Saturday 23 November 2013

Sing a Song of Synchronicity

Today we're going to do things a bit differently than I usually do.  Many times I post an article and I post my comments on the article first, followed by the message that inspired my comments.  Today I am going to post the article first and then follow it with my comments.  I will add my own highlights to the article as well to direct attention to some of the points that really jumped out for me- that isn't' to say that other things won't have greater meaning to other people, lol- and some of my own comments in blue.

The other thing that will be a bit different is that this is a channeled message I am posting.  We all know that it's a rare thing that I post these type of messages, but this one really really resonated with me and followed several conversations I've been having for the past couple of months.  While there were a few things I didn't agree with, in my own internal resonance heartometer, over all, the brilliance with which  the information is laid out is, well..... brilliant.

Of all the various Channeled messages out there, I will admit that Kryon is one of the few that I generally find contains information that I resonate with.  You can read information about the 7 times that Kryon has been invited to the United Nations buildings in New York to deliver messages to the S.E.A.T. Council, UN staff and Delegates and Guests HERE


This live channelling was Given in North Carolina.
Aug 24, 2013

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Asheville, North Carolina in 2013.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Once again my partner steps aside. We've described channelling before as a process that honors the Human Being. It uses a multidimensional, biological portal called the pineal, and it allows that which is the creative source inside you to expand. This is channelling. Channelling is available to humanity and always has been. In this new energy, however, it is available for very new information, new thought, and new processes that are coming your way

Before we begin the message or anything that is going to be taught, I wish to ask a question: Is it possible that there is an intelligent source in your Universe, in your galaxy, that has helped put together what you see here today? Is it possible that there is a plan that is benevolent for the Human Being because the Human is part of that creative source? * ETERNAL ESSENCE*  Is it possible that you are never alone? Is it possible that the family is a little different than you think? Maybe it's even larger than you think? Is it possible that the entire message I'm about to give you is accurate, true, and real and from a source that is outside of your body and outside of your reality?

It took my partner [Lee] a long time to understand that there is no trick here. It took him a long time because the mind-created "reality" box he came out of demanded it would have to be false and there would be negative consequences for what he is doing. "God doesn't talk to Humans this way," many said. "It's a trick from the darkness of the planet and it wishes to invade and capture your soul," many said. However, he learned quickly that every single time he opened his pineal, it became the portal for the love of God. That's all he received at first. It was pure - the purest thing he has ever experienced - and it was consistent, always the same. It never tainted itself, never biased itself, and never told a Human to do anything out of integrity. It was always congratulatory, benevolent, and represented the real spiritual family. It never changed in 23 years.

That's the way it should be, dear ones, and if you need some kind of proof that this is real, maybe, just maybe, you might open that part of your heart that you have the ability to open and make a statement, "I would like to feel something. I would like some validation within my cells that this is correct and true."   * "What do I know?" *  That is when you might begin then to feel the chills that you can only receive when you know the truth is being revealed. The truth is simple: I know you; I know your many lives; I know what you're going through, old soul. You are known to me. I see you now.   * I AM I.  I am ONE.  The chills (or whatever physical manifestation you perceive) of true inner resonance with your heart that tells you the greater truth of what is real and true.

We have done so much together, yet you have never seen my face or my real name. I'm with you all the time, within the entourage that you can count into the trillions. We are with you in the hardest times you've had, through the tears, through the sorrow and, yes, also when celebrating those moments you choose to toast in victory. Sometimes that victory is health and sometimes it is solutions over problems you've carried for a lifetime. We know who you are. You're never alone.

The System

There is a system that my partner has taught in these meetings for years. It's a system we have mentioned in countless messages, and we've never really dedicated an entire channel to it in the way we are doing today. This is a system that most of you don't even know how to use, yet some of you use it all the time. You just don't know when you're using it, since it's not intuitive to what you have learned.

This message is going to be about the way synchronicity works, * Following the energetic trail* and we'll sub-title it, "The Demise of the Bell-shaped Curve"! [Kryon laugh] When something happens to you that is good, your friends around you may say, "What a lucky person you are! What are the chances that this would happen to you?" When you go into a difficult situation, something that is common to humanity like surgery, and you come out with results that are positive beyond expectations, your friends may again exclaim, "What a lucky person you are!" Then somehow you continue to be "lucky" over and over.

