Friday 13 January 2017

What Dreams May Come

Lisa M Harrison has compiled this amazing group of dreams from posts in the UnFuckers Unite Group on facebook, and on her LMH members site.

I often talk about the themes that appear in the dreams of many, apparently ‘disconnected’ people. Here is a small sample of what has come across ‘my desk’ just this past week.



Morning of 13th January 2017
Last night I had a very, very important dream.
In my dream I was walking around what looks like a theme park where visitors come in there thousands daily to walk through displays go on rides etc But it’s not like a mechanical theme park it’s more like a park filled with natural exhibits that you walk through and over to see how nature was in the past … it had board walks over the forest floor much like we have walk ways through national parks in our world to protect and prevent us from disturbing the plants and wildlife.
There were many people moving through the park and you could see ahead they were bunching up at certain exhibits to look and admire the attraction. I was dressed in a uniform and was wearing a hat unlike everyone else. No one else was dressed like me and I had several park assistants following me diligently waiting and listening for any words or instructions I had. I felt like I was doing an inspection.
We proceeded on and came around a bend to face a large group milling and commenting whilst looking at a water course that was flowing below the walk way. It was behaving strangely and the water levels had dropped to reveal masses of over grown plants all tangled along the sides and what faintly appeared through the water to be a knot in the stream that was acting like a drain sucking some of the water into it whilst the rest of the stream was passing along. This problem had obviously been there for a very long time and it was only because of the drop in water level that it had become noticeable. I realised why I had been called. I was there to fix it. I instructed the ones around me to get some gardening equipment a rake, shears, etc which they did. Now we were standing on a walkway above the churning stream /river below us, even though the water level was lower it was still surging past at a quite a speed. Anyway suddenly a long handled rake fell off the walk way. I watched it roll off in the corner of my eye and I got annoyed with the idiots around me and jumped off the walk way to retrieve the rake before it damaged any of the plants. I was waist deep in the surging water but it seemed unable to wash me away. I waded slowly towards the blockage which as I got closer looked like 2 large rocks that had come together and been drawn into a hole in the bend of the stream which was like an underwater cavern or cave and these two rocks were jammed in the entrance. Now these rocks were jammed solid. But to my surprise I could reach one of them and as I touched it I felt I could push it and possibly free it. I seemed to have unlimited strength and with a gentle push one corner of the stone that was being held in the hole came free.
All of a sudden the rock moved I fell back as it emerged and was immediately totally surprised beyond description.. I recognised the emerging rock and said Oh my god !!! Is that you Aroki? Is it you?
The stone form turned slowly around to face me and as it emerged from the water I was filled with surprise and emotions … here right in front of me was a dragon I had known from a long, long time ago… he smiled at me and pointed to the other rock under the surface and said Sida..
I was immediately filled with urgency , joy ,fear and purpose and we both turned to Sida and worked to free her… as we were freeing her tears were filling my eyes. My heart was tightening in my chest.
We urgently worked her free and finally managed to unhook her from the edges of the hole and she emerged. Aroki pointed to a stone bank just back downstream from us and I knew what he wanted me to do, we both carried Sida to the rocky bank, she was smiling and looking at me just as I remember she used to do so long ago.. my heart felt like it was going to explode, tears rolling down my cheeks , nose running…
We sat for what seemed an eternity on the shore as everyone looked down on the three of us mouths wide in shock and awe. I think none of them had ever seen a dragon let alone 2 dragons.
All my memories of Aroki and Sida flooded back into my consciousness and the love I had always had for them both, but especially for Sida.
I remembered how Sida would fly down to me, I would feel the warm puffs of air being pushed from her wings towards me as she came gently down to me, she would gently bring her hands onto each of my cheeks and as she did this I would smell her musty sweet breath as it entered into my lungs. It felt like droplets of stars were entering me flowing into my heart lighting it up with so much loving … Sida would kiss me on the forehead smile and gently flutter away laughing as she spread her essence of joy everywhere and always just in sight was her brother Aroki watching protecting her whilst loving her like no other being. He adored her and had done since she had been born. Its hard to put into words but Sida is what I suppose we would understand as an Angel Dragon. Her presence just makes everything better and that is what she does..She is something so beautiful and so loving your heart just sings in her presence. You are an emotional mess but in a wondrous way. I hope that my words convey how I felt around her.
Anyway I had all these memories swirling around in my mind whilst we sat on the shoreline and I spoke to Aroki and said “I thought you had both gone away and were doing your thing … god that was so long ago. What happened?”
Aroki said “ we were tricked into coming to the stream and Sida was playing in the bend of the stream which we did not know had the hole in it. I was watching her as you know I always do. (he said this in his usual bashful manner almost embarrassed by his love for his sister) When a huge wall of water came rushing down onto us forcing Sida into the hole. I reacted out of instinct diving with all my strength towards her to try to reach and protect her only to be caught in the surge myself. We felt like we were being pushed by some hidden hand into the hole forced in and ended up pinned by the uneven sides of the hole unable to move. The water continued to rise above us and we have been trapped there ever since. Unable to free ourselves, until you came along… it has been a very long time”
Aroki suddenly looked me directly in the eye and said “there are others that have been trapped like this, tell your others that in dreaming you can free them if you find them.”
Sida then spoke quietly in her soft childlike voice and said “you must free them, free them all” She was quietly saddened by the thought of others being trapped and when you are around a dragon such as Sida you feel her sadness as strongly as you feel her joy. I felt like my heart was being stabbed with a huge metal spike.
Aroki said “tell the others the ones that can dream to look for:
Fire that does not rise
Water that flows against its current
Earth that sits out of place
Air that does not move”
“This is how they have trapped and held the others, understand it is only in your dream state that you can free us, you are not held back by the physical laws of your time in your dreams. They don’t want you to understand how much power you have in your dream state. Ask your others to look when they are dreaming, look for what is out of place…. Free as many as you can… now is the time”
I suddenly started to feel and anger rising in my heart as I dwelled on what they had endured. As my anger grew my dream started to fade. The last thing I remember was hearing Sida’s soft voice saying “tell them to look in their dreams”
And I woke up, it was 4.05 am it was dark so I went to my lounge and wrote their names down and sat still feeling totally drained and still slightly teary. Every time I read this my heart aches… as old memories flood into my body moving me emotionally like a roller coaster.
So believe or not when you are dreaming if you see something odd don’t dismiss it, look at it, you may get a surprise but I can assure you if it is a trapped dragon freeing it will change you on a level that you will carry forever. When we are dreaming we are what we can and should be.


