Monday 21 October 2013

The "Transparency" articles, and why they were written

Apparently one of the hot topics of conversations in several skype and Facebook groups is the question of WHY I wrote the two transparency articles last week.   We had a discussion about it in one of the skype rooms last night (which is posted below), but after receiving two more messages this morning about other conversations on the topic, I decided to write this here so that it can be read and shared by everyone if they wish. (Thanx bea, excellent suggestion!).

As I said below,  the two News based articles that I wrote last week: When Transparency Smacks you in the Face- Even the sleepers have to wake up    and  Massive Global Financial FacePalm...... but it's pretty damn transparent!  were not necessarily written for the regular RTS readers. I wrote them to bring them to the attention of anyone who is searching- either for information or for a way to introduce these topics to their friends and family etc...  Very few people have the time to scan through dozens of news sites and alternative info sites daily to find these pieces of the puzzle.  I work with an incredible team of people who are constantly scanning and digging up information- on all types of topics- and I can go back and find pieces that I think are important for people to SEE and UNDERSTAND.

This is what Transparency is about- actually SEEing and then UNDERSTANDING information that is being released publicly. SEEing the pieces come together PUBLICLY.   Yes, we know all this stuff- My self and many many other people have been talking about these things for ages.  BUT NOW IT'S BECOMING PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE THROUGH THE MEDIA.

People have been asking for (and demanding) transparency, and now they are getting it.  More and more information is coming out daily- it's been snowballing for the past few months to the point now that it's mind boggling how fast the information is getting to the public.  As I said in one of the above articles- No, the main stream media isn't announcing (yet, lol) that your governments are actually corporations and controlled by the banks, etc....... but it's getting damn close.

Transparency- In ALL THINGS.  That's what we want.

So,  occasionally I will be putting out articles like these ones above- just like I always use to do.  Use the information as you wish..... you never know when someone will read something that opens their eyes to what's actually going on around them. All it takes is just one moment of resonance, one moment of clarity to help someone start their own journey down the rabbit hole.


XXX:  confused at why D would be putting articles out like this as she knows China, US doesn't matter - all from the same fake pocket book.  What am I missing here? 

Right now is the time for everything to be made transparent.  I have an exceptional team of researchers who watch all these pieces coming out, and I publish them to put the spot light on them.  Because of the work I've done for the last couple of years, I have an insight into many undercurrent pieces of the financial and government spheres that many people do not have.  So I can read these articles and then highlight specific pieces of the puzzle and help people to see them.  That is what My "job" has always been- to bring information to the people. 

The US and China DO matter because they are making transparent what has been done and what they ARE doing in a way that people can recognize.  Many many people are only just this moment waking up to the truth of what's actually going on.  So in putting these pieces of information together for them, I am doing my part to bring that transparency to the publics attention.

 Hell, half of Americans don't even know that China has their balls in a vice financially, let alone that all the money the US corporation is collecting through the IRS corp isn't even paying down their country's perceived debt!!!!!  This is vitally important information to make transparent- and the main stream media is doing that right NOW.

[10/20/2013 7:06:31 PM] nick:   In case it isn't obvious to some, articles like that have been what D has been putting out from the start. As(was) stated, it is about helping people to remove the shackles...
[10/20/2013 7:08:18 PM] nick: Making everyone aware of the blatant bullshit that corporations(see government) have been shoveling goes a long way to help people understand that they are still being duped.

XXX: Until people stop talking about Obama this or that and realize psychopaths  with far more power than him are controlling the evil it is not full transparency.

that's all part of the transparency.   People do not, for the most part, (at this point) wake up all at once.  One thing jumps out at them, and starts them thinking.  They research that one thing, and that leads then to the next thing.   From there, the search for truth and transparency snow balls.

It's fine to want it all at once- trust me, I'm all about "get 'er done!"- but each and every piece of this grand puzzle wakes people up to different things at different times.  YOU want it ALL.  But maybe Joe Blow just wants that first piece to wake him up to starting that journey to truth.

My very first piece of truth that shook me and started me on this road down the rabbit hole was child birth and the corruption of the hospitals and doctors and the inner resonance I felt when in labour with my eldest son that screamed at me "THIS IS  NOT THE WAY THIS SHOULD BE!!!!" .....