Perhaps you go someplace and you accidentally meet just the right person who knows someone else who has just the right information that you were looking for. This leads you to end up with exactly what you wanted. What are the chances of this? Your friends are amazed! "What an incredibly lucky person you are!" That's all a Human can say, since there simply is no other explanation in their reality. The idea that you might actually be bending the bell-shaped curve of average and, by chance, using an available system will never occur to them.

Humans do not see the structure of synchronicity. It is not part of any kind of system that they use. They believe it is simply chance. The only structure that is used is goal setting, planning, and forward-looking systems. Only through these does the Human believe they can help control their lives. Indeed, this is the only way a Human can achieve things in a linear fashion so that they will arrive at a pre-set goal. In this linear system, no matter what kind of process you have studied that will get you from A to B, there must be a goal. Some of you take those goals and you will paste them to the refrigerator so you'll see it every day. This is a linear process for a linear Human Being and is well known.

What if I told you that there is a process that is not linear and has only conceptual goals? A conceptual goal is one that says, "Dear God, *Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Source, Universe, ONE*  put me in the right place even though I don't know where it is. Dear God, when you do it, make it comfortable for me and help me to see the sense of it. Make it easy and bring me the right situations and synchronicities to put me in this place I don't know about." How about that? *Letting go of expectations and programming, letting go of the clutching and grabbing onto the set in stone "rules" of HOW it MUST be- preplanned, preordained, fully structured within the boundaries of what is allowed/condoned/acceptable/able to exist *

If you told that statement to someone off the street, they would say, "You must be New Age!" They see you as silly and floating around without a goal, hoping the Universe will somehow show you the way. They laugh. But the Human who begins to use synchronicity as their life's path is simply changing the box of belief to include something that is available to all but is not in 3D. In fact, some of you have been using this process a very long time, but you're just not aware of it.

The Truth About the Power of Synchronicity

So today's channelling is about the power of synchronicity and the truth about it. Now you know what it is, so we will discuss where it comes from, who is involved in it, and what you can do to help make it happen for you. The Human Being creates synchronicity with intent and belief. *INTENT, THE WILL AND THE WORD * That is how it starts.

Now this next item comes from my partner, who loves to talk about the Parking Angel. [Laughter] This is the example he uses, so we'll do the same thing. Many Lightworkers like to use that which they conceive as a special angel who has powers to overlook a giant parking lot to see who is pulling out and where it's taking place. The idea is that the Human will then ask the parking angel to help guide the car to find a good parking place. Now, this is not forward planning, is it? It is a different concept, a concept that has you placing yourself or an angel that becomes your eyes, far above the parking lot to see the parameters of the entire lot and what is going on. If that were possible, then in 3D you could direct your automobile to arrive when someone is pulling out, and it works! It actually works. Over and over, it works. It works because this is the definition of synchronicity. There is no planning ahead, but rather a concept that you assign and believe in that requires an overview of a situation that you cannot work out in 3D. Most people just circle within the lot, expecting chance.

Now, I cannot close this parking angel discussion without giving you the rest of the story that my partner demands I give you. There is no such thing as the parking angel! It's you, assigning your power to a mythological creature that stands on your car with a P on its chest. [Laughter]

Humans are very good at this. They don't believe they can do it, but they believe angelic powers can do it. Therefore, they assign their power away to a higher entity. However, it's you doing it, dear one! It's you finding that parking place, but you just don't believe it. * ALL is ONE- There is no hierarchy *

Now, let us put that entire example in a larger capacity, which is the scale of life and living. Here you find yourself in a situation where you wish to move forward in an area you don't know about. All you want to do is park. Parking is a metaphor for putting the vehicle of a Human Being in a place that is appropriate for your life, wherever that would be. It gets you there so that you can then move on with what you came for. That is the metaphor.

Humans have an idea where that would be. It's normal for you to build goals and expectations. Humans say, "I want to write a book; I want to create a healing center; I have this, I want to have that." It is absolutely normal. So the next question I have to ask you is this: Are you OK if what you receive is not what you imagine? Is it OK if it's better? Is it OK if it matches the Akash you came for or the talents you have that perhaps you are not even aware of? That's the first step, to have the intent to create synchronicity in your life to bring you to a place that matches an invisible ability.

When you used the parking angel, did you specify the place for your car? No. You said, "Anywhere!" So the goal was conceptual, not specific. This is what it is all about.