Last night’s dreams. This one is mental. I was pulling people out of a weird vortex and into a new world where the colours were weird compared to here. I was on all fours pulling people up and out onto a ledge.There was a few people with me doing the same but no idea who they were. But they felt male. There was this severe pull from below making it very difficult to get the people through.Second dream that merged with the first. I was being chased and sought out by people who were hunting me down. Every time I tried to hide I would be found and I had to keep running. It was fucking terrible. I think my head is still attempting to figure something out.


I never have dreams that start in the first few minutes after I lay down at the between awake and sleep states but on this night as soon as my head hit the pillow it was there. It started off with a voice I couldn’t identify as male or female and it asked me “Are you ready to begin?” I felt very at ease with the voice even though I couldn’t see who was speaking. I replied “Yes, I’m ready”. The first thing I saw was the number 88 glowing and hovering in front of me, then the voice said “If you connect them end to end they change.” So I did and then the voice said “Add your rainbow.” So I started to paint it with my energy and it became a strand of DNA still hovering in the air. Then the voice told me to look down and I could see rolling hills and between the hills, like long winding rivers was the flood of humanity. A multitude of people that stretched as far as the eye could see. Then the voice said “Give them your new creation.” and I started moving the rainbow DNA pattern over them, imprinting it in them. As the multitude became aware/awake they turned and started walking toward the horizon where a giant rip/portal had opened and they were able to walk through it. The voice then said to me “Now that your DNA has been repaired you can leave.” Then the last part of the between dream I walked down the hill and joined the flood flowing out like gentle water through the rip. I cobbled this together in photoshop to give you an idea of what I saw. Thanks for letting me get this out.


