Thursday 17 October 2013

When Love Becomes

LOVE..... it's a physical frequency. The frequency of love is an energy that creates and draws to itself EXPONENTIALLY. 

LOVE is unconditional.


When you LOVE, unconditionally, there is nothing you cannot achieve, nothing you cannot DO.

When you BE, be LOVE.

When you DO, do LOVE.

Then the Universe and all it's perceived dimensions are yours.


I am I


Lucas – When Love Becomes… – A Poem – 17 October 2013

Heart-beatWhen love becomes… by Lucas 

When love becomes that feeling of silent tidal waves.
When love becomes an ocean of true clarity.
When love becomes the flow of life running through you.
When love becomes  its true meaning.
Then love will manifest all.

When love becomes a dream filling your heart with joy.
When love becomes that imagination so pure.
When love becomes all that is present.
When love becomes never-ending gratitude.
Then love will establish great things.

When love becomes the One overcoming Two.
When love becomes the moment barriers vanish.
When love becomes understanding all just is.
When love becomes that place in the middle .
Then love becomes freedom.

Love you all in gratitude,

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