How It Works in 3D

Here's how synchronicity works: You come to a meeting like this and you meet somebody for the first time. Perhaps you meet them in a place in the back or in the hallway. You get to talking and you find out that you have common interests. Often they have information you need or you have something they need, and you both leave with a connection you didn't expect. Then the connection leads to something else, for they know people that you don't know and vice versa. Later, you might call them or meet with them. Then, outside of what you originally thought about, you might find yourself working in an area you didn't expect to work in, which fulfills a lot of the things that you originally wanted. * I have spoken of this quite often in the past year.  Asking yourself "What do I know?" and then LISTENING and WATCHING for the answer- not limiting the source of the answer you want to receive......  from a book, movie, song, story your child tells you, the words of a stranger at the park, the billboard at the mall.....  LISTEN AND WATCH and the answer is ALWAYS ALL WAYS there- but first you much open your ears and eyes and hearts to SEE it. *

Sometimes you arrive with no expectation at all, but you meet a partner of your life! This happens over and over to many, because they decide to come to where family is. Over and over, Human Beings have resigned themselves to being alone in life. Then they'll come to a meeting of like minds and they'll find somebody that fits them. Life changes, and there is sometimes romance and synchronicity. You didn't plan it! Do you see the difference? *Sometimes you meet the family of your life, the family (soul family?) that is not brought together through blood and genetics, but through heart and soul- inner resonance of meeting a person/people with which you are free to BE you, to DO what you BE, with full acceptance and love*

The Human who steps out of the door on the way to this meeting does what? He shows up and has a great time, but all the while, he/she is open to synchronicity. "Dear Spirit, if I'm supposed to meet somebody, then let me have the signals within my intuition to at least look for it." Do you see the difference here? Synchronicity is planning for concepts that you cannot define. *This has been driven home to me several times over the past few months in Morocco- needing something, setting the intent, then literally meeting someone within hours who not only can answer the question, but is of greater help than anticipated to begin with*

I am sitting in a room of old souls and at least a quarter of you know exactly what I'm talking about. You're here because of it; somebody showed you something that perhaps made you look at things differently. It didn't give you a doctrine, did it? It only made you look. Can you put a price on that? It made you look into a place that showed you that you are divinely built, and perhaps biology has something more in it, something called innate. Innate is body intelligence and knows who you are. It works with the Human Being whenever asked. It is a consciousness within a consciousness, and it hooks you up with synchronicity. It does it way beyond the laws of average and way beyond the bell-shaped curve. So I just gave you the scenario that can happen over and over in meetings like this, in small gatherings, and in large gatherings. Now, let us talk about how it works. These are things that we have seldom discussed and never within a channelling like this. But first, we've got to talk about the majesty of the Human Being.

It wasn't that long ago that we gave you a channelling called the nine energies of the Human Being. It's what I want my partner to begin teaching soon. It's esoteric, it's complex, and it's time. There are conceptual parts of these nine attributes that go beyond what the Human Being is used to hearing and here is one of them.

The Human is Part of the Creative Source of the Universe

If it's true, dear one, that you are a part of the creative source, do you then logically understand that your soul is enormous and that only a piece of it is inside your 3D biology? If all of this energy was in your body, you'd vanish! You'd turn into light itself with more power than all the masters of humanity. You'd have that which Elijah experienced as the only Human to ever ascend while another watched and recorded it. According to the account, Elijah vaporized because the power of God cannot live in the Human Being at full strength.  * This is one of the few things in this message that I disagree with- though it might only be a disagreement in terminology, I would have to ask Kryon for clarification, lol-   This is steeped in the old paradigm of the past, not the new paradigm that we are currently in/entering.  To limit Source is to place limits on the unlimitable. * .Do you understand? And if you understand this, you will understand that you are only experiencing a small portion of the God in you, which is the creator in your body. So here is what begs another question: Where is the rest of your spiritual self? It's with me, dear one. It's on the other side of the veil as part of the creative source. It never left.  * This is such a huge eye opener to many people- words that explain the unexplainable that we experience continuously- The KNOWING that you're not just here, that you are not just in this perceived moment, that you are experiencing far more in your perceived "Dream" state than you are in your perceived "3D" waking state. *

Now, here is what is difficult for your perception in your 3D box. You carry around a corporeal identity that is singular. We have said before that you're really not singular at all. Instead, you are part of a very large group that is God. When you get to Earth, a piece of you separates out and becomes corporeal. It has one body with one face, and this is how you see things. But the rest of you - which is still you - stays with God.  * We are our Perception of Self, and yet we are ONE*

Now let me tell you the revealed truth: You are a multidimensional being and part of you is on the other side of the veil. Get used to it. Your soul is not separated out, but in 3D it seems like it. There is not a soul somewhere with your face on it on the other side of the veil, tapping its toe waiting for the rest of it to come home. You are always together.