Just finished OPRT from yesterday… so much has happened lately I don’t even know where to start. First of all, as far as dreams go, I was on the phone with my daughter earlier today and she shared a dream that she had a baby and in a split second it became a five year old that would have intelligent conversations with her. Then the child finally said “it’s time to go home.” As she prodded him for an explanation, as did I in her dream apparently, he said in a very deep male voice “we are going home.” I have had multiple dreams over the years of giving birth to an infant that within a split second becomes a four to five year old who is incredibly intelligent, yet I had never shared those dreams with anyone until today when my daughter told me of her dream.
Yesterday she and my 19 year old son both lost time in two separate incidences that neither one of them shared with the other. My son was scheduled for work in a town about forty minutes from here and was supposed to report at 9:00 a.m. He left the house at 7:55 a.m. We said our goodbyes, normal routine stuff. Last night when he got home he told me, in a very casual manner, that he felt bad because he had to call his boss at 9:30 a.m. to tell him he was only about halfway there. I was like what?!? You left here at 7:55. He said “I know, I just stopped to get gas and then looked at the clock when I hit Eldon (a landmark spot on the trip) and it was 9:30.” Then my daughter tells me today, without knowing about her brothers incident, that she got out of class at 3:00 p.m. then headed to pick up her friend, remembers all of the drive that should have only taken twenty minutes at most, arrived and was asked what took her so long and she replied that she drove straight there and yet it was 4:30 p.m. and her friend had tried to call her multiple times for the previous hour…..
Apparently I have started talking in my sleep. My husband mentioned it to me yesterday and said I keep saying things like its ok, it’ll be fine, don’t worry….. I am back to having no memory of my dreams tho.
Last night I was outside for a smoke and felt the universe collapsing around me… ??? I don’t know how else to describe it. There was a very loud tone, much like a tuba, that had no clear location and all of the sudden I literally felt like someone pushed down HARD on the crown of my head. It physically moved my entire head, neck and shoulders. It didn’t disorient me tho, it actually seemed to smack me even more awake. I just can’t explain it right tho….. sigh….


Last night was beautiful. She said she closed her eyes in bed and opened them in another place, among a HUGE family, *no one she knows here* but they were her huge family and she knew them all, she and everyone there were all talking and she kept saying we had beautiful accents and the place was beautiful, so beautiful that she loved the sound of her voice saying over and over again, Its so amazingly beautiful here, I asked her what they were talking about and she said, Funny….. They were talking about the amazing plans for all the beautiful things they were going to create and that they were working on creating, whats that mean mom, LOL….I asked what things they were describing creating and she said I cant remember, I was too busy looking around and freaking out about how beautiful it was, and mom…. I love you with all my heart, but I ONLY want to be there, that was HOME and that’s my family, I reassured her that I knew this, and when we finally get to be where we are supposed to be, we will still be connected… I said, I hope my home is that beautiful and she said, OMG mom it is don’t you remember…. And it jogged my memory, When she was about 11 she crashed into my bedroom shaking me and screaming are you still dead mom, mom are you alive or dead! She said she dreamed that I had died, after the funeral I came to her, took her hand and took her to *my place*, She said it was beautiful and full of busy beings building houses and tending lush gardens, I told her this was my home and the houses were for the many people coming home soon, Lots of work and preparation being done, I took her to my house, that was basically just 4 Romanesque pillars with a top, and flowers veining all over it, and the smells of the flowers were all she could talk about for about 5 minutes, There was only a beautiful lounging sofa in the shelter type house, and she asked about a kitchen and I laughed, no need to eat here, I don’t have to sleep anymore either, the sofa is where I love to read the scrolls. I spend most of my time in the gardens. She said the only thing other then the sofa was a book, on a sort of ornate table called *the book of Charlotte* she woke and the dream was so real she rushed to see if I was still gone or, dead, or spirit. SO… they have been preparing for us for quite some time, and whether we are aware or not we have been going back and forth.


