Thursday 24 October 2013

Once Upon a Time: the Story of ONE

I really don't have anything to add to Lucas' article from yesterday.  He kinda says it all in my opinion.

"The human said god is great. He knew all was like god. All of it. Every part every bit as a reflection of god that is all and is in all.  He knew to be One without loosing his own formed identity that made him human. He came to know the unconditional love to all without any limits as all just was."
We are all on our journey.  We are all on paths heading towards the Unity of ONE.  Our Paths cross and intersect occasionally with others, but their path is not ours.  Some will take the straight path, directly from A to B without any back tracking or side steps or adventuring down other paths just to see what they contain.  Some will take the long winding paths that intersect with many other paths and sometimes even double back to an earlier part of the path.  Some will find a comfortable place along the path and just stop for a while and rest and absorb the sights and experiences in that place.  Some will take 4 steps forward on the path and then 2 steps back as they are maybe unsure of the direction they are heading in.  And some will stand at the very beginning of the path, afraid to take that first step for fear of where it will lead .....we learn and travel at our own speed and at our own pace.

... But regardless of the path anyone has chosen to take, we all get the the end of the journey eventually.  There is no right or wrong way, no better or worse way....   It's just a journey.


Lucas – Once Upon A Time – A Little Story Of One – 23 October 2013 a planet far away there lived a little human amongst humans.  The humans were placed there by  source to have an experience of many lifetimes to give source the data to know how it  is to be in a situation where all is perceived as  polarity and duality.  The human had to learn to experience all of this by  forgetting it came from One.

The human was promised when the time came  he would again experience and know who he was and came from and he would overcome duality.  This waking up would remedy the constant experience, lifetime after lifetime, solving the riddles of duality.  The human would be  going through a process of upgrades of his body and vibrational energy that were provided to him by source as well as the sun.
The sun was the father  of the day and lit up the skies with its  vibrational energy thus providing the soul food for the human and  the warmth and  food for plants and  life that accompanied humans on the planet.  The sun talked to the human and made him know he was ready to start climbing the ladder back to knowing first to be whole and One again.

The sun showed its heart to beat in a certain rhythm and mother  planet showed her the beating of her heart that was similar to the  humans own  heart beats. The human felt the connection of heaven and earth again. Feeling within the heart of all beat.  There was actually nothing different to what the human thought to be different from others.  A notice of the fading duality came through.

A wondrous way to see every time a new step becoming visible on the way up to One by experiencing the unraveling of duality. The perception of every step was different. It gave more depth to the notice that all is just One and just Is. Nothing from any polarity can change the now. All is  in fact just part of the same.

It became clear to the human and he got reading and informing himself upon all those things that we’re causing duality.  The human got after that in an activist mode. He wanted to change the whole planet and bring back One to all.  He forgot next to it being a personal journey also that it is not found on the outside but on the inside and  from within things will change and become One by letting go of polarities and integrating all that needs to be becoming whole again.

He understood now and got back on his journey within and felt his heart began talking to him in the language of love. He thought all he needed was only love and light… and he forgot his other side the dark. He could not become whole again if he also not would acknowledge those parts.  It was a struggle to get through that and learn to accept both parts.  It is not easy if something you fear and not wanna see needs to be addressed.

He got to terms with it and got again a new visible step upon the ladder to One.  The human was really happy and thought already to be there till there came along a stranger that said he would know an exact way to get things into One again. The human got told to do things in a certain way and got into believing things where as told and that all would be well.

It took some time to realize that this belief and all the things he needed to do as told by the stranger were just keeping him in dependency and out of his own power.  The human experienced again a moment of relief and freedom to be back in his heart knowing he had got another step visible on the ladder  to One.
Others came and talked to him and said we need to group up and unite as we can show then the world we are One.  He thought of that being a good idea and went with them to unite and a flag of  unity would be their sign visible to all.  Still he felt that it was a logical fallacy somehow.  Why tell to be united and One in going in separation to tell people you are One.  That could not be the whole answer.

The human got thinking and in thinking and he found no answer. He kept pondering and found still no answer. He got a little feeling of being lost and not worthy to be One and he blamed it on all. He thought he would not make it.  He got after a good sobbing and some big time ego busting  back within.  He needed to be where it all is and starts out to be One. The heart.

The human got back on track and stumbled again on a human logical fallacy. It was about people still doing thing from a self-preservative agenda, and or an agenda of profit and greed. Both ways the human recognized would lead to polarity and therefore could not be a way to become One or to BE one.  Equality is a transparent open free and for all available thing it is abundant.

The human learned that thought up systems and deep-rooted needs can bring about those extreme out of balance polarities.  The moment that the perception was changed into all being just available to all and in all it became a theme that could be handled more easily.  The human still not pretended to have gotten rid of all those unnecessary feelings, needs and structures, patterns, dogmas, educations, beliefs and systems.  He was aware of it and that made him learn to cope with it.

The becoming one was an intense process experienced by the human as he often got misunderstood, got into arguments and often he got also thinking to just be already so much further in his process than others that he got smug or even arrogant and sometimes got bullying people for not being there yet.  The human had to learn to  leave all that behind as that would not bring Oneness but separation again.

He figured out again that he needed to get back in his connection to his heart and all that is, to be the balance but from within.  He got again a visible step on the ladder of One.  He was glad he had managed to feel it. He got back into his sensing.  He got back in touch with his own Oneness with all.  And he saw it was good.

The human got visited more and more by others and the human was full of ideas that where also fully aligned with the oneness within and he felt it. The humans that found each other in resonating deeply  lived their Oneness. That group was growing. The process of the ladder that we all go upwards will be eventually  seen as a grand staircase instead of  a ladder. We all go on that staircase  together. The human was shown this by source and  the planet, the humans and all that is being part of that elevating process into the space and moment of now.

It is that moment the human knew all is one. The human recognized his process and saw how all those others in so many forms, ways and dimensional constructs were doing the same. He knew he could only have experienced it by himself as it was a personal process. He knew all on that path would come also via that big staircase first perceived to be that lonely ladder of your own process and be One.

The story was not yet complete. The missing part was that all humans were gifted in our newly processed oneness with creator gifts. We were given a new vibrational reality to create a world that suited the Oneness we experienced and were. The humans will create that when all have made that process till the end in a fast track, slow pace or via a detour.

The most important thing of all no one  can screw up anything as it is all just part of the process.  There is no right or wrong anymore. It all just IS and any human will find  its way upon that ladder to see the changes within making things become One.  Duality and polarity is not gone or extinguished. It is merely back into balance and therefore has no sharp edges anymore to cut yourself or hurt others with as conflict became harmony.

The human said god is great. He knew all was like god. All of it. Every part every bit as a reflection of god that is all and is in all.  He knew to be One without loosing his own formed identity that made him human. He came to know the unconditional love to all without any limits as all just was.

And so the story got a happy ending when all the humans made it through their process and arrived at the last step to make the jump together into the new as One united.  And he knew all was well.

Love and Light,


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