There are Humans, however, who believe in this separation, because all they can do is project their linearity onto the majesty of God. We've talked about that as well. So get used to the fact that there is a quantum God and a (perceived) linear Human Being, and you cannot put them together easily in your mind. The truth is that you're part of the sacred soup of God and those sacred parts look down upon you and are always available, always available. Just like the parking angel, your soul parts see everything. Imagine! A part of you is available from the other side of the veil. Let's put this in your 3D perspective: It's a spy in the sky and it looks at everything all the time. It knows who you are and everything about you because it's part of you. It broadcasts information to you that you receive through intuitive thought. Are you here, are you understanding? It informs you to get up and go places, if you're listening.

It's a Divine System in All Humanity

Here is what you need to know: Every single Human Being on the planet has it because every single Human Being is a part of the whole. Do you understand that? What would happen, however, if there is a broadcast done, but 90  percent of the people don't have a radio? That means 90 percent never receive it. The broadcast is still there with their name on it, but they don't have a radio because they don't believe it.

Then, here comes you. Some of you got your metaphoric radio a long time ago and some of you are just getting it now. Believing it exists activates it. The "radio" is the pineal gland opening up into a multidimensional portal that tunes right into that which is you. This is difficult for a Human Being to understand. When you receive this broadcast from the "multidimensional you", it guides you left and right; it knows who you are; it's benevolent; it's part of God; it's part of me. It's hard to explain. That's why it feels so good, dear ones. Did you ever wonder why profound messages and meditations feel so good? It's you with you! It's beautiful! If you're part of the creative force and you are quantum and multidimensional, it means that these intuitive messages have your face on them and would never lead you into a place for other reasons other than benevolent ones. That's the system.

Why Are You at This Meeting?

Now, let's go back to the point at which you decided to come to this meeting. Some of you are sitting here today yet you didn't know about the meeting until the last minute. I want to tell you, you're tuned in. Your radio is working because your intuition spoke to you enough for you to look around and go somewhere and find out this meeting was happening.

I'm going to ask you a question: Who haven't you met yet in this room? Now that is a hard question, since you can't meet everyone, can you? So now we're getting into the process of synchronicity and a process that is guided through intuitive thought. It's what you would call the innate intelligence of the body allowing you to be in the right place at the right time and talk to the right people. You can't really plan ahead for that, can you? Instead, you must be tuned to it, and some of you may have discovered things today here that will make a change in your life. Perhaps you met others who have similar interests? That's what it's about.

So when another person says to you, "You must be New Age", just smile and admit it. You are using intuitive thought and listening to it as much as possible to put you in the right place at the right time. This should also dispel the notion that a New Age person just sits at home doing nothing but meditation and waiting for God to speak to him/her. That is not the way it works. Instead, go places that your intuition says to go to. Then discern, was it right? Was it not right? What does it feel like when it's right and what does it feel like when it's not right? Put all this together and, pretty soon, like a muscle in the body when exercised, it starts to work better for you.  *DO!!!!!!  BE & DO!! *

Innate works with you to fine tune it. It knows what you are trying to do and helps the process along. Sometimes you can look at somebody and they look back and suddenly it seems like you could say, "Hello, old friend! It's good to see you." You might hug for a moment or shake hands, depending upon the culture, and know that you've just met a best friend again. They may have something for you or they may not. It just may be for a moment so you can intermingle in a quantum way and acknowledge the fact that you are old souls. That's good enough.  *Heather once made this analogy to me about the paths we are all on:  We each have our own path that we follow, and at times our paths cross, at times our paths might join together for a while, and then separate again to perhaps come back together at a later point in our journey.  Some paths might criss-cross back and forth, almost like weaving a web- and yet each is distinct.  Our paths cross for a purpose- to aid each other, maybe to deliver an important message or lesson that we wanted to learn, or maybe for us to help someone else on their own journey- and the time spent together might be measurable in minutes, hours, days, or even years or decades. *

