Tuesday 3 January 2017

The One People: Happy New Year....?

... Let the Craziness Begin?.... Again?

Edited 1/3/2017 @ 16:45:  Sorry for the horrible video sync this morning- I tried several re-edits to fix and finally had to use Lisa's video footage.  Below is the new Video


The Week between "Christmas" and  "New Years" was a whacked out, time shifting/slowing/speeding series of moments.... in weirdness. Political bullshittery happened as is always expected when the masses are distracted. Antarctica as a subject matter just keeps coming back up again.  And the Deaths in 2016- especially in December..... WTF?!?  Did we fall into yet another level of the Matrix? ...

.... and since when are their Princes of the Romanov family still wandering around?!?

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