Thursday 1 August 2013

Mel Ve Interviews Heather and D

Last night Mel Ve interviewed Heather and I for a little over an hour.  My internet sucked so I had to run over to Heather's house and share her computer, lol. For full transparency the following are the Skype notes exchanged before and after the Interview.

[31/07/2013 10:00:15 PM] HEATHER : D is not back yet...Mel...a lot of data is coming in right now...funny...some of it is other big shifts...

do you want to do the call now or wait until I get that data all ferreted out for real time update?

everything is being some major events came to light...some made public but absent absolute context and I know that some is directly connected to the perceived "divine" issue that the SI tool is ferreting out....however, before going into that with you, I would like to confirm/ferret out with a few boots on the ground (so to speak (chuckle))

up to you...let me know
[31/07/2013 10:00:36 PM] *** Group call ***
[31/07/2013 10:03:41 PM] D Breakingthesilence: i'm here!!!
[31/07/2013 10:03:52 PM] melanispencer: great
[31/07/2013 10:04:05 PM] D Breakingthesilence: heather are you upstairs?
[31/07/2013 10:04:14 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I was goign to go to your house specific question you voiced, that is currently thought by many inbodyments:  how do I work the energetics?

Tonight is a great example...I work with and in many perceived realms/dimensions/realities at one moment simultaneously (all "existing" within eternal essence conscious)...and the last 48 hours especially have been very active  ;)...and I knew that I would not be exclusively focused or solely paying energy into our discussion... which is why I suggested we could wait for me to ferret out and DO some of the events that are accuring NOW (for instance in regards to perhaps specific events that you may be aware of that are swinging into visibility (tonight) are  and   and those are two of infinite amounts that I am working and processing simultaneously in totality in absolute context) can possibly see from the comparison of our discussion tonight with the earliest discussion you and I did together (chuckle)

Every inbodyment is a particular frequency/formula and therefore the methods are as various as the "particular" method is simple...I accept, embrace and love eternal essence and all inbodyments of eternal essence, including this one (heart)...I set my intent in eternal current..and DO in the highest good of all inbodyments of eternal essence...

absent judgment, exception, condition or any other limit.


HOW BIG IS THE CO-OPERATION?: Perhaps this may assist in..(especially in clarifying where I was simultaneously during our discussion (heart))... Imagine eternal essence consciously factualized in specific currents/currencies of every and all energetic and magnetic inbodyments of separation...every possible separation of eternal essence (BE), separation of eternal essence conscious (DO), and further separated into every possible part, inclusive of every combination of each of those parts and each of those combinations, depositing each in a body, acting as value vehicles & utilities of experience, created by an energetic current/currency every possible vacuum and combination of perceived form...perceived state of conscious...perceived body...perceived density...perceived dimension...perceived reality... inclusive of every possible vacuum and combination of those...inclusive of every possible interaction between those vacuums, combinations, all constituting inbodyments of eternal essence BE'ing and DO'ing...BE'ing and DO'ing perceived or presented as limited by every possible structure, hierarchy, role and other limit consciously fathomed by eternal essence...the totality of the inbodyments and their respective and combined experiences BE eternal essence DO'ing, creating

imagine that and then you fathom the tip of the eternal "iceberg"...THAT quantifies in some form or fashion for the imagination in any system of limit just how large the CO-OPERATION IS...AND THE MAGNITUDE OF WHAT IS CO-ORDINATED...AND YET ALL IS ONE SO THE CO-ORDINATION IS SIMPLE AND DONE IN ONE is the CO-OPERATION...the ABSOLUTE PLAN...

perception has everything to do with how any inbodyment works the energetics...I choose to have no perceptions and simulatneously have all perceptions... I give eternal gratitude, love and peace in this ETERNAL CURRENT moment NOW...I love you Mel!  All IS perfect and perfectly DONE

Have a great night! (hug)
[7/31/2013 11:38:45 PM] Heather: thank you D!  I LOVE WORKING AND PLAYING WITH YOU!  You DO awesome! :O(music)  (yep...I'm singing that last word (chuckle))
[12:02:22 AM] melanispencer: Yes, the Gift of truth initiative is one of mine that I am involved with, how lovely to see you reference them
[12:02:44 AM] Heather: (hug)
[12:03:38 AM] melanispencer: Brother Thomas who runs gift of truth is the first Common Law Advocate of South Africa… I was the one who gave him this appointment,
Heather: very interesting....
 melanispencer: Just speaking to Ross, he says he wants you at the signing of the global treaty...
[8:00:44 AM] D Breakingthesilence: (teeheehee) (chuckle)
 melanispencer:  Just speaking to Ross, he says he wants you at the signing of the global treaty...
Heather: no mel...there are no more treaties "on behalf of" any any perceived reality (heart)
 if Ross and others consciously choose to venture together in any form or fashion...then it is by and amongst their own inbodyments only...and not binding on any other (hug)
 Thank you for sharing your energetic signature last night...I love the contrast from the first interview!  I love you Mel!!!!!!! (inlove)
 the inbodyment is perfect in every moment of NOW...and perfectly equipped to DO in every moment of NOW ;)
[5:22:18 PM] melanispencer: Thanx to you both… love you and can't wait to meet you in person one day very very sooooon xxxx (hug)
heather: (hug)

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