Hard Concepts

The hardest things for Humans in all this is what I'm going to present next. The process is different than you think. First, we have established that it's not linear. It's a conceptual attribute that you cannot plan on. The timing is not known, so you cannot paste a goal for something you don't know about on your refrigerator. Instead, it requires the Human Being to be in faith and with no clock. That's number one.  *This is what I and Heather call working from the Order Continuum instead of the TIME Continuum.*

Then we've established that the information comes from a part of you that is on the other side of the veil, because you cannot hold all of the mastery that you have in the corporeal body.  * I disagree with this, as I mentioned above.  I believe that the perceived lack of mastery or information is due to the choices made to EXPERIENCE UNKNOWING, to further understand separation/oneness, to experience all that IS. *  You are part of the creative source and always will be. Part of you is on my side of the veil - the part that talks to you intuitively and says, "Go left, go right, stand up, sit down, go over there and meet that person."

And the next one, it's the hardest concept of all. How do we describe it? There are seven billion souls on the planet and they all have the same attribute as you do - all of them. They are all on the other side of the veil as well as being here, just like you. They're all talking at the same time and broadcasting things, just like you. The things they are broadcasting are using the same "mind of God" that you have because they are on my side of the veil. The divine parts of humanity are still divine, no matter what the corporeal and intellectual parts are believing or doing. Are you understanding this?

So even if they have a corporeal self on Earth that is completely and totally unaware and has no radio to receive, it doesn't make any difference. They're still broadcasting potentials and loving intuitive messages. These messages are benevolent and for all humanity. This means you can listen to them as well and they're tuned to your frequency, since that frequency is not proprietary. The result? They'll tell you things that intuitively will help guide you and help you to work with their corporeal counterparts. This is difficult to understand. Think of it this way: The divine parts of Humans you may never meet know you are listening. Therefore, by broadcasting to you, they help their own soul counterparts, for you are working on peace on Earth and compassionate action.  *this is also the reason that a person who is perceived to be "sleeping" might be the one that delivers a message to you that you are looking for ;>)  *

In your 3D singularity, you're hooked up to one soul - you - right? On my side of the veil? No. On my side, you're hooked to all of them. So, therefore, even the soul parts and pieces of complete nonbelievers are still broadcasting information that will help humanity. It's a hard concept. Think of it as a collective, intuitive force.

"Wow!" people say. "Look at that tragedy you escaped. Why did you leave the building before it fell down?" You might say, "I don't know. Something told me to go and I did." This happens over and over, dear ones, and now you know why it works. Is it possible that the Human soul is connected in such a way that it talks to everybody at the same time? The answer is yes.

When an intuitive healer sits before a totally dense and stubborn unbeliever, do they still get messages to help heal that person? Yes! So the intuitive innate of every Human Being is working no matter if that Human has the ability to "hear" it or not. It's broadcasting to the healer! It's broadcasting to all. This alone should show you that intuition does not come from the synapse of the brain, but rather the portal of the pineal.

What are you supposed to do with this information? Well, we've already covered a little of it. First, understand the process and believe it. Do not get disappointed that your planning is not working. You can't have both, dear ones. You can't have plans in the corner waiting, just in case. The synchronicity won't work, since you'll void it if you try to plan around it. Do you see that?
  *That one deserved BOLD and UNDERLINING *

Second, understand that synchronicity may take you to a place you didn't plan on. Is that OK? The old soul will sit in the chair and say, "Of course. Yes, it's OK. Anything is good." Really? Really? Humans like it their way. You might be pushed and pulled to uncomfortable situations and places you would not have initially chosen on your own. Can you honor this? Can you say, "It is well with me. I know I'm supposed to be here because this is where synchronicity placed me"? Feel the love of God surge through your heart and all the cells of your body. Then say, "Thank you God for putting me in the right place at the right time." It may take awhile to figure out the "whys" of it all, but eventually you will see it clearly and smile. You will realize that you could never have planned it, and it was perfect.