I had an interesting dream last night:
I was in my abode with a man and a women who may have been J*** or D**** both. I heard crying but couldn’t see ‘it’. The female told me it was a grey alien and it was crying and balling because ‘it was over and didn’t know what to do’. At first I felt a little sorry for it but then I laughed and said ‘good, get the fuck out of here’. A couple of seconds later the door opened and I could see all the things move around it as it was leaving.
I’ve never had an alien dream like this. It’s usually just when I look at the sky in a dream, I’ll see UFO and stuff but not a lot or often.


OK while I still remember my dream I’ll try to type quickly although I am still waking up and coffee deprived. I was hanging with a group of nerds, I think 2 males and a female, I was at their place and discovered they had an old crappy looking olympic sized pool with a VERY deep end, the water looked crystal clean so I hopped in for a swim. They joined me, after a short time I was curious about the deep end so I held my breath and paddled down, I discovered that there was a secret door and past that a long underwater hallway. I thought to myself “I’ll never be able to hold my breath long enough to reach the other end” just then my nerdy friends swam over to join me and activated a doorway in the hallway that was much closer, we took a deep lung full of air and in we went.
We reached the other side and found ourselves at a strange old house that was familiar to my friends, they knocked and we were greeted by a strange lady in Victorian era clothes that let us in. Wow they all came to greet us, creatures/beings of all description, I was shaking hands and hugging them all, what a lovely warm bunch of beings they were. I felt very welcome and happy, there were miniature clowns, stick-like creatures, larger than usual sized humans etc, after the greetings we walked into another room to eat and discuss a mission, ok there is a bit here I can’t remember, but suddenly I was on the mission with a handful of others. We all had some sort of unique magickal skill of our own and had approached the ‘evil ones’ castle, we had somehow climbed upon a ledge and were now being laughed at and mocked at by four of the evils on thrones. My friends were whispering for me to attack the evil ones using the bees (apparently I could summons swarms of bees) but instead I ran up to the evil ones and grew really huge like a giant with lightening pouring out of my hands and finger tips, as I held my hands out the lightening forked out and went into the evil ones heads and killed them, I can’t remember anything after that but what a long deep sleep, such a big dream.


