Monday 18 November 2013

JFK: The Transparency that is still denied

50 Years later, the American Government and it's sycophantic bully boy co-corporationists  and their suckup mind & money controlled media stooges are STILL trying to sell the blatantly laughable Warren Commission's final report on the Assassination of JFKennedy.   I just did a search, and truth be told, not even the alternative media are really doing justice to this anniversary.  The MainStreamMedia cartel are lobbing memorial bombs at the public and waxing eloquently about that dark day in history when the young JFK was murdered by a lone gunman, and they are drowning us with images of crying hysterical people on the day of his funeral, and talking about his poor bereaved wife Jackie (and what she wore to the funeral, and who made the hat she was wearing on that fateful day....) .... I honestly was more disappointed with the alternative news crowds than with the MSM- at least I KNOW the MSM are a bunch of gutless wonders....

And then the shining light- the best article written on the topic of the murder of JFK that I have read in years- and let me tell you, I've read a LOT about this. published the article below, written by Tony Gosling.   The article just about floored me with it's no holds barred, succinct run down of the reality of what did and IS happening right now.   His final section of the article entitled "The Secret Government" was the closest thing to truth that we've ever seen from a quasi main stream news outlet.  This paragraph stands out with the truth ringing the death knells of America's supremacy and opens the door to the questions that MUST follow:

"What was US colonial independence really all about? Yes, money. The settlers quite rightly wanted to print their own in 1775 and England wasn't having it. As the documentary 'The Secret of Oz' explains, private US bankers went on to take that power off the American people in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 The United States is suffering under the exact same power now that they fought Britain to be free of. "
Yes, RT (Russia Today) is running a massive anti-American "Government" propaganda program that at this moment is reeling with a seemingly unending barrage of dirty laundry that they seem to have been saving up for just this moment in time, but the reality is:  Who cares WHO is airing the laundry?  I just wanna see all the blood stains held out for the public to SEE.

If you haven't done any serious reading into the murder of JFK, you're missing one of the ultimate tales of corruption, lies, deceit, murder and black mail, that left a line of bodies that has spanned 50 years. 

I managed to find a copy of the 2 hour radio interview that Garrison did in 1988 and I've embedded it below the article by RT.

50yrs after JFK assassination: Choose your side in war on freedom

Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist.
Published time: November 18, 2013 09:15
Reuters / Brian Snyder
Reuters / Brian Snyder
Make no mistake: the 'American Dream' was mortally wounded alongside John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
The President's unpunished murder was an 'open season' declaration on the elected leadership in the West. 'Robbed' of their 1962 Cuban nuclear war, the assassins were letting the whole world know who was 'The Daddy'.
Fifty years on we seem to be losing the same war for democratic control of our governments. Bankster robber barons and their Military Industrial Complex sidekicks are crawling all over the British cabinet. US Secretary of State John Kerry is still at it too. Despite being nominally a Democrat like JFK, he spends every waking hour in search of enemies, trying, by fair means and foul, to provoke war with Lebanon, Syria and Iran.
Perhaps he has a death wish? Perhaps it is Kerry's lying-in-a-coffin initiation into Yale University's Brotherhood of Death, the Skull and Bones Society, that blinds him to the likelihood his avarice will spark a global nuclear exchange with Russia? Just like the 1962 provocateurs, cut from the same cloth he doesn't give a damn.

US justice gets its boots on

The man who did the forensics and discovered most of the buried bodies in a trial that came within a whisker of nailing the JFK conspirators was former US Army officer and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. His investigation and 1988 book 'On the Trail of the Assassins' formed the rough draft for Oliver Stone's 1991 definitive film JFK.

