Saturday 31 December 2016

How "Rumour" becomes "fact": Research is VITAL

A video was posted yesterday in the UnFuckers Unite Facebook group and want to use it as an example of how important it is to Research. My comments are not aimed at the original poster at all, and in fact I'm really glad the video was posted because it's an excellent example of what I want to discuss.
This is the video that was posted:

It is VITAL that people learn the skills of researching information when we are continuously diving down various rabbit holes. There are a LOT of videos and articles that are put out daily, and a vast majority of them are disinformation at worst, and video click bait at best- this is where People use catchy phrases and headlines to grab attention to drive traffic to their sites/channels.
One of the biggest reasons for "disinformation" is not just to throw people off the path and lead them astray, it's also to make "fools" out of those that follow the disinformation. One of the other things that this planted disinformation does is spread like a virus- and as it spreads over time, it becomes "acceptable", and accepted as "fact".
It is VITAL that everyone research everything they read, listen to, and watch. Do not just accept something as "fact" until you have confirmed, to the best of your abilities, that it is, or is not "Fact". This video is a Prime candidate for that, and is an excellent example of a piece of disinformation that has been put out, yet many of the pieces are easily researched to verify if they are actually factual.
Below, I give time stamps in the video where the presenter has given "intel" or information about subjects, claiming that they happened within certain time frames and are related. And yet, simple research (and literally, I spent about 3 minutes on each piece) PROVED that this was FALSE. Here are my comments on that:
Dani Arnold-McKenny :first comment: keeps referring to Sorcha Faal articles for news/intel- this is a disinfo site-BUT has also reported major pieces of intel in the past.

@ 4:50 mentions ship "# 1 in Sung" as sinking "today" yet that ship was sank in 2010
@ 5:13 UFOs over NY shut down airspace.... this is also from 2010
@ 5:36 crystal skulls were in New york Oct 27 2011
@ 7:04 dec 21 solar eclipse was 2010

Dani Arnold-McKenny: this person is putting out a "report" and trying to tie various incidents together to form a conclusion. yet none of the incidents ACTUAL dates line up.
Dani Arnold-McKenny: I finally shut the video off after just scanning through the last half. At no point is there any real info about a financial reset or new financial system, all of the dates she's giving are WRONG/bullshit. None of these events happened this year other than Kerry and Aldrin going to Antarctica. So basically, this video is nothing more than someone trying to tie together information to support their own hypothesis in the hope that no one actually looks up the information and sees that it's all wrong and the dates don't add up.
.... and THIS my friends, is the reason why I keep telling everyone that it's VITAL that you do your own research and homework. Do not accept anything you read or watch as "fact" or "truth" until you have verified it. ;)

UU member: They did take the Ark of Gabriel this year to Antarctica.

Dani Arnold-McKenny: so Sorcha Faal says ;)

Dani Arnold-McKenny: See! this is how disinformation is strung together and implanted! Last year Sorcha Faal (who is a guy and is CIA) put out the story of "The Arc of Gabriel" going to Antarctica.... now a year later it's accepted by the masses as "holy writ", when in fact there are NO confirmations that an "Arc of Gabriel" even exists- I researched it thoroughly last year and all links came back to this one Faal report. 

Just like the Queen and Pope purportedly saying in Dec 2015 that it was "the last Christmas".... again, that information came from two single uncorroborated stories, with NO PROOF.... yet by a year later, people are quoting it as actual FACT. It was not, and it is not.
I really want people to SEE that this is how they plant disinformation and make people believe it!!!



.... Until the story is repeated so many times that it saturates social media and the web, and over time it suddenly becomes the accepted story!!

Right now it is vital that people stay in observer mode.  Research everything.  File it away in your brain hard drive..... and remain open to new information that may come to light in the next moment.  The moment you decide something is "absolute", you unconsciously close yourself off to new information and you may miss important pieces of the puzzle.

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