I dream’t that I was being pursued by the Authorities, police/military/FBI there where sirens, police cars and helicopters everywhere. I ended up running into a maxine security prison to hide from them. A big roller door opened up and I was in the goods delivery area of the prison and there were several hardcore prisoners12 in total. I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place with the authorities on the outside and these scary looking crim’s on the inside.
I remember telling the prisoners if they would help me we could all walk out of here and no one could touch us, they agreed and in that moment they duplicated into 12 other copies of themselves, so I had a small army of them around me. We then walked out of the prison into the daylight and into the chaos of Authorities that were still waiting for me outside.
A yellow cab pulled up and we all piled in – because you can! 🙂 -The authorities backed off in accordance to a Lore that prevented them from apprehending us because they could not correctly identify the original from the duplicates so they were forced to let us go.
We ended up on a farm and I took on the roll of educating the prisoners to identify with their duplicates and begin discussing what each of them represented and was bringing to table for them to learn. One prisoner was really afraid and some what disgusted by some of his duplicates because they bathed and ironed their shirts and he felt he was not that posh or worthy enough to speak to his copies because of who he had become.
There was also a faction within the original12 prisoners and little gangs that wouldn’t communicate with the others, but the problem they were facing was that their dopple gangers were connecting and working well together.
Eventually they came together when they discovered that one of the gangs members was a famous comic book writer & scientist and had been imprisoned because he had discovered that we weren’t under the power of any outside authority.
They were boisterous and sometimes very disruptive and destructive but willing to change and become integrated with the other 12 aspects of themselves even if they were at odds with the current original person.
The authorities would constantly fly around the permitter of the property or drive around but couldn’t enter the grounds.
One day an ambulance drove in and I went to see how they got through and why they were there because no one was sick. A man and woman got out in civilian clothing and they just wanted to meet the comic writer and scientist and get his autograph. I was suspicious and opened the back of the van and it was full of weapons all taped tight in black masking tape, I was angry that they had driven in with them as the ex-prisoners were still adjusting to their freedom and integrating with their dopple gangers and the last thing I wanted on the property was guns and other weapons to tempt them. The couple however tried to assure me even if the guys could un-tape them they had no power on the property they simply wouldn’t work. I was unsure but allowed them to get their autograph and sent them back out and of the property, I made sure to close the door to the back of the ambulance myself so I could be certain that none of the weapons had been taken out, as I looked in they began to dissolve and turn to dust. the couple left and said they would return and walk back in to live with us too.
We all celebrated and had home made pizzas covered in flowers made in a wood fire oven, there was an abundance of food and the men had made peace with all aspects of themselves, it was a joyful occasion.

This dream was stirred up by Dani’s comment on the silver
(Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.)
just thought I would throw in the meaning as well. –
Dreamt this about 2 weeks ago
I have dreamt of this place since I was a child but have never dreamt of it in the daylight this was the first time
( I can barely remember my own name some days but I can remember a dream I had when I was 6 yrs old, they have always been more really to me than this place)
Although the terrain in my dream was familiar and I had tried many times to access this point in my dreams over the years since I was little, the weather and the sea had been to rough and I could never get there.
This time I arrived in broad daylight and the sea was calm, I felt an overwhelming excitement and all I wanted to do was run on the soft golden sand and swim in the ocean, my heart was beating as I pulled into the car park and I flew out of the car ready to just run and feel the heat of the sand under my feet.
Thats when I stopped with a thud in heart when i saw thousands of blue silver snakes moving so fast to a point in the sand through the sand dunes and along the shore line to this one spot just before the waters edge, they were colliding into one another and slithering into each other so fiercely, panicked and chaotic that they began to melt into each other creating this oblong shape of melted blue silver.
That’s when I became aware of this very tall man with wild long brown auburn hair ageless in appearance with a majestic presence standing next to me, he was dressed in a tapestry suit made of raw linen, cotton and hand died in an intricate pattern of nature, almost neutral in tone with just hints of colour in the weave. He was stunning I knew him to be a magician/alchemist
He was watching what was unfolding and was breathless with excitement as the snakes solidified into this oblong shape in the sand. He cautioned me to wait, and said this is fantastic they have destroyed themselves its over they have no power anymore!
I was gob smacked, I didn’t know whether to look at him or the snake pit of blue/silver. Then we felt a rumbling under our feet he yelled at me get ready and then there was an explosion through the centre of the now solid dead mass of snakes bursting through the earth like a volcanic eruption of this silver stone similar to hematite flying into the air and onto the sand.
He said run pick up a piece it is the rarest of stones, sacred and powerful it holds the imprint of the snakes power for only positive transformation each piece is allocated take yours and guard it well.
I became aware that their were others around me and they to had come to witness this event and take their piece, although I couldn’t see them I felt them. I picked up one large piece and promptly put it back it was not for me, I picked up the next piece and it smooth like silk and round on the other side with the snake skins imprint embedded into the stone. It felt alive and vibrated, perfectly balanced and powerful. The magician/alchemist smiled at me and then turned and walked away.

The End/ Or Beginning 😉

UPDATED: I Will be updating this post with new, relevant dreams as they come in.

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