Any treacherous TV station not showing JFK on the 50th anniversary should, I advise, be forever deleted from your channel list. It's unlikely any of the NATO zone TV documentaries rolling out over the 50th anniversary will come half as close to telling you what really happened as the Stone movie.
Instead we're being fed a propaganda diet of rancid red herrings, laced with insulting false trails while the graphic Zapruder film and a distraught Jackie Kennedy, as well as Jack Ruby shooting patsy-suspect Lee Harvey-Oswald in the stomach, sow the seeds of fear where they hurt.
Just as with more recent unexplained deaths of UK Secret Service men David Kelly in 2003 and Gareth Williams in 2010 the message of JFK's gruesome assassination is designed to fundamentally undermine the social fabric. The horror slips under the radar of consciousness to stamp into millions of psyches what, with impunity, the secret government can do.
For a refreshing taste of 'Garrison in the raw', listener-supported Oakland, California, radio outfit Guns and Butter's two-hour 1988 show 'The Assassination of JFK: The Garrison Interview' gets to the heart of the story. We hear, in Bonnie Faulkner’s and Andrew Phillips's production, the voice of history's unfortunate self-confessed patsy Lee Harvey Oswald as well as Oliver Stone.
Radio Station KPFA co-producer David Mendelsohn interviews Garrison nearly 20 years after the trial of New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw, by which time further witnesses had crawled out of the woodwork, bringing with them further pieces of the jigsaw.
Garrison's disarming frankness and black humor make Guns and Butter's 25th anniversary production the benchmark documentary against which the entire 50th anniversary clutch can be judged. Evidence of the mainstream media's crippling influence that this classic documentary has still never been broadcast on national radio in the US or UK.

The 'we’ll-never-know' brigade

Allen Dulles
Allen Dulles
Mainstream media flunkies are paid well to tell us that because Oswald was shot we will never know what organization or individuals were behind Kennedy's assassination. I beg to differ. The CIA - set up by Allen Dulles, who did the dirty 1945 deals with the Nazis, and who JFK fired - killed the president.
Specifically-named individuals winkled out by Garrison are Cuban and New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello and two more with far right CIA links: Civil Air Patrol pilot David Ferrie and private investigator Guy Banister.
The CIA plot to upend US democracy couldn't have worked though without the support of the man who would replace Kennedy. After his inauguration, new President Lyndon B. Johnson immediately re-fired up the Vietnam & Cold War policies JFK had cooled.
Johnson gained financially too through his 'Suite 8F Group'. This has today grown to become the Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) Inc., one of the largest military contractors on the planet with $8 billion annual revenue.
The CIA's three central motives are pretty clear: Kennedy successfully stopped a nuclear war with the Soviet Union in 1962 that Strategic Air Command's General Curtis LeMay intended to win " any point the Soviet Union could have been obliterated without more than expectable losses on our side."
Kennedy blocked air support and other US military aid for the 1961 Bay of Pigs Cuban invasion attempt, leaving the hawks with egg on their faces. He was closing down one of the CIA's biggest slush fund operations, the Vietnam War. Cash was coming in aplenty from heroin trafficking in the Far East.

Echoes from the dawn of time?

Perhaps there was something archetypal and timeless about Kennedy's death. Former US Naval officer-turned-radio host William Cooper put it like this in 1996: "There was even a time in history when the king was a sacrificial king. Just like John F. Kennedy was in the Temple of the Sun known as Dealey Plaza."
Though this sounds far-fetched, Cooper is one of the few individuals who, on his 'Hour of the Time' short wave radio show in June 2001, publicly predicted a spectacular attack on America to be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Five months later, after 9/11, Cooper was shot dead by the FBI, who had been trying to entrap him by posing as hoodlums outside his Arizona home.

Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy (Reuters / Cecil Stoughton)
Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy (Reuters / Cecil Stoughton)

The secret government

So who are this secret government that uses blackmail, character assassination and murder to shoot the messengers and direct those we elect to high office? They are the kind of furious cash unlimited networkers of the Council on Foreign Relations, Sun Valley, Davos, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg groups.
Welded into the Military Industrial Complex these lobbyists laugh in the face of cash-starved politicians as they play the power game of nations. They extend territory abroad while their political gofers roll out a domestic police state at home. Bankrolling them are the dynasties of the Rockefellers in the US and the Rothschilds across Europe.
What was US colonial independence really all about? Yes, money. The settlers quite rightly wanted to print their own in 1775 and England wasn't having it. As the documentary 'The Secret of Oz' explains, private US bankers went on to take that power off the American people in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 The United States is suffering under the exact same power now that they fought Britain to be free of.
William Cooper also said "Any general that ventures upon a battlefield without understanding the enemy is doomed to defeat." The Western political establishment needs a crash course right now in locking up banking fraudsters and how the state Treasury can take back control of money.
What would those who fought and died on the Allied side in World War II say if they could see how we and our leaders are letting Europe and America slip into the hands of the banksters?
Despite all the JFK TV propaganda though it is the Jim Garrisons, Bonnie Faulkners, David Mendelsohn's and Oliver Stones that will carry the day. Trust is waning in the West's mainstream media, particularly amongst the youngsters, and those old JFK lies are well past their sell by date.

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