..... 10 years later I was pregnant with my second child and I started my search to find an alternative to the OB/GYN Hospital birthing situation I experience with my eldest.  That led me to the opening of the rabbit hole......and I tumbled in.

next came breastfeeding
next came vaccines
next came circumcision
next came chemtrails
next came fluoride
next came GMO/pesticides/food additives
next came government corruption in Health care
next came government corruption in environment
next came governemnt corruption in finance
next came discovering the Illuminatti/cabal/committe of 300
next came the deeper financial slavery........

[10/20/2013 8:05:20 PM] D Breakingthesilence: it all starts somewhere.

[10/20/2013 8:08:13 PM] D Breakingthesilence: YOU know all about what I posted yesterday and on thursday.   So does everyone in this room and many other rooms I'm in.  But my article wasn't written for you or anyone IN this room or any other rooms.  It was written for Joe Blow who is just waking up and shaking his head and trying to make sense of what the media is telling him vs the feeling in his heart that is screaming "WTF is this shit!!??"

[10/20/2013 10:07:25 PM] YYY: I have many friends- some reside in my paradigm- some not- and some still in average Joe's paradigm where working 8-5, kids in school, lawns to mow and although he's tired of the governments BS- he still looks at me with glazed over eyes if I don't take the time to honor exactly where he is. Just the other day- I posted about OBAMAcare & the adverse affects I saw & that it was socialized medical care- he got very angry, accused me of not caring about the uninsured, and I was having that moment of realization that so many people are still eyeball deep in the current paradigm of politics, party lines- a world I left behind a long time ago. If I want to reach these people- I will say again- I must honor where they are and answer accordingly. When I upload YT videos- I avoid any word or mention of Cabal, Illuminati, conspiracy, et al- because the people I want to reach will either not watch or I will loose them. The people D needs to reach- that we all need to reach- need to be honored with information they can relate to. Otherwise; we become like a Chrisitian- quoting scripture & preaching a gospel to people who will avoid them like the plague- the people who have already decided we live in conspiracy land where shadow governments exist- will not read D's articles if she takes the verbiage beyond their paradigm. I hope this makes sense-  we must honor and do whatever it takes to at least get the sheeple to take a gander! (think) Peace and LOVE to you all- with honor for who you BE!

[10/20/2013 10:32:43 PM] D Breakingthesilence:  Exactly. And it's a tough line to walk.  Even within these groups there are somethings I could say that might shock some people.  We are all at different levels and each person must find their own opening salvo to breaking down that  wall that surrounds them and keeps them in.   As a writer, I can't write everything for everyone- it's just not possible.  So my audience fluctuates when I write- depending on who I'm reaching out to with each message. These last two transparency articles from Thursday and yesterday (Saturday) were geared for people to share out with their friends through social media, or to pick out an article or two from my article and just post that piece on their facebook wall.  Tomorrow I might write one about the RV and the "New" financial system that is aimed at all those following those things and waiting for those things to happen.  The day after I might write an article that is full of heatherisms and a deeper meaning of ONEness that would leave someone unawake scratching their head and asking  "HUH?" , yet will resonate with many people in these rooms who are looking for information on that type of topic that they resonate with.......

it's all about figuring out WHO your audience is and then gearing the article to their understanding

[10/20/2013 10:38:33 PM] XXX:  well said.  i just keep having this little voice saying, "we cannot tell them about ETs they will lose it and go crazy." (rofl)

[10/20/2013 10:41:26 PM] D Breakingthesilence:   (rofl)hahahahhaha- if you've been following RTS from the beginning you'll note that I've gradually been introducing certain subjects ..... I had planned out everything I wanted to talk about before even starting RTS but knew that the way to get people to listen without turning them away was to introduce certain subjects- like galactics and "ascension"etc....
S L O W L Y.

[10/20/2013 10:44:31 PM] BBBB: However, we don't need everyone to awaken to shift the planet.

[10/20/2013 10:47:31 PM] AAAA: the more the better

[10/20/2013 10:47:43 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I agree with both of you :D


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