Let me tell you something: Perhaps your 3D goal will never be accomplished. Is that OK? Instead of settling into a final goal, you'll always be in motion, always. Is that OK? There'll always be the ladder to climb in knowledge, in awareness, and energy. New things will always be coming your way. It will be this way until the moment you take your last breath. You will feel that you "never arrived" at your goal, but that's not true, for each day you have arrived. It's a mindset - and you don't like that either, do you? Instead, you want to arrive in a place and say "I made it!" Then you wish to purchase a T-shirt that confirms it. [Laughter]

Synchronicity can put you in places that are beautiful. It can save your life, and often does. It voids all the karmic attributes that have pushed and pulled you around forever. It changes the way people think about you because you change. It changes the way you think about others because you are put in the places to see who you are. It rearranges that which you believe because you start to have reinforcement of action, and you know that it is working. You can stand tall and tell the others that you have no idea where you are going and you are proud of it! All the while, you are healthier than they are, and you're happier than they are, and you love people they won't love. Do you see what I'm saying?

This is a change in perception of life. It's a change in everything that the Human Being has been taught in 3D, and it's not "let go and let God". It is a partnership - a new arrangement that's conceptual and demands work on your part, demands it.

Expect synchronicity, but if it doesn't come when you think it might, don't be disappointed. It simply wasn't supposed to! Humans are funny. Look at the phrases that many in your culture use. They know about this! "Well, I guess it was supposed to happen." They have no idea! Yes!! [Kryon laugh] Or, "The universe had a message for me." They have no idea, that's exactly right! Exactly right.

So I've just given you the mechanics of it and it's beautiful and it's just for you. Benevolent, helpful Information is being broadcast all the time, even from the non-believing souls. Their "God part" is active and knows that you are hearing them. It helps the old soul to go from A to B. More than that, it helps you find processes and principles and people who can make a difference on the planet. This is what's new.

There's going to be a beginning of a marriage not just to help Humans navigate the now but to navigate that which is coming. These are set-ups for the next time around Akashically. What did we tell you the last time we spoke? We discussed Akashic Inheritance. What you learn this time carries into the next time, so the set-ups you have in this life will carry into the next. You'll remember them and you'll keep going. Today's synchronicity is tomorrow's future. It's important, old soul, that you start to learn how to use it and to carry it. Learn how to expect it, how to believe in it, and change the way things work for you. As part of this new teaching, we tell you it's time to void the bell-shaped curve of 3D that tells you about averages and the probability of your life. All you have to do is nudge that curve a little with a multidimensional energy called synchronicity and you design your own curve. Synchronicity is learning to acknowledge the Higher-Self and the fact that God is inside. It shows a willingness to listen in a way you never have before to a source that is personal, loving, benevolent, and beautiful - an energy that will never change.

And so it is.


I found it very "Synchronistic " that this message, though originally channeled in August of this year, wasn't published until 3 days ago.

I would like to speak of my own journey to where I am in this moment of now and how this message of "Synchronicities" and manifesting- because that is a major part of what manifesting is- has played such a huge part of who I BE now.

As I said last week in my article: "Journey of Truth and Tooth", the two weeks leading up to our adventure and the actual trip itself played itself out as a huge spotlight on everything I've been learning and DOing over the past while.  Some of this learning has been of the conscious type and some of it has been of the unconscious type- the type of learning that you don't necessarily understand or recognize as "learning" until you look back on the experiences of years and see the journey in hind sight in one grand "Ahhhhaaaaaa!" moment.

The journey was a continuous stream of moments, one after another, of  intense clarity and some moments were so huge in their transparency that it was like being hit over the head with a baseball bat.

"Do you SEE?!?  Do you get it now?!" ...... whack whack!

One of the biggest Whacks upside the head was to understand fully that I KNOW what I KNOW, when I need to KNOW it, and when that I KNOW it, I  KNOW IT!  I learned the final lesson to listen  myself and to DO what it tells me to do, because it doesn't  guide me wrong.

I learned over this past year to stop planning and just DO.  Brian Kelly posted an excellent article several months ago called "The Law of Detachment" that outlined a few aspects of Kryon's words above:

"The law of conscious detachment accelerates all areas of our evolution. When we live aligned with this law, we do not feel the need to force solutions. We understand that with focused intention, patience, and faith, the right solutions arise on their own. It is not that we take no action; we take action aligned in faith and detachment."

