree to give us and another shared his last bit of coffee with me.  Another gentleman who spoke excellent english spoke with me and I explained everything to him and he went and found the Chief of Immigration for the entire sector.  I explained to the chief everything (for the 20th time that day) about the passports, visas, flights etc.... then I very clearly told him that we had NOT been stamped out of Morocco and yet the guards at the gate wouldn't let us leave.  He immediate started yelling at the guards and then he showed them our passports- that they hadn't been stamped (and gave them a seriously grilling it would seem) and told us that of course we can leave the border area and go back into Morocco.  (well duh!)  By then we'd already received a text from our translator friend that he was on his way with the luggage so we waited for him to arrive. It had already cost us 600 dirham for taxis at this point and would of cost another 600 just to go back to the house and return again.  Once he arrived with the luggage we went through the original passport check and the same man again said " visa expired"  with a scowl.  I told him to call his boss because we'd already gotten permission from the Chief.... he called and was none to please to have the chief scream at him through  the phone to just let us go, lol!!!

So we made the long trek through the borders over into Ceuta Spain, caught two taxis to the Ferry, crossed to Algeciras Spain, grabbed two more taxis to  La Linea- which is right on the Gibralter border- to a hotel.  By the time we got to the hotel, it was 9pm at night and our journey had started at 10am that day.

This is the gross part you might want to skip over....

As many of you probably know, on the Thursday before we left, I had an old root canal abscess very badly. A few days before that I had noticed a "pimple" on my cheek just above where the abscess was to appear- which is very rare for me, and it hurt like hell! then the morning after the abscess appeared, the corner of my eye on the same side of my face, near the tear duct, got all inflamed and started to swell.  After getting the children to bed in the hotel in Spain, I was in a lobby (the only place I could get WIFI) and just as I was talking to my girlfriend in Malta, the abscess began to drain.  I grabbed my computer and ran up the stairs, threw my laptop of my bed and managed to get to the sink just as the abscess literally exploded. (told you it was gross!) After about 20 minutes of draining, the pain was so suddenly lessened that I fell asleep immediately.  The next morning I realized that the pimple had finally come to a head but when I dealt with it I immediately realized that it wasn't just a pimple, it was a Staph infection- and so was the infection in my eye!  (I was quite delightful looking for this journey, let me tell you!).

The next day we spent with the kids discovering all the parks in La Linea (of which there are tons!!) then we dragged our luggage through town (stopping at several more playgrounds along the way, lol) and then crossed into Gibraltar.  Many people do not realize that the "Rock of Gibraltar", besides having huge historical significance for over 2000 years is also a part of the British Commonwealth- it's NOT in "Spain". We dragged our butts to the airport and Nick exchanged some Euros for Pounds Sterling (remember this part....) and we got some food for everyone and when we went through the Duty free we bought a bottle  of Vodka - which was put into the duty free bag with the receipt- then got on the plane to London Luton airport.

Our flight arrived in London Luton at almost 10pm and our flight to Malta left at 6am the next morning.  The cost of hotels was astronomical, -we were almost dead broke, and just not worth it for a total of 5 hours of resting time, so we decided to stay in the airport for the night.  It was 2 degrees Celsius in London..... we had no winter coats, the kids had been on the road for over 36 hours at that point..... they were freezing cold, hungry and miserable.  We found a quiet corner against a wall and away from the doors (we couldn't even check in early and at least go to the departure lounge), and went to find something to eat.  That's when Nick discovered that the "Pounds Sterling" he'd exchanged euro's for in Gibralter were NOT British Pounds, but Gibralter Pounds!!!!  They are almost identical looking!!!  30 pounds from Gibralter is only worth..... 20 pounds Sterling!!!   So Now we're in a freezing cold airport, in the almost middle of the night, we're down to almost NO money and could only get the kids some cold sandwiches and juice while sitting on the cold floor bundled in every thing we could pull out of the suitcases including a bath robe and several bath towels.  I went  off on a hunt to find us a warm place to camp out for the night.  All the airport staff told me there was not a single lounge we could use.  By this time it was after Midnight and I noticed that the Starbucks had a section of seating that was almost empty and had some semi comfy big chairs in it.  I went to the counter and explained out situation to the awesome people and they immediately told me that we could sleep on their chairs.  If any of you are anywhere near Luton airport, please tell the staff at the Starbucks that they are AWESOME- I'll be writing to the head office to tell them too.  Not only did they help us pull chairs around in a circle in an area with carpeting and get our luggage trolly pushed to the side, around 1am, one of them came by with a bag of muffins for the kids to eat in the morning before our flight.  So the kids curled up in the chairs and slept while nick and I took turns staying awake.  After a huge yawn at around 2am I rubbed my eye without thinking and the staph infection burst and I had to run to a bathroom yet again to deal with that mess, lol.