A few days after we landed in Malta I got into a conversation in the RTS skype room with someone who was lamenting all that hadn't happened- in his perception- and the "failures" that he perceived in anything changing or manifesting in the past year.  After a lengthy discussion, this is what I responded to him and a couple of others who were questioning:

"that's one thing nick and I don't have: attachments.

and we have also lost a home and almost lost a car, and drove a car till it fell apart because we couldnt' afford another one.  we live in second hand clothes, I bake because it's cheaper than buying  in a store, I make soup twice a week because it's very nourishing and very very cheap......  I dont' sing the song that I sing because I'm sitting in a big house eating bon bons and snorting coke with $100 dollar bills and don't give a shit about the "little people" or "the monkeys". My best friend just saved our asses by giving us enough second hand clothes to give nick and quinlin and keira clothing to keep them warm this winter and her friend is giving me clothes tomorrow for Logan. Generous people have donated some money to help pay for me to get my tooth removed- after 4 abscesses.....

I don't sing this song because I like the sound of my own voice.  I sing this song because I LIVE THIS SONG.  No- I don't pay for rent.  I manifested the houseing we have because I KNOW that my family will never BE without shelter.  I exchanged value with a friend last month to get money to buy groceries.  The house we live in in Morocco is right by the beach and in a gorgeous country..... any many grumbled about that, gossiped about me living the "good life".  Oour house is 2 minutes walk from the beach.  it has two broken toilets,  it has no hot water on the main floor so I have to boil water on the stove to wash dishes, I wash all the laundry in a plastic tub in the yard with a hose, and the only oven is a broken toaster oven that I figured out how to juryrig so that I could bake bread it in for my family.  The nearest shop/store/bakery/market of ANY TYPE is a 5 km walk up the beach to the nearest town.  Heather's house is a 2 Km walk up the beach.  nick walks to town at least 4 or 5 times a week- just to buy WATER, or propane for the stove!

I sing this song because I Live This Song.  I live in the Now moment of detachment from expectation.  I live in the NOW moment of Everything works out exactly as it should and I know Know KNOW inside what I need to do in every moment and I KNOW that in everymoment I will KNOW what to do in that moment. And I ALWAYS ALL WAYS DO KNOW.  Always All Ways. I know that I AM I, the Value Infinite and I LIVE that life because I don't just speak the words.... I LIVE IT.

two months ago I DID "shop like a boss"..... at the local Souk (market) and I bought about 15 pieces of second hand clothing for the the kids and I for a grand total of about $15. (including the taxi to get there).  I "shop like a boss" when I bargin with the vegitable sellers on the Souk to get the best prices possible.  and I love it.  BUT.... that is just me.  I don't expect anyone else to agree with me or to be me.  I'm just giving you my own experiences.

I have manifested every. single. thing.  in the past 10 months of our lives.  Including money to do what we need to do to live.  That's my choice.  I live that song.

I am here to DO what I DO.  I chose this path before I was even conceived.  I DO.  and I DO.  When I DO what is in my HEART..... it Always All WAYS IS what I am suppose to DO. My value IS infinite and it IS mine and I live my life KNOWING that I will make ANY THING happen that is suppose to happen and that needs to happen. I have no expectations and tie my self to NO plan other than what my Heart tells me is the path I should be on.  I am not hungry and neither are my husband or children.  I am not cold and neither are they.  We have everything we need and Always ALL WAYS will have, because I SAY SO. 

I guess you could say that I sing the song of Synchronicities.  The thing is, when I look back on my life I realize that I have ALWAYS ALL WAYS sung that song.... I just didn't know it or recognize it for what it is.  

This past year has been a year of refining the process so to speak.  Of learning to ask "What do I KNOW?" and then learning to actually LISTEN for the answer, regardless of where it comes from. (did you know that songs in Disney movies actually hold the key to Life, The Universe and Everything?  Seriously!  Go back and listen to the words of some of your favorite Disney Movie songs!)(yes, I have kids and you wouldn't believe how many times the answers I was seeking came directly from them!).

I learned three other exceptionally life altering things this past year:

1- to follow the energetic trail to wherever it leads, without expectations of who, what, where, why, when, and how.

2- to listen to my heart in all matters, because my heart is never wrong.  I mind will try to bend the situation to something that is logical, or acceptable, or is easily known.... but my heart always knows the truth and is always right in the end.

3- I am a multidimensional BEing that moves in the perceived NOW without linear shackles of time or space.  I AM I. ONE. Who I have been, who I will be, and whatever roles I have played in the past is of no importance, because I am...... ME.  Just me.  Just ONE.  In  KNOWing  that, I have the freedom to BE me and to DO what I DO, because I will always kNOW what to DO in every moment of NOW.

Singing the Song of Synchronicity.

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