5am we were up, repacked, and heading to the check in.  We get to security and then it starts.  First off they immediately "confiscate" the duty free bottle of vodka- they don't care that it's been bought in a common wealth country and in the duty free bag with a receipt, they took it.  All gone.   Nick was furious, but I actually expected that to happen- it happened on the flights from Kenya (coming home for the Congo) through Heathrow too.  (my friends, don't EVER buy alcohol  in "Duty Free"- it is just a ploy for security staff to get as much free booze as they want!!)  Then my self and my youngest daughter set off the metal detectors.   The woman thoroughly patted me down - and I mean THOROUGHLY!  Then turned to my youngest daughter who is only 8 years old.  As soon as I looked at her I realized what had rang the detector- she had on a little canada flag pin on her shirt.  I explained to the security personnel and asked to remove the pin and then let her walk through again, but they wouldn't let me, they insisted on fully patting my daughter down too- I just about blew a gasket!  By this time we had been traveling for 45 hours with little sleep and not enough real food. it was seriously one of the hardest things I've done to not loose my temper at that point.

Finally we got through it all, repacked the carry on bags, counted children and headed to our gate- on the other side of the airport- and battled through the apparent morning rush hour of commuters and onto the plane.  And we all promptly fell asleep and slept for the whole flight!

We arrived in Malta 49 hours after we left the house on Saturday morning.

The Transparency:  when you travel from country to country, they always make you fill out that little piece of paper that tells them where you are going, where you are coming from and how long you are staying.  This is because the  moment you fill in that piece of paper and enter another perceived "Country"- that "country" automatically takes over the trading of your bonds and THEY make money on your bond! The whole crossing of borders, dealing with border guards and immigration etc has nothing to do with "security" and everything to do with the Corporations disguised as governments sectioning off and controlling who's making what money on who's bonds.  In my opinion the main reason we don't have flying "cars" yet (there are over 40 different patents on saucer shaped flying vehicles in the US patent office alone!  That doesn't even include the hundreds of others that are of different shapes and sizes), is because once you have a flying vehicle that any person can travel in, borders become obsolete and impossible to enforce.  Once you have no borders, the Corporations in disguise of Governments are shown for what they are: empty shells that are there solely to make money.

Here is the transparency about our trip that was never known and never told publicly by any "Government" or agency:

The person who was purportedly leading the search for land/property in Morocco for our community, in a fit of angst and rage revealed the reason that he (under the direction of "others") kept insisting on pushing us to the Atlantic side and desperately tried to keep us away from the Mediterranean side. ....

..... This was because all that land from just past Ceuta all the way to the Algeria border was NOT in Morocco!

This is an approximation, according to his words of the area that is NOT part of Morocco:

The towns of Cabo Negro and Martil  (where we have been living) are just over from Tetouan on the coast.

As further back up to this information, every time we have traveled the road between Tangier or Ceuta and Cabo Negro, there is an area of highway where there are ALWAYS Moroccan military stopping cars and inspecting travel documents/passports.  No official check point of course, but they are always there.

The back ground on how this came about is that when the French invaded and took over Morocco through blatant lies and deception the various tribes were rather displeased (as you can imagine).  In the mid 1950's a certain wealthy man from a certain powerful tribe said fuck this shit, if the king ain't gonna kick them out, then I will! (obviously my words, not his, lol), and he pooled his resources and was vitally instrumental in ousting the French from Morocco.  In return, the King of Morocco granted the Tribe all the land in the purple circle that I drew (although as I said, this is an approximation) as a sovereign nation OUTSIDE of Morocco.  This means that the whole time we were IN Cabo Negro, we were OUTSIDE of Moroccan jurisdiction and their visas were null and void.  I was well aware of this fact when we started our journey last week and if things had been a bit different, I would of just sat my ass in Cabo Negro and not moved at all- instead, dealing with the Tribal Elders.

So, you have to ask yourself, really...... just who's borders are who's?   Who "owns" what land?  How can a corporation OWN a piece of land and create laws and statues on something that is blatantly NOT theirs?  When you sign your passport, you are affirming that you are an EMPLOYEE of that Corporation that has issued that piece of Corporate ID.  As an employee, you are mandated to follow the Corporations rules....... Really?  Perhaps some transparency hmmmmmmmmm?  I'd like to know how much I'm getting paid by the corporation and where my benefits are, 'cause I certainly haven't seen anything like that.  This is why any purported "government" ID should always be signed "Without Prejudice", so that they cannot hold you to their unspoken, nontransparent, and blatantly illegal corporate actions.

... and as for Embassies and Consulates.... they are no more than corporate clearing houses between the perceived governments.  They are NOT there to aid the perceived "Nationals" of any perceived country in anyway.  They are there to make money.  End of story.

You gotta love the glaring light that is being shone on the reality of living under a corporation, eh?  I have a lot more to say on this, but I'll give you all a chance to catch your breath after this epic before the next bit of transparency..... and ohhhhhh man have they been busy with the transparency in the past two weeks!!!!

NOTE to the Tribal Elders: We are here and would like to set up a new community in your perceived domain.  This community will be ground breaking in it's scope and awareness, utilizing the energy of life to create and co-create all that is needed to change our planet for all it's peoples- without borders or separation or division. Do you want to Play?

PS:  To the wonderful people who read Bill's call out last week, thank you so much for your donations!!!  We still haven't received them..... the bank might be playing games as the money was transferred from PayPal to my friends account....... but it still hasn't shown up in her account and it's been over a week.  I just love HSBC....... and yes, that's sarcasm.

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